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Cops to Justin Bieber

Keep Your Hotboxed Vans Out of L.A.

... Or Else

12/19/2013 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
better think twice before driving around L.A. in a hotboxed car again -- because TMZ has learned, cops are now on the lookout for ANY of the singer's suspiciously smoking vehicles ... especially that ridiculous black van.

Multiple law enforcement sources tell us, cops are pissed at the Biebs for his hotbox stunt outside Power 106 this week -- when he rolled up to the radio station in a van, slid back the door, and released a nuclear cloud of smoke.

We're told police are on the lookout for Bieber and his pals getting smokey behind the wheel.  The smoke would give cops probable cause to search the vehicle, everyone inside would be detained and ordered to produce weed cards, or else.  The driver would also be scrutinized for possible DUI.

Cops are fed up with him.



No Avatar


I Hotbox all the time... but you wont find JB in a 1993 Subaru Legacy

271 days ago


You know what his problem is? "Affluencia." Yeah, that's the ticket. It's a kinda "insanity" defense for rich kids...

271 days ago

Nobody Special    

Beaver is a mess. He is Smoking CoCo-Puffs now, crack laced weed.

Beaver is going to Pull a Hanna Canada, he is going to quit being Justine Beaver and become a hard-Core Gangsta Rapper "MC Beaver-Cleaver" with his new Meat Cleaver Tattoo with a Beaver Head Handle with Buck-Teeth and the tear-drop under his brown-eye. Or is that a juice drop?

He really believes men will buy his rapping music. Beaver is Hard-Core now, he can lift 55 lbs. but he still has the body of a 12 year old.

271 days ago


Money will get him out of anything he wants to do. Don't we ALL know Justin NEVER does anything wrong. One day he WILL find out what the real world is about. But don't count on it soon. The law doesn't. He slides by all the time. So he thinks he can do no wrong.

271 days ago


All I know is he is too pretty to go to jail so he better get his mess in order...He wont be so gangsta in a jail only belong to one.

271 days ago

Tom Tucker    

How would the driver be charged with DUI? it's obvious from the picture the driver is completely isolated from the back of the van so there's no way he can get high from it.

And are you kidding they give out those medical weed cards like candy.... you really think that everyone in the van couldn't get one .......

They would also have to have probable cause to search the back of the van to right? THey cant just be like Hey driver you didn't have your turn signal on.. open the back of your van so we can peek inside.

271 days ago


what i wanna know is where is he's mother for real, where is she while her son is self distructing himself she has got be the worst mother ever, instad of trying to make money off of being his mother she should try getting him help..

271 days ago

Thomas Reed    

big freakin deal

271 days ago

Gluten Free    

Justin doesn't even know what's what. I'd tell him to go Gluten Free at

271 days ago


I wish he would just get busted for something major and get thrown in prison, and be a GF to one of the men there. I know it would be JB's DREAM COME TRUE!!!! He's such a girl, he might as well be a PRISON B*TCH!!!!!

271 days ago


The fact that Selena still has feeling for this prick speaks of her own personality. Which is pretty low.

271 days ago


oh poo get over it.

271 days ago


Haha what an epic fail to be like Scooby Doo & The Gang in their Mystery Machine back in the 70s haha

271 days ago

Yu Lee    

IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE --- TMZ are the only experts on Weed in the USA, nobody else! Even the cops are getting advise from TMZ. We wonder why? No they don't smoke it themselves, that would make them huge HYPOCRITES !!! LOL

271 days ago

Yu Lee    

of course there's not the slightest EVIDENCE the "cops are pissed" about Justin!
even if the "cops are pissed"
they were not there, did not see it,
SO WHO TOLD THE COPS ??????????????

271 days ago
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