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Justin Bieber

I'm Retiring

12/17/2013 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking Hearts


Justin Bieber is done with show biz ... so he says -- thing is, we don't believe him.

Justin was at Power 106 in L.A. today, and said after his next album drops he's retiring.  The album comes out next week. 

We talked to people in Bieber's camp and they said he was joking.  As one source put it, "The kid's got ambition." 

Since Justin appeared at The Laugh Factory last Friday, apparently he thinks he's on a comedy roll. 

He already needs new material.



No Avatar


omg, i wish

245 days ago


No. Stop. Come back.

245 days ago


I think justin whiner is trying to be like fist brown . Next thing you know he is going to beat the ish out of Selena Gomez and get angry at every one over his mistake ..

245 days ago


We should be so lucky..... No more Beiber.... Stop teasing me

245 days ago

Nobody Special    

The Truth is,
Justine Beaver wants to take time off his Pop-Tour with his Little Girl Fan Base for a While.

And Beaver thinks he is going to come back in the Music Biz as MC Beaver., the NEW Vanilla Ice. Beaver really believes men will buy his Rap-Crap and pay to see him in Concert. Ha, he wants to be a Gangsta Rapper.

First he will be MC Beaver and will do Music with other Rappers "Featuring" MC Beaver
the hard Core Rapper from Compton, Canada.

The Best part of the Story is, he is serious.
He real;ly thinks he can just dump his Little Girl Fan Base and then start Rapping About Sluts, Hoes, Weed and a few Yeah's here and there.

This will be the Biggest Epic Fail Ever in the Pop to Rap Biz.

Beaver thinks if Molly CryUs can do it, so can he.

MC Beaver, the boy with the 12 year old body.

He is getting Gansta Tattoos now, wait until you see the new tear-drop on his face.

245 days ago


Gosh I hope this is real I'm sick of this lil as*h***

245 days ago

Larvey Heaven    


245 days ago


Nobody hates him objectively, we've just been brutalized with wall to wall coverage of the indiscrete Canadian spore for too long. Retire without ceremony and really go away.

Like getting the hell beat out of you with a carp; nothing against carp, but would make you recall the old SNL "Bass-o-matic" skit fondly.

I suspect this is just him trying to get the paps out of places he can't reach with his Charmin.

245 days ago


Can we have it in writing? I demand he signs a retirement treaty at the UN should he break that treaty it will be perfectly legal to shoot him.

once the treaty is signed we shall have a party with much mead and merriment to be had, rejoice fair citizens of earth your days of suffering at almost at an end.....until the next plastic pop idiot gets a record deal.

245 days ago



245 days ago


Most importantly he is OLD. Next

245 days ago

Steven Hazen    

Our generation might have some hope if this claim is true... LONG LIVE METAL!
rest in peace jeff hanneman

245 days ago


Good time to retire. No 20 or 30 Somethings are gonna buy your stuff and you can't appeal to 14 year olds forever!

245 days ago


Seriously, he was so stoned he won't remember tomorrow. He is a smart talented kid, but he needs to read the studies of brain impairment (and sperm) impairment of consistent marijuana use.......might not be the same smart, talented kid 10-15 years from now.....

245 days ago


We can only dream... to bad he was joking.

245 days ago
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