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'Duck Dynasty' Star

Suspended Indefinitely

Over Homophobic Comments

12/19/2013 8:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson has been SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY by A&E after a series of homophobic comments he made in a recent GQ interview.

A rep for A&E released a statement, saying, "We are extremely disappointed to have read Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ, which are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series 'Duck Dynasty.'"

The rep added, "His personal views in no way reflect those of A&E Networks, who have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community."

A&E has suspended him indefinitely from the show. The rest of the "Duck Dynasty" family is expected to remain on the show.

As we reported, Phil told GQ about how a vagina is more desirable than a man's anus, and how homosexuality and bestiality are the same sin.



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TMZ, you guys need a dictionary. 'Phobic' indicates that Robertson has a fear of gays. I seriously doubt that Phil Robertson is afraid of gays. Learn the language morons.

245 days ago


Absolutely ridiculous! I am a very strong supporter in same sex marriage (don't matter who you love) but to me it seems gay people take offense to being gay than people just f ing talking about it!! I don't watch this show nor do I care but this is just angering!! Gay people MAN UP!!! You ruin to many people's lives with your obsurd sensitivity to someone sating exactly what you claim proud to be!!!

245 days ago


Total Crap. Why can't he/we say what we think?
Don't give in and apologize Phil, stand your ground!
Gays are way toooooooooo sensitive

245 days ago


Im sure tmz were the ones calling the network and complaining like little biotches

245 days ago


That's such bull ****. The gays can be who they are but duck dynasty isn't allowed to show who he is?! It is his opinion!!!! Should we burn the bible too?????? Band the bible everyone!!! It's racist and homo phobic!!! That's ****ing stupid. I love gays and now it makes me not wanna stick up for them.

245 days ago

BB not bb    

I think A&E is trying to break Phil but I think he is stronger than they are because the spirit he says is in him is stronger than the spirit in the world. I say good for you Phil. Stick to your guns and hang tough. I am with you on this.

245 days ago


It is a travesty that the faith based viewpoint- shared by MANY organized religions and millions of believers in those religions - is now viewed as an 'evil'. The faith based comments Phil made, especially if you don't cherry pick them but read them in their entirety, could be heard in spirit from most pulpits across America and the world. Homosexual, ACTS are viewed as 'sins' by many Christian groups including the Catholic Church.

245 days ago


Gay Power. Down with the ugly hillbilly straights

245 days ago


Does any body really care what the ***s think? It's only 2% of the population, they cram there crap on us we stand up and say enough, boy does that make them mad.
I'm tired of seeing it on TV and in movies, so now I block stations that run it all the time. This man had a right to say what he wanted, as the ***s have the right to as well. A&E will also be blocked if Phil leaves the show.

245 days ago


America the land of the sensitive. Where u have to be black or gay to be able to voice your opinion!! ****in joke

245 days ago


His comments can't be a surprise to anyone who knows anything about him. Saying he believes it's a sin doesn't translate into hate - he's stating his beliefs, which are taught in churches across the nation. Last time I checked people were allowed free speech and their own beliefs.

245 days ago


I hope the whole family tells A&E to kiss their butts and leave the show flat. What happened to free speech in this country?

245 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Don't be tools. Did anybody ever consider that A&E orchestrated this controversy to get more viewers?

245 days ago

It's Me    

based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series 'Duck Dynasty.

If they are not reflected in the show why is he suspended? The gays are trying to bully everyone into accepting their alternative lifestyle even it means taking away our right of Freedom of Speech. Well, it isn't going to happen. If A&E cancels the show I am sure another channel would love to have the #1 rated program.

245 days ago


proof that “gay rights” has become the Gay Reich

“tolerance” and “free speech” are only acceptable when you conform and promote the lefts agenda

245 days ago
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