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'Duck Dynasty' Fans


A&E's Denying Him Freedom of Speech

12/19/2013 9:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Thousands of "Duck Dynasty" fans are on a mission to end Phil Robertson's network suspension over his anti-gay comments -- 'cause they say A&E is denying him his human rights.

Over 35 THOUSAND people have signed a petition -- which fired up yesterday on -- demanding A&E end the suspension.

Even worse for the network ... it's being ROASTED on social media by DD fans -- hundreds of people are accusing A&E of not allowing Phil Robertson his basic right to freedom of speech.

One fan put the network on blast saying, "As a gay male, is what he said wrong and not educated about how gay people really are? Yes it was. Does he have the right to speak on what he thinks YES HE DOES!"

The fan adds, "Was I offended NO I WASN'T he is a smart man and could learn the truth about things he has no idea about. He's old school you can't hate on him for his beliefs DO NOT GET RID OF PHIL ON THIS SHOW! KEEP HIM!! I will no longer watch if he's gone!!!"

So, we gotta ask ...


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I will never watch another A&E program. Unless they apologize and take Phil off suspension. You dumb liberal execs at A&E this was a bad decision.

246 days ago


A&E has every right to hire and fire whomever they want. This isn't an issue of freedom of speech, this is an issue of A&E being bullied (by a bunch of idiots who don't understand the freaking Constitution or why it exists) into hiring someone back that they had every right to fire to begin with.

246 days ago


How come it is so horrific for Christians to speak their minds and go against homosexuality? The Bible clearly states in 1st Timothy 1:8-11 that homosexuality is a sin, there is nothing in The Bible that supports the gay lifestyle. But because Hollywood has glam this up and says that's its ok society has gotten to where you can't disagree with this lifestyle without being homophobic. That's bogus, now if people start being disrespectful and being violent against them and acting like they just can't be around them at that point you can call someone homophobic not because he disagrees with their lifestyle.

246 days ago


For everyone saying that he's not being allowed his freedom of speech.....he has all the right to say WHATEVER he wants. He's not be charged with a crime or being put in jail for his words...HOWEVER...just as he is entitled to say what he wants, when he wants....A&E is also entitled, as his EMPLOYER, to revoke his employment with the network if it goes against their beliefs OR if they choose to distance themselves with his beliefs. They also have to right of freedom of speech and decision. This is supposed to be a time of tolerance and acceptance of your fellow human being. Excluding the fact that they most likely made their decision based on endorsements....I'm sure they had a moral stance they wanted to uphold, which allows them the power to shape what sort of image they are trying to build. They are on board with equality. CIVIL RIGHTS PEOPLE.....As proactive as the LGBT community is in the fight for equality, i think as a culture...we need to do more. We are being TOO passive in the fight for equality. First there was MLK....then there was Malcolm X....the time has come.

246 days ago


good job A&E! Just fire the dumbass. Don't need ppl who want to express their hate for others

246 days ago


Keep this racists homophobic bible thumping off the air. Phil is a dumb ass hick.

246 days ago


All these ppl screaming horrible things against gay people really need to think first about themselves. I know for a fact no one is perfect, I know no one can be the perfect human, let alone be the perfect God loving human......people make mistakes you don't need to take it out on anyone else. You just worry about yourself, your the only one who understands you....people are always so eager to hate, I know that's not in the bible. Think it, but you don't need to spread it.

246 days ago



246 days ago


A&E Reality tv, freedom of speech, what a joke!, there is something seriously wrong when our society can no longer say it the way it is. IF I was duck dynasty i would tell you guys to stick your program simply said A&E has no balls .I guess the Bible must just not be up with the times anymore how sad . At least Phil stands on the bibles word he's already won you guys are just to blind to see it!

246 days ago


He has the right to say it morons the public just doesn't need to hear it. Who watches this show anyways and is looking up to these people?

246 days ago


i don't really give a **** what people think..i am a lesbian and proud...who gives a ****. who gives a **** about this man who won't even shave that ugly **** off his face! lol dude can't even eat the vagina without hair getting in the way. are you serious?

246 days ago

Chicago Dude    

So it's ok for this guy to say something disparaging about a group that is very hatful and he should be able to keep his show but Paula Deen used the N-word a long time ago and she had to lose her show and sponsors? DOUBLE STANDARD HERE??? I think so. If it was appropriate for Paula, it should be appropriate for him.

246 days ago


B******T! If it were someone like Alec Baldwin saying all that nonsense he would have been torn a new a*****e. Because he's some church going hillbilly everyone is going to let him hide behind his ignorance. They need to cancel this show indefinitely and not because of these ignorant f***s but because the show just plain sucks balls.

246 days ago


Phil was not discriminatory toward a specific homosexual. He spoke generally re his religious beliefs. A&E is being discriminatory specifically toward Phil because of his religion. That's illegal in the workplace. Lawyer up, Phil!

246 days ago


I wonder how TMZ feels when even after they try to spin stories like this to get the response they want, they still never get the votes in their favor. Must be pretty disheartening for them to see that even though they're trying to force their ideals on the general populace, they're not gaining any ground and in fact, probably losing some.

246 days ago
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