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Paul Walker's Car Shop

Closing Down

for Good

12/19/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The car shop owned by Paul Walker and Roger Rodas is shutting its doors for good ... after both men were killed in a violent car crash last month, TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Rodas tell TMZ, Always Evolving -- the performance and racing shop in Valencia, CA --  is expected to close for business in the next few weeks.

We're told the people who helped run the shop have already left and are looking for new jobs.

The shop itself is being cleaned out, and we're told the cars in-house will be auctioned off.

We're also told there's a core group of people who want to keep the shop open, but without Rodas and Walker's leadership and financial support ... it's impossible.


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WTF is wrong with you people and your nasty comments about this man?? Remember he does have a family.. yes he has been dead for almost a month, im sure alot of you are getting tired of hearing about it but that doesnt mean you have to read it and comment on it. why do you feel the need to make such nasty and rude comments?

Despite the fact of how they died they were human beings.. they had a mother, father, siblings etc.

Jesus get over yourself Im pretty sure if it was your family member you wouldnt want people saying horrible things about them. Gain some compassion and STFU :)

272 days ago


This is sad :( R.I.P.

272 days ago


Paul Walker story #5,900...and counting.

272 days ago


Most of you people are complete a**holes!! Just haters! RIP PAUL AND ROGER..! So sad that America has pathetic people in it that have no life! Wish I wasn't reading this article right now..... I was hoping all of his stuff stayed strong in the wake of his death:(

271 days ago


WTF is wrong with people??? You think Paul is the only famous person TMZ talks about??? Before you post rude comments just STFU!!!! Because he is dead that means there is nothing more to say?? Yes..TMZ can be jerks sometimes with the way they report things but guess what, we are all still here reading it!!!!! His death was unexpected and it is still new. And I am still in shock and sad. Do you have to personally know someone to feel sadness or empathy for that person??? I am glad he is still relevant. TMZ please keep his legacy alive and report about Paul when you can. Good or Bad. He is missed more than he knows. May God Bless him and his family. <3

271 days ago

Your moms jump off    

I wonder how many people have herpes in this comment box... Vote up if you do..

271 days ago


Nice....two guys who had been providing JOBS to those that worked in the business, took an unnecessary RISK by driving in a careless and imprudent manor, have costs those working, their jobs. Way to go, showoffs!

271 days ago


Can't say we should be surprised. Quite frankly, I would be surprised if any of those guys would of stayed. They watched their backers/bosses burn. You can't come back from that.

271 days ago


Some of these idiots on here w these stupid comments need to go to hell. PAUL WALKER WAS A DECENT PERSON.......No one is perfect and lots of 15 or 16 year old dates older men all the time..So u all STFU and get on w your boring life....Paul did so much on the side of acting he was a great actor and helped so many..RIP Paul

271 days ago

Obvious justice    

Paul was never a deviant . He knew his now girlfriend for 7 yrs but he was not with her when she was under age so ppl need to shut the **** up and get your info right dumb asses . Paul was a decent human being and real .

271 days ago


I just wanna take a second and address all of the neg comments that I have seen with in the last month or so about this poor mans passing, those who have rude comments need to keep them to themselves , I don't get why you all are hating, and with him knowing his on n off again girlfriend since she was 16 I'm pretty sure her parents wouldn't let her hang with him of they didn't like him or give there blessing n not only that I am pretty sure he waited till the age of 18 , don't always believe what the media tells you , remember they just want a story and will twist **** around , second I can get why the are closing , it's such ashamed. I feel bad for both flamies .

271 days ago


We all grieve in different ways ....but this was a person whom was somebodys son, somebodys brother....somebodies friend&family member ! Show some respect&as the sayimg goes ...if you dont have nothing nice to say.....dont say anything at all...!!! So much negativity , this is a horrible&tragic loss , my heart &thoughts go out to these two young men's families , friends&loved ones!! Remember ....."we die only once and for such a long time"......Peace, Love& Respect!!!

270 days ago


Rip Paul walker

269 days ago


If AE motor sports could get Kingsford as a sponsor, maybe they could've stayed open.

268 days ago


Why close that's not what they would want

255 days ago
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