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Steve Harvey

Cleared of Horrendous Child Abuse Allegations

12/20/2013 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Steve Harvey
 was accused by his ex-wife and 11-year-old son of brutally beating the boy ... but Harvey's rep tells TMZ the comedian has been cleared.

A judge found Mary Harvey in contempt Thursday and sent her to jail for leaking sealed information about the alleged incident to the media. 

As for the incident ... according to a police report -- obtained by TMZ -- Mary claims Steve got a phone call from the boy's school informing him his son lied about turning in homework.  According to the kid, Steve hit him with a belt and then a paddle board -- the kind used for hazing in fraternities.

According to the police report ... cops took photos of the boy's injuries, showing bruises on his buttocks and right thigh, as well as cuts on his leg.  The police report says the boy told cops, the beating was so brutal he had trouble urinating for days. 

The matter was then referred to the Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services.  Steve's rep tells TMZ, the Dept. concluded, "Based on the information obtained, the child does not appear to be at risk ... the case is closed without further investigation."

Mary believes that it's all a cover-up, and she's been on a campaign for several years to expose him.  But yesterday the judge had enough and felt she violated the protective order in the case and threw her in jail for 30 days.


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Wow, never will have guessed that Steve is that kind of guy. It just shows that we never know who these celebrities are. I am all for corporal punishment, but not so that there are bruises and the boy can't pee. That's definitely abuse.

251 days ago


This is disgusting! The kid had evidence of abuse and even said he was beaten and yet they determine that he is not at risk and just throw the mother in jail for leaking it to the media! The judge must have been paid off by that sleazeball Harvey. I hope the mother keeps taking her son to the cops everytime Harvey abuses him so he won't be able to have contact with him anymore. Harvey is the one who should be in jail.

251 days ago


I know she probably still hurt. You have got to move on with life.

251 days ago

Black Adam    

There is always a conspiracy when a bitter Black Woman is trying to take a Black Man's Chips.

251 days ago


You can't believe a word that comes out of anybody's mouth anymore. Who ever is wrong in this is a real head case. If I was a friend of either I'd distance myself from them both because you have a 50% chance you're hanging out with a really crazy person.

251 days ago

Your moms jump off    

That kid got his ass beat, good!!! More kids should be beat like this.. Prevents ****ing morons... That's what that bitch for trying to dime on a responsible father... If it wasn't true that bitch wouldn't be in jail...

251 days ago


Its nice to know that "famous" people can brutalize a child and get away with it. And by nice I mean disgusting.

251 days ago


Good job Steve Harvey. We need more parents to really discipline their children, maybe then crime rates will go down and there wouldn't be as many entitled brats.

And for the whiny progressives, a whooping is a whole lot different than a beating..

251 days ago


I was a fan at one point, but have seen multiple incidents where people said he was not a very nice person. Disappointing because he always comes across as a great guy.

251 days ago

Scott Levy    

Wow, so Steve's basically the new Bing Crosby? I had a feeling the whole Christian thing was an act.

251 days ago


Seriously? The kid is bruised and tells the cops he's been abused, and they send his mother to jail for exposing it?? Are they high? WTF?

251 days ago


I beleive this woman. She would not go to such lengths if this was not true. What a lowlife Steve Harvey.

251 days ago


Okay, so, this was a few years ago when this happened and the child was 11. How about the now 13 year old speaks up and either clears his father? Something stinks in this, then again folks, this is Texas where they just cleared a drunk driving teenager who killed four pedestrians because he grew up privileged. Go figure huh? I guess that's cryptic speak for my father's has a ton of money and paid off the judicial system. pfffttttt.

251 days ago


Clearly the child was telling the truth. Just because the investigation is now closed does not mean the abuse did not occur. Also, take in account the matter was sealed from the public.
Steve is trying to protect his fake image for the public. What you do in the dark will come to light.

251 days ago

david 183    

Now tell us where the bruises came from. Thanks

251 days ago
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