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'Duck Dynasty' Family

Threatens to Walk ... A&E Screwed

12/20/2013 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Phil Robertson's family is in solidarity ... they're not doing "Duck Dynasty" without him, and now A&E has a huge problem. It's the biggest cable reality show ever ... and if the Robertsons walk, they could lose several hundreds of THOUSAND dollars!

Plus, Kim Kardashian was near tears because she said people were focusing on her body too much -- so why in the world is she parading around in a bikini for setup photos???

And, French Montana is the latest celebrity to get a monkey as a pet -- and pisses off a lot of people in the process.



(0:00) "Duck Dynasty" family unites -- they're not gonna do the show without Phil ... and A&E is screwed.
(6:00) Shaunie O'Neal and Shaq at war over putting their kids on reality TV.
(10:00) Admitted addict Matthew Perry goes to war with a British journalist who doesn't think addiction is real.
(15:00) Kim K's white bikini pics ... Photoshopped as well?
(18:00) Walter Mitty's video promotion money all goes to relief in the Philippines -- we're joined by the guy who talked the movie's producers into letting him spend it that way.
(24:00) French Montana's new pet monkey has the newsroom up in arms.
(29:00) Kate Winslet threatens to sue after "Fathers4Justice" use her to prove a point over child custody.
(32:00) Casey Kasem's daughter joins us to give a grim outline of the time she was finally allowed to spend with him ... and how guns were involved.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Chris Brown -- bailing on rehab for a toy drive.

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Why is Duck Dynasty the most popular reality show ever? I don't get it. Are there that many rednecks in this country? I guess so. I would rather watch old episodes of The Osbournea personally

284 days ago

Flying Blind    

1st story is current news and the rest looks like filler, short day for me.

284 days ago

john flynn    

How about reporting Phil's comments on black American plus his comments on gay American then you won't be so upset about his pulled from the show Do your job TMZ

284 days ago


several hundreds of THOUSAND dollars!

Could you hire a third grader to proof your posts????

284 days ago


To answer the Kim K. question...because she's a vain, vapid, waste of space. with nothing between her ears . That's why.

284 days ago


OH NO! One less "reality" show on TV!! Whatever shall we do?

While I dont agree with Mr Robertsons viewpoint he HAS the right to express his beliefs. Apparently anything thats not PC is now viewed as "hate speech"?

Gimme a ****ing break.

284 days ago


Just "several hundreds of THOUSAND dollars?"....that's it? For the highest rated reality tv show ever, one would think it would be millions.

284 days ago


i love tmz live!!!

284 days ago


hundreds of thousands?....try millions!!!

284 days ago


They're already millionaires before the show. They have a profitable duck call business. They don't need the money.

284 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

I haven't seen the show at all, but no matter what the ratings and profits are there's a line that's drawn when someone who's under a private contract can say. This is neither an issue of religious beliefs, as Rush Limbaugh has said, nor is it an issue of Freedom of Speech as Sarah Palin stupidly said, neither is it as easy as changing the channel as Bobby Jindal suggested if someone didn't like this.
There's no room for Hate Speech in a modern and ever evolving society, no matter what and copping out with other arguments besides that of a civil agreement between A&E and these people, is just plain political spin to come across a certain group of constituents.
The next step is to boycott the sponsoring brands who are backing them, unless they wish to become the newest Chick-Fil-A in corporations which stand by homophobic spokespeople.

284 days ago


what about that? quoting the Bible is "hate speech".

284 days ago


Ask Phil what he thinks about monkeys..

284 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

French Montana has the same relationship with the monkey as Harvey has with Fat Mike

284 days ago


If the monkey misbehaves you spank the monkey..

284 days ago
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