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Cracker Barrel

We Know How the Wind Blows

Phil's Products are Back

12/22/2013 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Cracker Barrel execs have cracked after just one day ... lifting their ban on Phil Robertson's merchandise ... and it's the ultimate hypocrisy.

A CB rep now says the company had no choice but to cave after "Duck Dynasty" fans blasted them via email, phone and social media. 

Cracker Barrel decided to pull the products because it was so concerned about "equal treatment of all people" and "mutual respect."  In other words, they felt Phil was loathsome.

But so much for principles when the almighty dollar gets in the way.  Cracker Barrel now says, "You told us we made a mistake and you weren't shy about it ... you flat out told us we were wrong." 

And this is precious ... They say, "We apologize for offending you."

So here's the upshot.  On Saturday Cracker Barrel apparently felt Phil had offended gays and that's why they took a stand.  But 24 hours later they realized a bigger problem than offending gays is offending customers who pay for CB stuff.

So now the CB rep took the position the company should have taken in the first place:  "We respect all individuals' rights to express their beliefs."

How do CB execs move from office to office ... hard to do when you don't have a spine.


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Mr. Duck was asked his opinion. He gave it. It's not like he was pontificating on TV like Martin Brashir. He didn't say a word except when asked. Anyone who has a problem with Mr. Duck is themselves intolerant. I support gay marriage, but I also support Mr. Duck's right to give his opinion WHEN ASKED ... AND HE WAS ASKED. Any backlash against Mr. Duck is ignorant.

307 days ago


Flip floppers

307 days ago


Look at the real hypocrisy, TMZ doesn't like that someone has a different opinion or belief system or lifestyle of differing beliefs, yet they expect everyone to agree to the lifestyle choices of others, all the while they themselves don't.

See the hypocrisy TMZ, if you are going to point a finger calling someone a hypocrite, check your own first.

You are not above others or better then either.

307 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Wait for it...A&E will cave, too. The number of viewers is ultimately all that counts. And it is doubtful DD had much of a gay following.

307 days ago


They did what they should of done from the beginning not picked a side left all the way it is and keep doing business

307 days ago


People are sick and tired of being bullied by Glaad. Who the hell do they think they are trying to erase biblical truth from being expressed. And at Christmas, a holiday that in their hypocrisy theyre celebrating. They should rename themselves S.A.D. Suck a dick.

307 days ago


I appreciate a company that can right a wrong. It's not about saving face, they shouldn't have taken a stand in the first place. Whether they sell DD products or not, that decision should not be based on actions initiated by GLAAD.

The only one without a spine in the room is TMZ, the parasite that totally lives on the lives and efforts of others. Running the nude photoshopped photo of Korie Robertson is sick and shows your true black heart.

307 days ago

Trish Kerwin    

Well at least someone knows what truth is....

307 days ago

the truth    

they know their red neck audience..real ever been in one..fat and country is a under statement

307 days ago


Never been to a Cracker Barrel but
aren't they always adjacent to a truck stop?
Just how large of a fabulous clientele could they have?

307 days ago


When did Cracker Barrel ever become gay friendly?? They have a long history of sexual, racial, and sexual orientation discrimination. It's no surprise they put back out the merchandise. It was probably only pulled to gain attention that they do carry the items and to create some free advertising for crap they couldn't sell to begin with. I mean, don't you want to get everyone you know a dynasty chia pet for the holidays now?

307 days ago


Why oh why is the country giving so much attention to a man who only takes a bath twice a year to begin with???

307 days ago


I guess you can turn around and let them know what you think more than the fans did and see if they crack again. Or just shut up.

307 days ago

Mike L    

A&E is gonna do the same thing. Screw the farggots, money is more important than some sissys feelings.

307 days ago


ohh harvey get over yourself, man you gay dudes get butt hurt so easily "no pun attended"

307 days ago
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