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Paul Walker

Crash Investigation Ongoing

Report Blaming Speed Alone Is Bogus

12/18/2013 3:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

A new report blaming Paul Walker's fatal car accident on excess speed alone is false -- multiple informed law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

The Associated Press is running a story that investigators have already concluded there was NO EVIDENCE Paul's Porsche had mechanical problems at the time of the crash.

According to the report, investigators believe Paul's friend Roger Rodas was simply driving way too fast ... and that's what led to the November 30 crash in Santa Clarita, which killed both Walker and Rodas. The report says the investigation also ruled out debris in the road as a possible cause for the car losing control.

But we've learned that's not true -- multiple law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation tell us, the investigation is ongoing and NO determinations have been made regarding the cause.

We broke the story ... the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. has summoned Porsche engineers from Germany to come here and examine what's left of the engine, brakes and tires in an effort to determine the cause of the accident.



No Avatar


This Porche * suffered the same mechanical malfunction as the Porche* that Linds Lohan was driving on Pac Hwy.

The Driver

308 days ago


This is so stupid they were obviously speeding... the car was crushed like a soda can... was only 1/3 of the legnth after crash... do the math

308 days ago

Pudding Tang    

I'm sure tax payers are happy to see the Sheriff's Dept. summon German engineers for future safety of poor people that drive Porches.

308 days ago

Mia Malea    

I have never commented on a TMZ story before but after reading countless heartless comments I want to. What is more annoying: TMZ reporting a tabloid, entertainment story or people wasting their time writing heartless, pointless comments like the last 20 or so posts. Yeah Paul Walker may not have been involved in the most inspiring movies of all time but they were enjoyable movies for a lot of people including me. For whatever reason the Paul Walker death has hit a soft spot in me. After finding out about a lot of good charity work that he did in this world that was NOT reported in the news makes him more of a "normal" person than most crazy whack job entertainers. If you want to read about a world leader such as Nelson Mandela and all the amazing things he fought for in his life then go to the normal news and not vent on TMZ about how stupid and how much of an overkill Paul Walker's death is. Keep reporting your entertainment news TMZ...that is why you are around isn't it?

308 days ago


Totally BS: the crash could have been avoided with an adequate speed, it's a simply as batsh*t. Nobody's car wrapped around a tree on that road before and nobody's will after.
Paul Walker was a dumb snip and wannabe stud-muffin who use his stardom to pander his pedophile tendencies with 16 year old chicks . . .

308 days ago


There is talk of foul play. Cars can have both brakes and acceleration manipulated from afar...hacked by other forces. Also, there is talk of a drone attack as there was a flash in one video.

308 days ago


If it were anybody other than Walker, would the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. have summoned Porsche engineers from Germany to come here and examine what's left of the engine, brakes and tires in an effort to determine the cause of the accident.

What a waste of money. Whose paying for German engineers to look at a charred wreck? Are american ones too stupid? Mechanical fault or not, if they weren't speeding, they likely wouldn't have died.

308 days ago


As usual, when some body with celebrity and money all want in on the action. Of course the family wants to blame the City, the State, who ever pays out the most money. They need their privacy, Please, they need the time to come up with money making ways their kid died, for money.

308 days ago


I've noticed a trend over the last several years where people believe there must be someone to blame for a tragedy if an injured person is dead. "We must blame somebody!" Somebody must pay.... This is the mentality. There was a case recently where a teen driving drunk crashed a car and killed herself, and now the passengers are being held responsible for the death because they "let" her drive drunk. Whaaa? That is just an example . The list goes on and on. Maybe no one is responsible for this but the person who obviously lost control of the car. Do you think? Stop it. It was an accident. A.C.C.I.D.E.N.T. The buck stops there.

308 days ago


It was Robert Wagner's fault.

308 days ago


Have to have someone else to blame I guess.

308 days ago


Gee who do we believe the AP or TMZ? LE will do a thorough investigation because of the publicity but you gotta wonder how many of Paul's people are running to TMZ trying to pin this on someone else other than Roger. The families will undoubtably be suing Porche, heck they might be suing the City of Santa Clarita for those bumps on the road. A LE report saying speed was the only cause is the last thing the families want. Even if there is video proof that the car was going 120 and that was the only reason it crashed, the families and their attorneys are going to spend the next decade claiming everyone else.

308 days ago


And just what report is this "new report"? Very clear whose team TMZ is on in this matter and it's not Porsche's . They have enhanced every single story including this one. NOBODY can travel 100 mph on a city street and keep control of ANY vehicle. This is yet another smear attempt. And it is absurd!

308 days ago


"speed alone was false" Thats right! The speed didnt kill them, it was the sudden stop!

308 days ago


Paul Walker TMZ post count: 73 Let it go, he drove too fast.

308 days ago
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