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'Duck Dynasty'

A&E Publicist MIA

When Phil Went Off On Gays!

12/20/2013 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you asked yourself "Where was the publicist?" when "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson went off on gays during his big interview with GQ magazine ... TMZ now has the answer ... the publicist was not there!

Sources very familiar with the situation tell us ... a publicist did indeed accompany Robertson to the interview -- per A&E's rigid PR policy -- and the interview took place in several locations.  When the GQ reporter and Phil hopped on ATVs, the publicist didn't come along for the ride.

We're told it was then the reporter apparently saw an opening and Phil made his incendiary anti-gay comments

It's pretty shocking ... because Phil is widely known as a loose cannon ... so it's a little like playing Russian Roulette to let him gallivant off with a reporter.



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Ass clowns

203 days ago


I just want one person to explain to me what's right abut 2 men ****in each other inn the ass?????)

203 days ago


Seriously tired of hearing about these morons already!!!! Do I agree with what he I stand to wwatch them? Nope. But that is why I DON'T WATCH THE SHOW!! Just because I don't like what he said doesn't mean he's not entitled to his own opinion. Let him have his own opinion it's his f×$=%_€ right. Gays, blacks, Hispanics...We all have the right to say wtf we want why can't he. Freedom of speech people. .no matter how stupid it may be

203 days ago


Phil ... and the other Duckies... Here is one back at ya: 1 Corinthians 11:14 King James Version (KJV) 14 Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?

203 days ago


On Playing God-
At the risk of offending anybody like Phil did, everyone has a right to their opinion, and everyone has the right to disagree.

I’m not sure God would think what Phil is doing is God’s work. Not in that way.

Homosexuality has been studied and found in the animal kingdom. If this behavior was so abhorrent to God, would he have made the animals that way?

I'm not saying it's right or wrong, and I don't really understand, because I don't lean that way. But that doesn't give me reason to sit in judgement of someone who is different than me.

I tend to give my full conviction and concentration to the Big 10. The Ten Commandments as handed down by God. You can't argue with those laws. And then, to read and understand Jesus' words which are written in the red text of a few of the books of the bible. That is the closest you will get to the word of God. Everything Jesus had to say in those passages makes perfect sense, and without the least bit of self-righteousness.

Judgments handed out by man only furthers the devil's agenda.

203 days ago


Make it stop!!!!!

203 days ago



203 days ago


Phil a loose cannon??? Are you kidding me.

He was dead on and hit dead center of the target with his comments. More truth was NEVER said.

203 days ago


I don't understand why people get so bent out of shape about these things. People everyday, in every part of this earth, make degrading comments about other religions, races , sexual orientation and just about anything you can think of. It's only because Phil is a "TV Personality" that he's being shot down the way he is. The beauty of living in the USA is that we are supposed to be protected by our right to free speech and freedom of religion. If that's what Phil's religion has taught him, then so be it. That's his choice. It's his right as an American to say whatever the hell he wants to say. I'm not a gay supporter and I'm not a homophobe. I personally don't believe in the lifestyle. And again, as an American that's MY CHOICE!! I don't go out downing people that are gay, I have no reason to. They have the same rights as any other American does. The whole "gay-rights" is just the next generation of "women's rights", "desegregation" and we all know they will get what they want in the end....women did and African Americans did. They just have to put the time and effort into it that these previous people did. Those changes did not happen over night and gay rights activists shouldn't expect their change to happen that way. It's a long, hard battle and they will win what they want in the end.

203 days ago


Everyone who is talking about gays and their sexual preferences need to stop. Anal sex among heterosexual couples is VERY common. It's okay for that but not for two men who love each other? You need to grow up. Saying you don't like a gay person is like me saying I hate all black people. I can't say that though can I? Because if I did everyone would think it was the end of the world. There should be no argument. Gays should have equal rights and be protected. Black people don't watch their children and live off welfare but gays actually take care of their kids and work hard yet don't have equal rights? Something is messed up. Also, he needs to be taken off the aid just as Paula Deen was unfairly.

203 days ago


Can we just leave the guy alone at this point? Its Paula Deen all over again. I'm sick of this

203 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

Why are those who give speeches about tolerance some of the most intolerant people when it comes to an opinion different from their own? Maybe if people want to live in a tolerant world, people should exhibit that same level of tolerance to those who verbally disagree with them. If that is something people aren't capable of showing to those whom disagree with them, why do they expect others to do a better job than they do? It isn't my business what people do in their lives, and it isn't my business to tell people what they can talk about. If people get offended to the point of wanting to destroy a person they have some serious self hate going on that they should address. People don't care what other people think or say when they are honestly comfortable with who they are. I'd rather see them figure out why they care so much about a random opinion than see them try to ruin the life of someone that made a comment.

203 days ago


Grow up are you people serious

203 days ago


It's right and wrong and what the bible say anus digging is wrong

203 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Phil needs to be protected from himself.
Perhaps A & E executives can schedule for Phil to take an openly gay person duck hunting.
He can then explain to him that being Gay doesn't necessarily lead to corning farm animals in the barn.

203 days ago
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