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Phil Robertson

Publicly Bashed Gays ... FOR YEARS

A&E Knew All About It

12/19/2013 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


A&E knew all about "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson feelings toward gays when it hired him -- because the guy openly preached that gays were going to hell years before the series started.

Take a look at the video (above) of a 2010 sermon at Berean Bible Church in Pennsylvania ... it's pretty much your typical bible-thumping drill.  Phil calls gay people shameful, perverse, heartless, faithless, senseless God haters ... destined for the burning pits of hell.

So with that backdrop ... A&E hired Robertson ... then allowed him to do an interview with GQ where it HAD to know the reporter would ask questions about his feelings toward gays ... and then when he answered honestly A&E punished Robertson.

Robertson may be misguided, but A&E is being dishonest for feigning shock about something it definitely knew all about.


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A&E b@$tards what are they thinking or right duck

274 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

CORRECTION: The True and Living God of Israel, Almighty Yahweh, PUNISHED Gays for YEARS.
Justice, Divine Justice is -CONFIRMED- served:

274 days ago


A&E shame on you for ever hiring these pigs.

274 days ago

BLUE UGLY đź’©    

"Bashed" gays? Really? It's called freedom religion and free speech, you homos are so sensitive about anything normal & natural

274 days ago


Holy Crap, Phil is a fanatic Red Neck!

274 days ago


Seems to me the one who is going to be punished is A & E when they lose there highest rated show ever to another network. Phil doesn't need them or there money, they need Phil in the end. The other Duck guys will just walk.

274 days ago


Say it again phil...someone have balls to say something about this on the south....

274 days ago


Gay men are Vaginaphobic .

274 days ago


Yeah it's weird how people who claim to be open minded want to attack someone who disagrees with them. It seems that they only respect you if you hold one of their accepted views. Meanwhile if someone who is conservative does the same thing they're close minded and wrong. Stop threatening to boycott everyone who doesn't believe in your agenda! Maybe it's too complicated for some, but I think the left just takes the easy way out and tells everyone that everything is ok. Makes me a little sick.

274 days ago


TMZ and there propaganda. Let him speak his mind. Just cause he has strong religious beliefs and doesn't idolize your precious Hollywood celebs.

274 days ago


This whole situation is a stalemate and shouldn't have been a big deal to begin with. A&E and gays are mad cause this guy hates them and then fans of his show are mad cause he was fired. The man has free speech to say whatever he wants and A&E has freedom to fire him. Move along

274 days ago


Free speech! Just like you can sit there and spout ur BS from TMZ, he has just the same write to spout his BS too. Free speech is a two way street, dip****s

274 days ago

BLUE UGLY đź’©    

This article is the homo thugs of TMZ upset because people are backing Phil and he will get back on air

274 days ago


He is entitled to his personal opinion, and his religious views.

274 days ago


Gay men worship the anus.

274 days ago
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