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'Duck Dynasty'

A&E Publicist MIA

When Phil Went Off On Gays!

12/20/2013 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you asked yourself "Where was the publicist?" when "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson went off on gays during his big interview with GQ magazine ... TMZ now has the answer ... the publicist was not there!

Sources very familiar with the situation tell us ... a publicist did indeed accompany Robertson to the interview -- per A&E's rigid PR policy -- and the interview took place in several locations.  When the GQ reporter and Phil hopped on ATVs, the publicist didn't come along for the ride.

We're told it was then the reporter apparently saw an opening and Phil made his incendiary anti-gay comments

It's pretty shocking ... because Phil is widely known as a loose cannon ... so it's a little like playing Russian Roulette to let him gallivant off with a reporter.



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Ranch Girl    

Phil is RIGHT! What he said is backed by the Bible. A&E shouldn't cower to political correctness. Whatever happened to the first amendment anyways? Are we not all allowed freedom of speech and conscience?

310 days ago


Wanna talk about disagreeing being hate to some people, just look at the vote for comments. You either like the comment or you hate it. You can't just dislike the comment, you must hate it. Grow up, there is a huge difference between disliking and hating.

310 days ago


C'mon TMZ change your vote preferences from like and hate to like and dislike. Why are you looking for hate in every post?

310 days ago


I bet you that a good percentage of the people who voted for Obama don't really care what Phil Robertson said all that much. There's MILLIONS of Democrats who are Christians you know. There's lots of them are in California. I hear that some of them tried to stop gay marriage there.

Some of the stuff Phil said was over the line though ... like the bestiality thing. He mainly just said that he's against homosexuality and he said vagina is way better than man ass.

Big freaking deal. Vagina is a smash hit. I seriously doubt that women will ever have to worry about not getting enough vaginal attention from guys. It's just a matter of how low a girl is able to lower her standards when it comes to a sex partner.

310 days ago

Layla Brown    

The part of the artical that makes him a true idiot, is when he said that African -Americans were happy back in the 40s and 50s, when they were second class citizens. He said they were happy and singing happy songs, not the blues. Where the hell does he think the blues came from? This man is too stupid to breath on his own!

310 days ago


Bottom line….as a Christian, I am offended by Christianphobic rants and the trashing and making fun of my beliefs and Jesus just about every time I turn on the tv. If I get offended, I turn the channel Gays are represented in almost every sitcom and drama. There is on ONE Christian family on tv, and it was inevitable they would be attacked. I knew it would happen especially after they proclaimed their faith. The industry is not going to have Christian values reaching the 12 million people so they have to attack the family. It's so obvious the GQ interview had an agenda from the beginning. Get him to talk about gays and blacks and then they will have the tools to bring the family down.

In reality, THE INDUSTRY DOES MORE DAMAGE TO BLACKS AND GAYS THAN THE ROBERTSON STATEMENTS. Most every sitcom that has gays in it makes fun of them, stereotypes them, but we are not supposed to stereotype in real life. Same with blacks on sitcoms and movies. They stereotype them make fun of them, have the men wear dresses, just look at Madea, Oh and another double standard. Julia Hough gets demonized for wearing black face when there is a movie called WHITE CHICKS where black men wear white face. There is and Indian boy Ravi on the Disney show Jesse who obviously dramatizes his accent and stereotypes Indian people. So the industry shoves stereotyping groups in our face, making fun of them and if anyone jokes about it in life, they are intolerant. The N word is used all over the music industry in our kids' ears, but if they say that word, they are biggots. THE INDUSTRY IS ONE BIG DOUBLE STANDARD .

310 days ago


If you believe that this "reality" show has an ounce of "reality" in it, then you believe in Santa Claus. It heavily scripted and staged (including cue cards), with about 10% ad lib. You guys will buy anything.

310 days ago


The gay mafia is getting really upset over this matter, maybe they forgot about free speech and religious liberties? What's going to happen when millions of people throughout this country turn on the gays, and gays free speech and other freedoms are silenced? It could get really ugly in 2014....and I promise you the gays are not going to win this war. The gays will be tossed right back in the closet.

310 days ago


So A &E knew what a douche this guy was .. so much so he couldn't possibly be trusted to speak when out in public on his own. But yeah lets' support him and his dumb ass opinions. F*ck him and f*uck that whole fake family.

310 days ago


Where is Honey Boo Boo's family when you need them?

310 days ago


Personally I find it odd that these people are still permitted to reproduce.

310 days ago


FreEDom of speech is long gone with so many ppl with a thin skin that you can't even disagree with them without getting in a big trouble and media humulliation. You can't change the belief of millions of ppl in a few years. Ppl want understanding towards gay people but gay people can't understand that most people don't agree with their life style.. you can't just expect that grandparents and older folks understand gay people and their life style ... Just go ask your gradparents. They were raise in a differnet way and they have strong religious beliefs that doesn't allow them to relate or see homosexuality in their religious beliefs that their lives are based on ... This man is the age of my grandparents and like him I don't expect them to understand how gay ppl feel when they are hurt or critized by others for their homosexuallity. I think that younger generations are more understanding and tolerant about gay people and their rights ... This is just so confusing for both sides ..

310 days ago


I'm baffled by the number of posters who don't seem to understand the concept if 'the right to free speech'. Is our country really that uneducated?

Here's a hint - is the big oaf in jail?

310 days ago


The problem is America has become to politically correct crazy. America wants everyone to think the same, feel the same, and love each other. That is never going to happen. Remember Paula Deen lost her tv show and sponsors for something she said over 25 years ago. No matter what you say you are going to offend someone. Bring back Phil.

310 days ago


Phil is who he is they knew that when they started the dam show.
He has complained about yuppies from day one and no one complained about that.
There is gay and black yuppies and a lot more colors and god knows what else.
You ****ing corporate ball babies what your scared about hurting someone one's feelings little late for that.

310 days ago
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