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'Duck Dynasty'

A&E Publicist MIA

When Phil Went Off On Gays!

12/20/2013 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you asked yourself "Where was the publicist?" when "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson went off on gays during his big interview with GQ magazine ... TMZ now has the answer ... the publicist was not there!

Sources very familiar with the situation tell us ... a publicist did indeed accompany Robertson to the interview -- per A&E's rigid PR policy -- and the interview took place in several locations.  When the GQ reporter and Phil hopped on ATVs, the publicist didn't come along for the ride.

We're told it was then the reporter apparently saw an opening and Phil made his incendiary anti-gay comments

It's pretty shocking ... because Phil is widely known as a loose cannon ... so it's a little like playing Russian Roulette to let him gallivant off with a reporter.



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Phil's way most honest than our own Pres.

309 days ago


Tmz you stupid ****s. He didn't go off on gays.

309 days ago


I have one guestion! If Phil guoted this from The Bible and it was considered Racial, Then Does that mean God the Man who wrote it was Racial Also. You don't hear people saying that now do you. My God leave the man alone its not like He killed anyone.

309 days ago


I take my hat off for the genius who made that MJ's favorite things animation video. It is hilarious!!!

309 days ago


Went off.? Umm no, he gave his opinion. der...

309 days ago


Interesting...what was the comment that Phil made...I don't happen to see what was said anywhere in this "quality" story bashing someone who spoke his beliefs...he never went off about the lgbt community...the real story should be about why it is ok for one side of the spectrum to be able to continue to produce completely biased reporting like this while someone who has religious conviction about the same matter to be publicly shamed for expressing those beliefs

309 days ago


So tired of the pc bullsh** You hurt my feelings...waaa waaa.....then leave me alone and don't associate with me.I don't ram my sexual preferences down your throat and I don't want you to try to make me accept yours.Keep your sexuality where it belongs.....between you and your partner.....not in my face

309 days ago


In what universe is it okay for a woman's vagina to be compared to a man's anus? Why are women defending this perv? And what is his basis for comparison?

309 days ago

Pillsbury Pancakes    

I just think it's refreshing that buttholes are in the media again. And to also tie in vaginas for the double whammy, and the bible for a trifecta?!? Brilliant!!

308 days ago


We have seen Paula Dean and Charlie Sheen in the same situations. Phil Robertson should have expected this. While you are under contract, you are expected to not say things that will send the sponsors into a tizzy. If they don't bring him back, there will be a boycott but if they do bring them back, the sponsors will leave A&E and the blacks and gays will boycott so what's the difference? I am a white hetrosexual and I liked the program but Phil was stupid to do this.

We will live without this show just as we will live without the Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad. A&E can not "give in" to one man who thought he was too big to fire.

308 days ago


Charlie, you are a complete have no idea what you are supporting. I remember when your drug induced rants were making headlines...and how thankful you should have been for anyone to print it. I supported your freedom of speech and I certainly support Phil Robertson's! And Charlie the gay community doesn't need your support, they need to find their own voice, they don't need someone speaking for them, they need to grow some, and speak for themselves. I fully support Phil's constitutional right to say anything he wants! Charlie, if you were smart, you would too!

308 days ago


A&E knew what Phil's religious beliefs were before the show originally aired. They knew. Stop trying to con the public into believing they're shocked over his comments...and Charlie, you are using this as an opportunity to get some attention again. I think it's sad and pathetic.

308 days ago


Those that disapprove or were offended by Phil Robertson’s statements in the GQ interview just don’t get it. I believe he is a true Christian. For each of you that disapprove or were offended, I believe, out of love and concern for you, he quoted the bible to offer you help. Compare it to him carrying you, a stranger, out of a burning building.

You might think Papa Robertson is now wishing he had not given the interview and shared those words. Just the opposite, I expect. If he lost all his possessions tomorrow, he would be just as happy, happy, happy. He has used his popularity to bring attention to Christ. He has got to be as excited as he has ever been for when he stands before God, as we all will, and say “yes Lord, I risked all those temporary things for You.”

308 days ago


Phil Robertson has every right to say that he hates n199ers and fa99ots just as A&E has every right to fire him because they disagree with that. End of story.

308 days ago

Keith Murphy    

The people who are complaining don't watch the program so its kinda funny that they would care except to control the speech. A&E you are a bunch of lady's private parts and are missing your man parts. People watch the program because they represent the largest part of the American people we pray at dinner and multiply times a day. I really think this is just a play to make it main stream as a cheap making plan. But Phil is real... Tired of watching some flaming neutral gender TV of freaks .
American Values work hard,pray hard and **** hard The 10% will only have 1.2 children compared to my 4 .9 so they will fade away. That why they have to control TV. bye bye . Phil ROCKS!!!!!!

307 days ago
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