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French Montana

I'm Sleeping With Julius Caesar

12/20/2013 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

French Montana has added to his menagerie of exotic animals, with a gift that has a tendency to throw feces at you.

We got video of French and his new little friend ... an adorable baby monkey named Julius Caesar.

The monkey was a surprise gift from producer Mally Mall ... who presented the banana enthusiast to Montana on board his private jet.

We're told French has been bottle feeding JC ... and even slept with him last night.

FM is no stranger to wildlife. Earlier this year, he posted a picture of him holding two tiger cubs, with this caption: "Got so high last night bought 2 baby tigers."



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Jo Ann    

What a jerk!! I see that the black market is alive and well. I truly hope an investigation is started and all those involved, the poachers who probably killed the mothers of these young animals in order to capture them, the owners of the places where the animals were brought, caged and sold and this idiot and his producer who illegally bought these poor animals are all arrested and caged like these poor animals were. Harsher punishment must be created and enforced to stop these abominations of these precious, and sometimes endangered, animals.

273 days ago


COMPLETE MORON! You are the prime of example of why I hate humans. Leave animals where they belong. I hope these tigers grow up fast and eat him until just bones are left.

Exotic animals are not PETS, they are wild animals leave them in the wild.

I literally want to beat this dude to death.

273 days ago


Those are WILD animals not pets. What is wrong with these MORONS!

273 days ago


Such cute tigers. But wait until they get a little older. You will be what's next on the menu.

273 days ago


well it always turns out real well when a celebrity gets a pet…the more exotic the better right? And what a great idea, get totally stoned and then buy a living creature…what kind of place sells to these jerks?

273 days ago


Anyone believe he hasn't gotten those cubs high already? They are going to rip him to shreds.

273 days ago


This is why wildlife goes to extinction because of idiots that believe they are play things. The laws of the world need extreme change that makes it a felony and million dollar fines everywhere to own exotic animals that need to be left in the wild.

273 days ago

The Zombie    

I hope the tigers eat your tiny penis.

273 days ago


Where the he11 is animal control? You have to have wild life permits to possess exotic animals. THEY AREN'T PETS YOU CLUELESS DOLT. Those cubs are too young to be apart from the mother - how about reporting the person who sold them???

273 days ago


Tigers are not fashion accessories, @$$clown.

273 days ago


Lol all u sound ignorant... If he was white it would've been fine but sense he's a black rapper he shouldn't have them? If that's the case boycott every zoo or marina. Lol u all sound stupid. He has the money he could hire a trainer to "care for them" properly

273 days ago


Lol whites love to find something to be outraged about...

273 days ago


Who the hell is French Montana? Never heard of him. Take the tigers back to their mother where they belong, moron!!

273 days ago


Please don't breed and keep wildlife. It's a no-win for everyone in the long run.

273 days ago


You dumb ass piece of ****t. WILD ANIMALS BELONG IN THE WILD! I hope they bite your ass you MITCH!!!!!!!

273 days ago
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