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12/21/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Rough week for the "Duck Dynasty" ducklings ... A&E's taking a lot of heat for sacking Phil Robertson.  So we gotta ask ...


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Slow day here in Polska. Scammers to actual posts: 90/10.

305 days ago


Why does the brainwashing media so pro-gay and are militantly intolerant of those who have a different view on it? I am against all hatred of people, but I have the choice and option in the USA to believe what I want to believe! That is why I do not watch TV anymore and have control over the internet to watch what I want to watch without all the gay and political propaganda on TV.

305 days ago


Tmz Miley hoe Cyrus haz a hoing video on one of the tax angels page (tazzangelsRuby) . She at a club hoing

305 days ago


Phil doesn't "secretly" hate gays...He's been pretty damn up front about it.

305 days ago


"A deeper scrutinization of the TMZ poll "Lindsay Lohan: Music career - Good move or Pipe Dream?" revealed interesting numbers, particularly those who selected "Good Move" The opposing vote tally swiftly crashed TMZ's Toshiba server, resulting - of course - in [Technical difficulties]. INJUSTICE!!!!

Chief Gall - 1,140 votes
Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever - 1,255 votes
Susan - 66 votes
Richardwwww - 212 votes
Tomax - 175 votes
"Guest" - 1 vote

305 days ago


38% of people agree with Phil on gays?! holy sh*t that's sad. sometimes i forget how many people in the world suck.

304 days ago

Kanye Kardashian    

When will TMZ start adding the "Don't care" option to these polls?

304 days ago


Haha!! I love all the people who "supported" Phil in the poll, yet didn't say he secretly hated gays, because they knew that meant they do too! ahaha! I LOVE hypocrites!!!

304 days ago


**** the gays nasty bitches

304 days ago


Don't believe taking **** in the ass for sick pleasure is right it's just ****ing nasty

304 days ago


wow the double standards at tmz.......mel & michael richards can't get a break, yet it's "poor Paula, poor Phil" amongst others. should at least try to be consistent.
They're ALL racists

304 days ago


Because the **** is wrong the end of the world is coming sooner than expected because of the ass ****ers and ***** eaters

304 days ago


watch out charlie....your comments regarding someone else's business might go over in LA, but here in bayou country, out gators get awful hungry his time of are messin' with the wrong people......better think twice before your ego gets in the way of your common sense......let this one go man......

304 days ago


Women still don't have the same rights as man and gay people want to be treated like they are royals??? Get back to earth you are delusional if you people think our society has unicorns as pets and rainbows every day of their lives!!! Women have been fighting for equality for centuries .. you coukdnt even vote or own a piece of land and even today women suffer abuse from man ... So now gay people are gaining numbers and think that the world is going to hange it's way to make them feel accepted and respect their life choices mm. Well reality check they will not welcome your new points of view in equality and to respect your sexual choices.. this world and society is cold and hard it has been like that from centuries , you can't just change something in a blink of an eye ... Grow some balls and move on !! The Robertson family doesnt need fame and in contrast with us, regular working class , they have a successful business worth millions . Hate and insult them for their culture and physical apperance... Because at the end of the day they can look like clowns and no one can say anything to them because they are their own board and don't have to follow the pretty stylish Hollywood style of brand name clothes or anorexic looking people with just apparences... Just tired of hearing this absurd article ... He has the right to say whatever he wants .. it's his opinion ..

304 days ago


We are making it illegal to believe in the Bible. If you don't believe in God, fine. Don't attack people that do. Every one is attacking Phil, they are the ones wrong. Every one should live the way they want. Try to be kind to each other,Do on to others as you want them to treat you. Right?

304 days ago
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