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'Duck Dynasty' Fans


A&E's Denying Him Freedom of Speech

12/19/2013 9:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Thousands of "Duck Dynasty" fans are on a mission to end Phil Robertson's network suspension over his anti-gay comments -- 'cause they say A&E is denying him his human rights.

Over 35 THOUSAND people have signed a petition -- which fired up yesterday on -- demanding A&E end the suspension.

Even worse for the network ... it's being ROASTED on social media by DD fans -- hundreds of people are accusing A&E of not allowing Phil Robertson his basic right to freedom of speech.

One fan put the network on blast saying, "As a gay male, is what he said wrong and not educated about how gay people really are? Yes it was. Does he have the right to speak on what he thinks YES HE DOES!"

The fan adds, "Was I offended NO I WASN'T he is a smart man and could learn the truth about things he has no idea about. He's old school you can't hate on him for his beliefs DO NOT GET RID OF PHIL ON THIS SHOW! KEEP HIM!! I will no longer watch if he's gone!!!"

So, we gotta ask ...


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Sure someone is working on android actors. Fire em up when you need them and program them totally PC. Or how bout a shock collar app for the handler? Until you take humans out of the mix you going to get opinions that tick folks off. Society is fluid and you can't put the genie back in the bottle...

285 days ago


It is not a freedom of speech issue. Phil has a right to his opinion. But it's A&E's right to not allow their show to be a platform for bigotry & hatred. A&E hired him, they can fire him. They are a privately owned company and do not agree with what one if their employees is doing. End of story.

285 days ago


I feel this article is misleading.

I live in a very gay friendly city and I can guarantee.
Real gay men have no f'ng idea who or what a duck dynasty is.

They gay guy "offering" support is about as fake and ridiculous as suggesting gay men watch that show.

285 days ago


Coming from a guy who looking like an alcoholic Santa Claus / the homeless guy who asks for spare change near my apartment building, this should not offend everyone. Everyone has the right to be ignorant, Mr duck is just taking full advantage of it.

285 days ago

devil's advocate    

I think his comments were more stupid than homophobic or racist. I don't think A7E should have suspended him for comments he made outside of the show. If enough people are offended, then they wont watch the show and it'll be taken off. I doubt there are enough gays or blacks who watch the show to make a difference in the ratings.

285 days ago

bonnie bell    

buy yourself an arsenal guns in assault rifles and plenty of ammo. smoke marijuana freely and give everybody contact high that doesn't want to inhale secondhand smoke. have naked women dance nude .... let them be prostitutes in the corners for raunchy dirty zero integrity men pay for sex with men.and then go home to the wife and kids spreading many sexual diseases. not to mention pedophiles child molesters surfing the internet for young girls and surfing the street to rape kidnap little kids underage drinkers all over town not getting reprimanded. Drunk drivers out in the street every single hour drinking and driving putting us all in danger. Nasty barely wearing clothes nasty skanky whores are on TV left and right being vulgar. But punish a man for speaking his mind is ludicrous.

285 days ago


Just because someone disagrees with what you think/believe, doesn't give you the right to shut them up/hence suspend or fire them. YOU are one who is Intolerant.

285 days ago


I totally understand freedom of speech and I think it is bs they suspended. But the cold hard truth is that when he signs a contract with A&E he represents them and in a sense they pretty much own him and can control whatever he says and does!

285 days ago


This is taken out of context. He also said that he wouldn't treat anyone disrespectful because they were different. The lesson I'm learning is that freedom of speech only applies to liberals.

285 days ago


Maybe Phil should consider a civil legal suit against A&E. I thought it was illegal to fire someone because of age, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

285 days ago


Bring back Phil

285 days ago


Here we go again...I wish people who scream the loudest about our "right to free speech" would learn what it means. He is NOT being denied his right to free speech. Has he been hauled off to jail for what he said? No. We have the freedom to speak our minds free from *government interference,* not free from consequences. I am prefectly free to tell my boss to F-off if I so choose. I will not be flogged and locked up by the *government* for doing so. I may, however, be fired by my boss. That is his right, just as calling him a jerk off is mine.

285 days ago


Shame on TMZ for trying to fan the flames and muzzle anti-gay attitudes by calling his interview comments a RANT. The guy quietly stated his personal opinion in an interview ~ hardly RANTING on some street corner. Get the opinion of the ACLU Harvey ~ you know, the guys who stood up for the right of the KKK to march in Skokie.

285 days ago


I like how the Robertson guys look. They look like the guys in ZZ Top. That's cool. They're one of the best rock bands of all time in my opinion. I never get tired of watching Billy Gibbons rock out on his guitar. Copy/paste this into YouTube ... zz top 1980 beer drinkers and hellraisers

285 days ago

r. white    

although I dont agree with bad mouthing anyone, whether it be the n word or anti gay rhetroic, I do think a smart lawyer would make history bringing to the supreme court a case challenging all this supression of the constitutional rights to free speech. Where are the lawyers when you need them?

285 days ago
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