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We Stand Behind Phil

12/19/2013 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If "Duck Dynasty" network A&E feared advertisers would scatter like waterfowl after a shotgun blast because of Phil Robertson's anti-gay comments ... it's not happening.

A company called Skyjacker -- which builds truck suspensions -- tells us it stands solidly behind Phil and the show ... saying it's a matter of God and country -- it's a free country and Phil has a right to his opinions.

Company brass tells us it goes beyond the Constitution ... to the Creator:  "We are a Christian- based company and actively share our faith so standing with Phil Robertson is an easy choice for us."

Robertson opened up a can of worms when he said homosexuality and bestiality were the same sin ... his church seems to back Phil up on that.

Officials at White's Ferry Road Church just told us, "We love him and support him."



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#1... He DID NOT compare homosexuality to beastiality... He stated start with homosexuality and morphology out from there. However, the Bible does state that no sin is greater than another... I am not of Christian faith, but I do believe this man is entitled to his opinions, especially when answering a question honestly... I also don't feel it is right for TMZ to skew his words... How about using quoted text and citing sources; you know, real reporting...

309 days ago


Let me see if I've got this right, the tolerant gays are intolerant of any contrary views of their chosen lifestyle of sexual perversion...Yep! That just about sums it up! The intolerant gays will not abide with any contrary opinion of their wicked choice to defile themselves with each other. Read 1 Cor 6:9-10 NIV and it is exactly what Phil was quoting during his interview with GQ. So, the tolerant gays are taking issue with Phil quoting the Word of God. The tolerant, loving gays actually HATE the God of the Bible and reject His Holy Commandments. They are ungody, unholy, unchaste and undone. They are totally LOST and on their way to Hell. That is their eternal destiny apart from godly repentance and deep sorrow over their many, multiplied sins. They are, as Romans 1 describes, "given over to a reprobate mind" and when that happens to the mind, the mind cannot judge right from wrong and is thus condemned to the broad path that leads to eternal damnation. Not only has the loving Jesus of the New Testament GIVEN them over to a reprobate mind but He has also given them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves and in addition He has given them up to their VILE AFFECTIONS. See Romans 1 KJV for more details. These vile affections have deceived the gays into thinking that their vile affections are positive and good and that they need to embrace their vile affections. This is the basis for their attempt to justify their wicked behavior by claiming that they were "born that way". They claim that they were born with vile affections embedded within their hearts and that they have absolutely no control over these vile affections and are essentially slaves to their own lust filled hearts and depraved imaginations. It's like a self fulfilling prophecy, they justify their evil with their fallen, reprobate, falonious, wicked rationale and then act upon and live out their lives in accordance with their twisted presuppositions. I applaud Phil for stating the facts concerning the scourge of Sodom and those that choose to embrace vile affections.

309 days ago


I support Phil and his right to his beliefs. I do NOT agree with greedy A & E and will never support them. It's so easy to change the channel. I hope that Phil and the whole gang go to a better network and A & E execs lose a ton of money and all heads roll. I love a man with character and who isn't afraid to speak his mind or his heart. I hate greedy executives only concerned with their paychecks and have no balls to stand in support of another person's view.

309 days ago

Mary Poppins    

STAND UP FOR PHIL CALL A&E CEO ABBE RAVEN AT 212-210-9007 and every one else there tell the to back down A&E contact info Ms. Abbe Raven, CEO A&E Television Networks 235 East 45th St. New York, NY 10017 ABBE RAVEN (CEO) WHITNEY GOIT (SR. EVP) ROBERT DEBITETTO (EVP) COLLEEN CONWAY (Director of Non-Fiction Programming) GENERAL EMAIL: ABBE RAVEN (CEO) LINE: (212) 210-9007 GENERAL TELEPHONE: (212) 210-1400

309 days ago

Thomas E. Buffalohorse Bennett Sr.    

God does not support homosexuality but he does support righteousness and truth. Homosexuality is a sin and against nature. The homos new by getting into politics they would change the way of society with their agenda. May God bless Russia... Will God watch USA?

309 days ago


Heterophobia is rampant these days.

309 days ago


TMZ, if no one has told you, a sin is a sin is a sin. No sin is greater or worse than another. We ALL are sinners. And why the uproar? People are shocked because a conservative Christian said he thought it was a sin?

309 days ago

Tom Tucker    

I just want to disagree with what Harvey said on TMZ live about how A&E should be ashamed of themselves. I think the media should be ashamed of themselves.... if the media(TMZ INCLUDED) didn't think that this was news... it wouldn't be over ever tv show getting bad publicity. If it wasn't covered it wouldn't be an issue. Simple as that.

And this post can be copy and pasted to 90% of the stuff TMZ "reports" on. But at-least they are entertainment news. But for fox news and stuff to report on it is ridiculous.

309 days ago


Good for you PHIL ROBERTSON. He has a right to his own opinion. His beliefs. It is about time someone did. Christian beliefs. UNITE.

309 days ago


Robertson did not say that homosexuality and bestiality were the same sin. He said that they were both sins. Please at least read the words before trying to paraphrase (incorrectly) them.

309 days ago


Go Phil!!!! You have the right to believe WHATEVER you want to believe!! And you can SPEAK your mind!!!

309 days ago


He is more honest and Christian than our own President.
Not everyone is going to care for GAYS and enough is enough. Companies in America are so scared to say anything about Gay people it is ruining corporate America. If your Gay that's you own business, keep it to yourself, coming out or what ever they call it does not make them a better person. This used to be the land of free speech but that is no longer the case.
It's a silly as blacks wanting to be called African-Americans of which they are not. Caucasians are not European_Americans , even though our ancestors came from their. Go PHIL, you are a great heterosexual man and keep being the way your are. The only reason politicians don't say anything about them is because they want their votes, and that is the only reason.

309 days ago


Just wait until the straight male community hears that he likened sleeping with multiple women to bestiality in the exact same way.

Oh wait, there's no grievance industry built up around that.

309 days ago


a&e did not make phil.he will still get his check when ever he wants.grow up (yuppies) and go out and shoot and skin a wild hog.maybe this is what he wanted because of the crazy,stupid world we live in (social media)

309 days ago


Boycott A&E, we can stick together and bring them down too!

309 days ago
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