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Charlie to Denise

Get Ready for a


12/17/2013 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
vows to hit Denise Richards where it really hurts -- in the child support department, because he says he's going to court to get a judge to slash the amount she gets.

Charlie is telling friends ... a judge has NEVER signed off on his current child support agreement with Denise -- it was all agreed to privately.

Denise currently gets $55,000 a month in support for their 2 kids.  He's enraged that he's been so generous, and not just with child support.  Charlie says he shelled out $9 million for the home he bought for her -- specifically so their 2 girls could be close to him.

So Charlie is telling his buddies ... Denise is epically ungrateful because he says she's denying him the right to have XMAS morning with the girls.  He says she's actually taken away the girls' phones so they can't call him.

So Charlie's going to court.  Not only does he want child support reduced, he wants the judge to establish his iron-clad right to see his kids on specific holidays.



No Avatar


Why should he live like a billionaire and try to make his kids live with a lot less,his crack tramps are more important to him than anything O that and his crack,why should denise let him around this tramp who fs for a living its sicking

278 days ago


Denise is successful in her own right and unlike these crack w*ore porn stars Charlie dates now she can't be brought. Your a senile old looser Charlie and if your kids haven't realized it by now they soon will. Go shove more **** up your nose and stfu!

278 days ago


Just another gold digging whore.....

278 days ago


Charlie, really are an a**hole.

278 days ago


Charlie you need to get yourself some much needed help. Both mental and drug/alcohol. Denise Richards not only took care of your twin sons, but she did it for no money. You should be kissing her ass! These are YOUR DAUGHTERS and you need to pay CHILD SUPPORT for them. I hope the Judge throws the book and increases your child support just for being a jackass. Bless you Denise for having to deal with the crazy that is Charlie Sheen.

278 days ago


Denise Start looking for a House you will be homeless soon. Charlie could care less about any of his kids he just wants to wage war for no reason.

278 days ago


Something is epically wrong with this dude. No one has this many relationship disasters without drugs and mental illness in the picture.

278 days ago


She'll figuer it out! She can hold her own , best wishes Denise!

278 days ago


Just goes to show that if you are willing to open up and gape that ass Charlie will do anything you say even if it means harming his kids, that's just the way he rolls.

278 days ago


I can almost see why it was or is so hard for Brook to get off the Drugs, After All Dealing with Charlie can make it Impossible.

278 days ago


Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, unfortunately for you, you established the precedence by paying $55k a month. I don't see any competent judge ruling on your behalf any time soon.

278 days ago


you know, if you keep it to one spouse, honor your vows/promises and are a full time parent you don't run into these expensive and emotionally damaging situations. the kids suffer because of their parents egotistical demands. why don't you think of them first?

278 days ago


Kids do not do COKE and Hookers, Just look at Charlie Enough Said!!!!!!!!

278 days ago


If I were the judge, I wouldn't slash anything. I would make him go get a mental health evaluation.

278 days ago


Charlie is acting like a big baby. he needs to grow up. he should be happy his girls are doing great and have a great mom who loves them and will protect them.. meanwhile he is off drinking , doing drugs and keeping busy with his porn family.
he needs to grow up , let the girls enjoy the magic of christmas . leave the girls alone, and go party with his porn family instead.

278 days ago
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