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'Duck Dynasty'

A&E Publicist MIA

When Phil Went Off On Gays!

12/20/2013 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you asked yourself "Where was the publicist?" when "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson went off on gays during his big interview with GQ magazine ... TMZ now has the answer ... the publicist was not there!

Sources very familiar with the situation tell us ... a publicist did indeed accompany Robertson to the interview -- per A&E's rigid PR policy -- and the interview took place in several locations.  When the GQ reporter and Phil hopped on ATVs, the publicist didn't come along for the ride.

We're told it was then the reporter apparently saw an opening and Phil made his incendiary anti-gay comments

It's pretty shocking ... because Phil is widely known as a loose cannon ... so it's a little like playing Russian Roulette to let him gallivant off with a reporter.



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Puh-lease someone ask this man what he thinks about the Jews!!!!!

278 days ago


I went to High School with their publicist and we stayed friends for awhile... I wondered what role she had to play in this- especially knowing that she is (or at least was) not a Christian and definitely woudln't have agreed with what was said... that's all. Its just weird to see a headline on TMA about someone you grew up with.

278 days ago


Taco or hotdog? Phil likes taco. Get over it

278 days ago


Phil just needs to be more positive about how he describes the things he believes in. He should have just said that he is a BIGTIME supporter of heterosexuality, family values and Southern Baptist religion if that is what his church is. If the reporter kept on asking him questions and wanted specifics then he could have said he's PRO-VAGINA for guys and PRO-PENIS for women. Why not? Some country folks talk about sex like they are describing farm animals mounting each other in a field. That's just how they are.

I'm a big fan of vagina like 98% of the guys in the world is so not many people would have a problem with him saying that. If good looking, curvy women with jaw dropping erotic hot buttered muffins ever goes out of style then I want to move to a deserted island in the Pacific somewhere. Maybe I could colonize Mars and have a 20 to 1 ratio of hot looking women to guys. Vagina heaven. :)

278 days ago


Today a Muslim leader gave approval to burn homosexuals alive. How come there is no outrage over this? In Iran they regularly hang or decapitate men on rumor of being gay. Why no outrage against the Muslims and Islam, only against Christians?

278 days ago

pk kelly    

He is a good man,if you like playing with buttholes then that up to you,eat it as far as I am concerned,but as for me and 99% of us!we eat and procreate at the V..hope it's ok with you I said this..

278 days ago


Gay men have interior decorating and musical theater. Let us Hets have hunting and religion!

278 days ago


Such a complete farce on so many levels. First off, they are a bunch of yuppies acting like rednecks. Look it up. Secondly let's all remember what the bible (which I think is an enormous crock) says about rich men like these. "It's easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into heaven."

278 days ago


Gays are sensitive, because they are ashamed of their lifestyle choice. All of your ancestry up until this point were straight people, and you were the one that decided to be gay. Even if there were homosexual tendencies in the past they didn't act on them whole heartily or you would not be here.
Shame is the perfect explanation for all of this, because the more people around that do the same as you the less ashamed you are.
So gays have to convert as many other people to their lifestyle to make themselves feel better.
I had a good gay friend in the past, and she told me that she loved to try and have sex with straight people. If you ever go to Craigslist the board is full of gays trying to hook up with other gays and especially if they are straight. Gay=Disease.

278 days ago


You're really pushing this story for all you can aren't you! Wow someone who is known for being a homophobe said a homophobic comment who would have guessed? Have to write at least 10 articles on this!

278 days ago

twinkle toes    

I thought I saw the article... where did he go off on gays? If Phil is suspended then the publish/babysitter should be too. Can we all just get this stupid, ridiculous situation and move on! His about concentrating on how our government is screwing our military!

278 days ago


Come one, come all! The liberal circus has come to town and they will blow your imagination! Let them amaze you with their abilities to take things out of context and pull lies and offenses out of thin air! So heartbreaking, the world really IS full of mean, selfish, and ugly people.

278 days ago


Phil Robertson is the Ronald Reagan of the south.....only more intellectual.

278 days ago


Team Phil all the way.

278 days ago


I just read that Phil Robertson did get a degree in education and he taught school for a few years. That HARDLY makes him a yuppie. Certainly not in Louisiana.

Teachers don't get paid much so it is not surprising that he would want to change careers and get a business going. Growing the beards is all a part of their hunting supplies business I'm sure. They were "dressing the part" of hunters by looking like Daniel Boone trappers.

When you get as rich as the Robertsons you don't HAVE TO conform to the rest of society. You can wear whatever clothes you want, grow your beard long like the guys in "ZZ Top" and not shower for a week if you feel like it. Lots of people from the South like the Robertsons would probably do this if they could get away with it.

278 days ago
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