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'Duck Dynasty' Fans


A&E's Denying Him Freedom of Speech

12/19/2013 9:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Thousands of "Duck Dynasty" fans are on a mission to end Phil Robertson's network suspension over his anti-gay comments -- 'cause they say A&E is denying him his human rights.

Over 35 THOUSAND people have signed a petition -- which fired up yesterday on -- demanding A&E end the suspension.

Even worse for the network ... it's being ROASTED on social media by DD fans -- hundreds of people are accusing A&E of not allowing Phil Robertson his basic right to freedom of speech.

One fan put the network on blast saying, "As a gay male, is what he said wrong and not educated about how gay people really are? Yes it was. Does he have the right to speak on what he thinks YES HE DOES!"

The fan adds, "Was I offended NO I WASN'T he is a smart man and could learn the truth about things he has no idea about. He's old school you can't hate on him for his beliefs DO NOT GET RID OF PHIL ON THIS SHOW! KEEP HIM!! I will no longer watch if he's gone!!!"

So, we gotta ask ...


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I won't watch any show on A & E except Duck Dynasty till they bring him back!

305 days ago


This is totally wrong. The man was asked a direct question of what did he...that means himself...what did he believe was a sin. You can't ask a person about their personal believes n then turn around n punish him. He didn't offer his opinion on his own.....he was specifically asked what HE personally believed was a sin. How dare this be an issue. Don't do interviews where you ask people to share their personal beliefs if you are only going to turn around n make them pay for what they believe. I am disgusted. This has nothing to do with what the man said n everything about the fact that he n his family are being punished for answering a direct question honestly. If we don't have the right to do that then we have no true rights

305 days ago


Seeing as how Phil is an employee of A&E Networks, the company has the legal authority to suspend him because of his comments. Phil has his Constitutional right to free speech, but A&E has the right to control what is said on their television shows.
Too bad bigotry isn't a crime.

305 days ago

Jason Bailey    

I'm assuming 82% of the people viewing this page and replying it's outrageous are g/\y

305 days ago

Jason Bailey    

I'm assuming 82% of the people viewing this page and replying it's outrageous are g/\y

305 days ago


Freedom of speech means the gov't can't stop you from expressing your beliefs or punish you for having done so (unless you are threatening violence against another person or inciting others to do so). It does not mean that a private company is required to provide you with a platform to disseminate those beliefs, nor are they required to stand by you if you say things that offend them (or threaten their bottom line). In fact, punishing Phil can be seen as A&E expressing their opinion of Phil's comments.

Finally, let's disabuse ourselves of the notion that all beliefs are equal, a notion that is unfortunately reinforced by the news media's obsession with point-counterpoint style discussions. I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere down the line a bus full of nuns was raped and we'd be treated to them putting on someone to represent the position that they were asking for it. Put simply, as a Christian (you know, someone who actually tries to follow the actual teachings of Christ) it is my assertion that beliefs rooted in hatred and bigotry are not equal to those rooted in love, compassion, and understanding. They are inferior in every way, and nothing that a true Christian should ever want to be associated with. Remember: Jesus said "let he who is without sin cast the first stone", not "let's line up and bludgeon this whore to death with some big rocks".

305 days ago


Heres the thing. This mab simy quoted thr word of God it is ridiculous to punish him. Without Phil there would b no duck dynasty. The Bible says that Christians will b persecuted for standing for God and thats what haooebed to Phil. Why is it everyone is willing to stand for gay rights and freedom of speech yet we Christians are cobstantly put on the back burner as if we dont matter? Now tell me whose rights are beinh violated... i pray God has mercy on the people who are persecuting this man of God who stands for the truth and Gods word and commandments

305 days ago

maria huckaby    

Put Phil back on A &E. It is not right. The Lord is my shepherd and he rules my home. What has this world come to?

305 days ago


I've seen plenty of scripture quotes here...and here is one from the United States Constitution (you know that do***ent that outlines that whole freedom of speech thing)...

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Please read that and explain to me how his 1st Amendment rights are being infringed on. Last I checked A&E isn't Congress, owned by Congress, paychecks written by Congress, etc. I'm not going to comment on A&E's response to what he said on GQ but this foolish rallying behind "OMG FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!" stuff has GOT to stop. Educate yourselves people!

305 days ago


The only good show they had... Well there are many other channels dying to get this family and their ratings. :) God bless their hearts

305 days ago


Just another example of the hypocritical group know as GLADD they demand respect, exceptance, and equality but refuse to live by their own rules

305 days ago

unique spicer    


305 days ago


Bible thumping hillbillies

305 days ago


A&E are Anti-Christian : Wanna talk intolerance? They try at every turn to make them stop quoting the bible, stop saying "In Jesus' name", tried to stop them from doing the closing prayer, added fake bleeps to make them look like they were cussing and aren't as religious as the say they are... They are so religiously intolerant that it's hilarious they are suspending Phil for intolerance. Best part, they're the station that has "Bates Motel" a show that graphically depicted an Anal Rape. Anal rape is okay on A&E... but not God. That's the problem with America right there. I'm sick of these liberal a$$ "Everyone deserves respect, equality and tolerance... unless you're Christian or Conservative. you can hate on them all you want."

305 days ago


Well my country redneck get-rz-done would like to simply say..yes the a&e has the right to regulate what this man said and we have the right to prove we all have a rear area that we use to drop a load in the john with from time to time..and I have no problem with how anyone uses their dairy air either..where I think a&e is looking stupid and retarded for suspending this man is:you hired these guys to spesk their opinion make millions of dollars on this idea..but when he speaks his mind about one little group that gets their feelings hurt bc their manhood is a little to feminine you as a company decide to suspend him..I wish they would do a poll on how many gay people work at a&e and see how much of the truth comes out..bc I think there are alot of gay people or gay rights lovers that work there that took offense too this..if not prove me wrong and do a show only with a group of gay guys standing around that's made millions of dollars and see if that show will keep you saved and making millions of dollars to air episodes weekly they never do that. .so I think they are two face..also better tell all the gay rights people that those pink and neon colored shirts dont hide to good when u have a group of guys hunting you butt down in the bush wearing nothing but camouflage and look like they was raised in the woods..If I was them I might just have listen and shook it off..dont think they wanna start a war with guys that plays with true man guns! Not their buddies man I said we all have one..I do not mad how u use yours butt I am adult enough to know that was an opinion and move on..not call for a mans job bc you find him sexy but know it never will happen bc he don't swing yo direction. .A&E a.k.a. gay rights movement enforcement ..ok..I wanna exercising my right to say this is a freedom of speech..I hope no one is offended by my opinion. .and thats all it is..just like a butthole.we all have one..hope to hear yours talk sense and agree with me..I now pled the 5th!

305 days ago
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