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'Duck Dynasty'

A&E Publicist MIA

When Phil Went Off On Gays!

12/20/2013 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you asked yourself "Where was the publicist?" when "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson went off on gays during his big interview with GQ magazine ... TMZ now has the answer ... the publicist was not there!

Sources very familiar with the situation tell us ... a publicist did indeed accompany Robertson to the interview -- per A&E's rigid PR policy -- and the interview took place in several locations.  When the GQ reporter and Phil hopped on ATVs, the publicist didn't come along for the ride.

We're told it was then the reporter apparently saw an opening and Phil made his incendiary anti-gay comments

It's pretty shocking ... because Phil is widely known as a loose cannon ... so it's a little like playing Russian Roulette to let him gallivant off with a reporter.



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See, he needs a handler in order to relate with civil society. I say tar and feather the bigot!

276 days ago


He answered it honestly, that's a no no

276 days ago


Phil didn't made an anti-gay comment, he made a anti sodomy comment. (don't look it up, sodomy means butt sex)

276 days ago


How can anyone still have the ancient belief that homosexuality is a choice.. IT is NOT!! I can only pray that he does not have a child who comes out because he would probably be the type to throw the kid out and disown him/her. His way of thinking is typical of the boondocks hillbilly he really is.

276 days ago


So typical... corporate backtracking

276 days ago


You can tell America is a ****ed up piece of **** when it makes maggots like this famous.

Thanks a lot for Jersey Shore too. ****ers.

276 days ago


How come gorillas don't have butt sex in the wild, is it because they're uncivilized?

276 days ago


ENOUGH!!! It is Christmas time & this should wait a couple of weeks.

276 days ago


So A&E definitely knew what they had on their hands huh? While it's A&E fault for hiring this man, he should at least feel ashamed to be accepting money and allowing a handler to be by his side telling him what to say even if that's not what he believes. Maybe he has no dignity? oh wait....

276 days ago


As much as I don't agree with everything he has said this focus is ridiculous. Yet it's acceptable for musicians to constantly discriminate and get away with it.

276 days ago


So it's someone else's fault he is a bigot? Hiding behind religion wasn't enough?

276 days ago


All the man said was he doesn't like butt sex and thinks its sinful.

276 days ago


Duck Dynasty Is Fake anyways

276 days ago


First let me not a duck hunter (not that I wouldnt just havent had the opportunity) I also dont watch the show all the time (although I do like the message the family gives and find it funny) im also not a "church goin man" (but I absolutely belive in christ and the teachings from the bible) I do believe to each his own. Even though I may not approve of what some do I believe that a lot of what people choose to do will prevent them entering heaven. As long as they dont shove their beliefs in my face I will not to them. HOWEVER.....phil did not do anything wrong. He stated his point of view on the subject that he was ASKED about and referenced the bible concerning the subject. End of story. I am friends with someone who has know willie when they were in school and says they are a very good honest respectful Christian family. What more could you ask for out of Americans? Other religions have the beliefs they were taught each his own. But wether you like it or not America was built with a Christian foundation. Over the years our "politcally correct" bull**** has cost us many of the freedoms and liberties that built this country to the once great nation it was. I only fear that it will never be again. Instead to continually decline until we are a socialist or even communist place. That is truly heart breaking. Phil thank you for standing for what you believe! Quite frankly after Christmas I will be buying a complete set of your calls (may take a few months $$ lol) as far as I'm concerned everyone should. Some say this was a publicity stunt. Me? I dont think so. If it was then I say hoorah at least he chose a good one!

276 days ago

Daniel Thrasher    

I literally just read the entire GQ article. They were sitting in the living room when he spoke of homosexuals. When they got on the ATV there was no mention of such. At the very least I ask of you to GET YOUR **** TOGETHER journalistically.

276 days ago
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