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Charlie to Denise

Get Ready for a


12/17/2013 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
vows to hit Denise Richards where it really hurts -- in the child support department, because he says he's going to court to get a judge to slash the amount she gets.

Charlie is telling friends ... a judge has NEVER signed off on his current child support agreement with Denise -- it was all agreed to privately.

Denise currently gets $55,000 a month in support for their 2 kids.  He's enraged that he's been so generous, and not just with child support.  Charlie says he shelled out $9 million for the home he bought for her -- specifically so their 2 girls could be close to him.

So Charlie is telling his buddies ... Denise is epically ungrateful because he says she's denying him the right to have XMAS morning with the girls.  He says she's actually taken away the girls' phones so they can't call him.

So Charlie's going to court.  Not only does he want child support reduced, he wants the judge to establish his iron-clad right to see his kids on specific holidays.



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Charlie dear, put down the crack pipe. And check yourself in for a lobotomy after attacking Denise Richards, one of the only ppl to stick up for your sorry arse!!!

274 days ago


Charlie is a very talented actor, but his behavior in this is nothing short of a childish temper tantrum. He should be kissing her feet for putting up with him and for taking care of his two boys. Instead ... he acts like this? Seriously Charlie .. I love your work but the way you treat Denise sucks!!

274 days ago


Someone buy him a Porche Carrera GT already. Ungrateful, selfish, narcissistic, *******.

274 days ago

South Beach    

Completely over this guy and his games with his kids in play. Over. After everything she has done for him? Are yo kidding? Maybe she'd like to cut back on his never-ending drama? Who wouldn't? Screw him. What a d-bag.

274 days ago


He has no custody rights. That means Denise gets to make all of the decisions regarding the children, which includes his visitation since he has none. Nothing appears to have changed since that was put into place so he will be hard pressed to get custody changed. Being divorced doesn't mean being forced to spend vacations and holidays together Charlie. Get a grip.

274 days ago


Carlos you need to get away from the whores and whatever the hell you're on and smarten up.

274 days ago


Didn't Chuckles attempt a Christmas dinner w/ Denise & girls at NYC hotel where he was bombed out of his gourd and had a frightened naked girl locked in his bathroom trying to escape him? Can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want their kids around Charlie for the holidays. :-/

274 days ago


If he loves his daughters so much why is he asking to reduce child support? Idiot

274 days ago

the truth    

Charlie.... You use to be funny kind of cool but now your total in.... a hole

274 days ago


I can guarantee you u he narcissistic personality disorder or something close to it. My ex husband has it and somehow he turns everything into its all about me. This guy needs serious mental health. It makes me sad that their are people in this world who know their ill that want to get better but can't afford the healthcare. But here's this selfish whore who just blows his money on whores and booze. Never used to have a problem with this guy but he's seriously screwed in his head.

274 days ago

Tammy LM    

God he's so childish. It's freakin pathetic. I'm ac tually glad he's acting this way because all it does it hurt him in the long run. The DCPS can see through his BS and aren't falling for anything he claims now. He's managed to make enemies out of them, so now they wont ever help him. He's pissed off the judge in his case and it may as well be the whole justice system in his area in volving domestic court because judges talk. He's acted like a mentally unstable ass for too long and to too many people. He's shown his ass to everyone. He's threatened the kid's school wrecklessly in the past, he's paraded his insane lifestyle around the public. He's childishly insulted the judge, harrassed and sladered the DCPS. He's attacked his ex wife, her family, he's even sold his own children's home out from under them all for spite. He's pawned his kids by his second wife onto his first wife all because he's unfit and unwilling to be a full time responsible parent to them while their mother is screwed up. And her addiction problems no doubt stemmed from an extended period of being with Charlie in the first place. Go right ahead Charles. Keep insulting these people in higher places than you. Just keep acting like a person that belongs in a mental hospital. Just keep right on digging that grave for yourself. You don't really think Denise is going to lose a thing in court to you do you? You've pissed off every judghe in the state of California. You need to be committed. Lunatic.

274 days ago


Please.... Somebody sterilize this useless piece of crap . He makes the Lohans look like parents of the year.

274 days ago


The guy should NOT even have to ASK to see his daughters for Christmas! Denise may have her reasons and be playing tough love, but this is not a game of control where one parent gets to shut the other out whenever they feel like doing so. Even prisoners get visitation rights. Charlie works his arse off to give his family nothing but the best, so hell yes he should be allowed to see the girls, period. But it's clear this is 100% about control and who will win the tug of war....regardless of the "reasons". These girls are clearly at the center of this game. Denise should not be leaving to take the kids away for Christmas anyways if it's such an issue. It's just not worth the kids' inability to be with BOTH parents for Christmas, period. I'm a divorced and re-married Mom with a 15-year old son. I also have 2 step daughters and know how all this stuff works. You just DO NOT whisk away the kids far from one parent for Christmas. NOT COOL DENISE!!!

274 days ago

david 183    

Charlie your a jerk. I'm Sure she must have a good reason for this. He pays that other crackhead of a mother a lot of money to get high. I hope he goes to court and a judge shuts him down and makes him pay double. Crackhead jerk. I bet he is probably using again. Probably never stopped . He is probably jealous cause Denise doesn't want his dirty ass around.

274 days ago


i'm sick of his bullsh*t he's a psychopath who can't get along with anyone.

274 days ago
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