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'Duck Dynasty' Sponsor

We Stand Behind Phil

12/19/2013 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If "Duck Dynasty" network A&E feared advertisers would scatter like waterfowl after a shotgun blast because of Phil Robertson's anti-gay comments ... it's not happening.

A company called Skyjacker -- which builds truck suspensions -- tells us it stands solidly behind Phil and the show ... saying it's a matter of God and country -- it's a free country and Phil has a right to his opinions.

Company brass tells us it goes beyond the Constitution ... to the Creator:  "We are a Christian- based company and actively share our faith so standing with Phil Robertson is an easy choice for us."

Robertson opened up a can of worms when he said homosexuality and bestiality were the same sin ... his church seems to back Phil up on that.

Officials at White's Ferry Road Church just told us, "We love him and support him."



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Nope. You are wrong. He didn't equated homosexuality with bestiality. From what I read he said they were both sins but he never said they were the "same sin". You are showing a bias when you put words in peoples mouths. Just report don't make things up.

247 days ago


A&E shot themselves in the foot with this one. They have completely lost touch with their audience. Whether you agree with Phil Robertson or not…this was a very bad business decision on their part. All they had to do is separate themselves from his opinion with a simple disclaimer and let the chips fall. The reason this is the #1 show on cable is because the country is starving for family values. The Robertson family gave us that and their audience loved them for it. Just look at all of the comments below expressing the opinions of each and everyone of us. How would you feel if someone tried to stifle your views? God Bless the Duck Commander. VOTE WITH YOUR REMOTE.

247 days ago


F#uck A&E get a new channel ducks . Great show with good family values

247 days ago


If you oppose the homosexual lifestyle, they want you to believe YOU are abnormal. Yet the VAST MAJORITY of Americans oppose homosexuality but many of us have accepted the LIE that homosexuality is a normal and acceptable behavior.

Why does Obamacare penalize smokers but not homosexuals or people actively engaged in RECREATIONAL sex with multiple partners? Which behavior is more costly to Americans, smoking, homosexuality, or promiscuity? Smokers are the only group taxed for their bad behavior. Obamacare spreads the high cost of people's recreational sex to other tax payers. Given that, which behavior is more immoral?

247 days ago


Have they got Rick Santorum's opinion on this ?

247 days ago


The BIBLE says Homosexuality and beastiality are sins ( sexual deviant behaviors)
1 Corinthians 6:9–10

9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous2 will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: xneither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,3 10 nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

This isn't what Phil Robertson declared..its what God has said. Phil just believes it as a Christian man ( as do I) God hates the sin but loves the sinner. You can be forgiven through faith in jesus christ.

247 days ago


I'd rather watch the ducks than homos

247 days ago


The headline "We Stand Behind Phil" is very appropriate for this article lol

247 days ago

Feech LaManna    

First off, "Homophobe" implies that people fear gays. Not the case. Secondly, Phil didn't "rant". He calmly answered a question by giving his opinion. He didn't lie, and did not express hatred or intolerance - quite unlike the jerk from GLAAD .

247 days ago


Sometimes I think that guys that go gay just haven't vaginas a chance. Try to find a curvy, hot looking woman that knows what she's doing and she'll show how awesome their vaginas are.

Vaginas ROCK !! I don't even like to think about man ass. Makes me want to puke. Somebody on TV ought to be out their fighting for heterosexuality and vaginas!

Give Phil his job back on Duck Dynasty. That is, if he still wants it. He's rich already and he'll be just fine with or without that show. He can tell A&E to kiss his man ass!

247 days ago

Dave Turson    

Sin is sin. Robertson did not equate homosexuality with bestiality, just as he did not equate homosexuality with drunkards, thieves or fornicators. Here is the Bible passage he cited:

247 days ago


"We Stand Behind Phil"

Very appropriate headline for this article lol

247 days ago


Wrongful termination!

247 days ago


Just ordered my Lift Kit from Skyjacker......problem now is i dont have a truck to put it on.....guess i will take care of that tonite. Sure hope the truck sales person is ok with me asking if he is gay. If L & G community wants a war....guess i will just do business with someone else...cuts both ways ACE

247 days ago


he has a right to speak his opinion on gay relationships, any gay loving sponsors that pull out, we should boycott!! they should remain neutral.

247 days ago
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