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'Walking Dead' Creator to AMC

I'll Cremate You

In Court

12/17/2013 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1217-walking-dead-amcThe creator of "The Walking Dead" -- one of the most popular shows on TV -- wants his pound of flesh from AMC -- to the tune of TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

Frank Darabont was the mastermind who adapted the popular comic book into a series back in 2009.  He claims in his suit he would get 12.5% of the profits, but he claims AMC unceremoniously fired him in 2011 and he hasn't received a penny.

Here's what he says is especially galling.  The show is a juggernaut, sometimes even beating Sunday Night Football.  Yet AMC tells him the show is operating at a deficit.  Darabont says AMC has outright defrauded him by producing and distributing the show to itself and essentially cooking the books to screw him out of his share.

What really pisses him off ... Darabont says the creator of "Mad Men" -- which also airs on AMC -- gets a huge cut of a $3 million fee PER EPISODE, even though "Mad Men" gets less than 1/4 of the viewership of "The Walking Dead."

Darabont wants 10s of millions of dollars.  And this is kinda funny.  He also wants a cut of "The Talking Dead," the talk show that follows each episode.


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darabont didn't create walking dead, robert kirkman did. this is like saying chris nolan created batman. all those people in that "newsroom" and not one person thought to double check a headline for accuracy?

273 days ago


I feel for him because Hollywood accounting has been notorious from the first silents. He will need patience and good lawyers and accountants to get the money owed him. And even then millions will go to the aforementioned lawyers, etc. for accounting purposes, some blockbusters show up on the books as financial failures precisely to screw people out of their just compensation. Disgusting and criminal.

273 days ago



273 days ago


Its "Talking Dead" not "The Talking Dead" you worthless excuse for journalists

273 days ago


For once someone who has a legitimate claim. Go get mthemtiger!

273 days ago


Frank not only developed it and made it what it is.....
he 'Deserves' part of what AMC is 'Rolling' in.... $$$

Beside that,
He's a Big Stud creatively (director & writer) and one hell of a Great, Funny and Interesting Guy to hang or work with. He'd never bring this forward if he wasn't really being screwed.

A True Class Act.

As for AMC......

By 'trying' to screw such a talent and name....
They're eating off their own legs!


273 days ago


That's the standard Hollywood math at work right there. Only in Hollywood can you spend 100 million on something and it makes 800 million in return yet they still say it's never made a single penny and is still losing money from it.

273 days ago


He has every right these claims, and I hope he gets his money!

273 days ago


Pay this man...D.A.M.MIT!

273 days ago

buzz kill    

Pay the man!

273 days ago


The episodes he directed or produced were still the best looking episodes the show ever had. He tried bringing film quality production values to tv, and they s#it all over him for it.

273 days ago


Dumb show and Isn't the guy who writes the ****ng COMIC BOOK the REAL creator of WALKING DEAD. Guy has NO ****ing case.. He has no claime to ADAPTED WORKS.

273 days ago


Some of the people commenting are beyond ignorant on this subject. The writer/director/producer Frank Darabount isn't claiming that he created the property. Only a moron would read this and come to that conclusion. The man is an amazing talent. Just look at his IMDB page and you'll see a list of award wining films and television series that he's directed, written,produced, or all thee above. Films like Shawshank Redemption, The Mist, The Green Mile, and television shows like Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, and TNT's newest hit Mob City. The man brought this show to AMC, worked with the creators of the comic to produce a mega hit that's about to surpass The Soprano's as far as ratings and viewers if it hasn't already and AMC screwed him over. If nothing else in the article makes sense to you, read the part where AMC is claiming they are losing money on this show. That's just a flat out lie and they need to pay Darabount what they owe him. This isn't some broke nobody that's trying to claim they had in part in something they never even touched. Its clear that he brought it to series and made it work. The guys pretty well off, its not about money. AMC exec's are thieves.

273 days ago


While I think the way AMC treated Frank Darabont was unconscionable, he's NOT the creator. That title goes to Robert Kirkman, who started it all with the comic book.

273 days ago


Frank Darabont is a genius and I always wondered why AMC fired a man with such vision! While Kirkman created the comic and main storyline, Darabont was instrumental in casting and getting these great actors who wanted to work with him! Pay the man! Can't. wait till February!

273 days ago
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