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Steve Harvey

Tried to Strong Arm Wife

About Child Abuse Claims

12/21/2013 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1220-tmz-steve-harveySteve Harvey tried to pressure his ex-wife into making a mea clupa ... that she lied when she claimed he brutally beat their son ... so she claims.

Steve Harvey's lawyer wrote a letter for Mary Harvey to sign -- obtained by TMZ -- in which she says she made up the allegation that Steve beat their 11-year-old son with a belt and paddle.  

The letter reads in part, "I have to deal with that [the lie] and answer to God for my behavior."  

The letter goes on, "I know that you love our son and would do anything legal to protect him.  You are a loving father."

As for Steve's effort to keep the allegations under wraps, the letter goes on to say, "I realize that you sought the sealing of the record as a measure to protect our son from a lot of unnecessary anxiety from his peers and others and to protect us as a unit from a media frenzy."

Mary refused to sign the letter and their war continued ... ending this week with a judge throwing Mary in jail for leaking documents to the media.

As for Steve ... authorities cleared him of the child abuse charges.


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It's interesting that by getting her locked up, his abusiveness and some of his shady business is now being exposed.

309 days ago


she refused to sign the letter is clear indication , she was telling the truth and was NOT about to lie to protect his image .
She is in jail because she refused to sign the false letter stating she had lied.
Good for you Mary. Stand on principle

309 days ago


Someone will always try to beat you down when your on the top!! Keep your head up Mr & Mrs. Steve Harvey !! Merry Christmas and a better New Year for us all :)

309 days ago


As a woman, making up child abuse cases just to get back at an ex is pure evil. The only one who is hurt is the child being put through interrogations and harassment. She should be jailed for eternity, because of stupid woman like her the courts don't take real child abuse cases seriously until the child is found dead. Sad.

309 days ago


no he is not a pedo..... but he is gay..and closet... him and oprah need to come out .. STEVE HARVEY HAS MANAGE TO GET SUPPORT OF HIS FEW FANS ... WHICH MOST ARE IN HIS SMALLL AUDIENCE ..BLACK MEN DIPISE HIM CAUSE HE ALWAYS triyng to lower black men saying most are deadbeat dads he really is dead beat ....look how he beat his sonand lied on mary ....IWILL BE SO GLAD WHEN HE IS OUTTA . .. MOST DONT WANT TO BELIEVE A TIGHT SUIT WEARING , MARRIED ,CELEBRITIE COULD SLIPP THROUGH THE CRACKS? HE HAS .... LOOK HOW HE PARADES AROUND IN ALL THEM COLORS ... MARY REALLY COULD HAVE DONE DAMAGE THAT HE COULD NOT HAVE PAYED OFF NO BODY...... SHE just picked the wrong subject lol

309 days ago


how come people AROUND THE US JUST START TO SEE HOW TWISTED TEXAS JUSTICE SYSTEM IS . LOOK AT THE WAY they allowed dion sander , belittle his wife . lie on her and then hit her then get the kids custody DUH.... TEXAS IS ABOUT MONEY ...THAT IS WHY STEVE DOWNLOW HARVEY LIVES IN AN DIFFERENT STATE AND MARY LIVES IN TEXAS .SO SHE WAS DOOMED ..NOW ALL YOU IGNORANT ...singel women who bought his book. can you for one day see how dum it is to take advice from this BIG LIP BIG NOSE ... TEXAS LAWYER PAY OFF DOWNLOW !! HE BEAT HIS SON, SCARED HIM INTO AGAINST MARY ... and manipulated mary which did not work... maryt cant get a decent attorney cause ,texas lawyers are gay like mr harvey and the rest are racist... includeing the old money chasing judges . ...dallas texas is a real racist city ... anyway i moved due to racist cops beatin up on blacks all the time .... dallas court handle steve harvey and gay asss deon sanders devorces .... i hope tracy edmonds will open up her ignorant eyes and see who deon sanders is .... steve harve ole money chasin wife ..dont care .... she was in it for the gold anyway.... mary if she wanted to tell something on him she could have outted him ..about his gay acitivitie with his friends tyler perry and donnie mclurkin god knows they are gay.... steve ought threaten some of those insiders that will soon be outting him anyway with his candy girl suits with color ties lol... how gay is that>? if you notice he tries to sound like a woman on his show and he is afraid of things that women are afraid of usually and he only beat his son cause his son called him out ... you know gays dont like their man hood challenged .!!

309 days ago


I guess no one can discipline a lying child now without getting accused of child abuse.

308 days ago


Do you get more air if you dont botton up your shirt all the way?

308 days ago


Isn't this the unfunny guy who cheated on his wife and then wrote a book about how to make a marriage work? What a loser.

308 days ago

Gsharon 710    

I will never forget what he did to Bernie M.
I have nothing good to say about a backstabbing , cheating AH.

308 days ago

Charles J Stecker Jr    

Injustice has been duly served.

Justice is Cloaked in a Cape of Obscurity.

The Guilty Walk Free while the Victims are Scarlet Lettered

308 days ago


Men abusing the women and the court system allowing the men to keep abusing via court system. Perhaps media should expose the truth. Courts are hiding facts and what's currently taking place. Hey TMZ go talk to mothers who are fit parents loosing their children due to the use of basied court evaluators. Many mothers in LA and Riverside are having children removed and custody given to the abuse parent. Because the mother tells of abuse the court says the mother is alienating the children and then is given NO contact for years. Do your research TMZ. Expose this injustice.

308 days ago

I love tha haters!!!    

Who knew....if its so old y bring it up now....and ir steves keeping him f4om yer maybe the mom is the 1 hittin him.... jus sayin.. theres always 2 sides...

308 days ago

I love tha haters!!!    

** from her

308 days ago


I believe her I know how biased the legal system can be it is horrendous here in Chicago

308 days ago
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