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Cracker Barrel

We Know How the Wind Blows

Phil's Products are Back

12/22/2013 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Cracker Barrel execs have cracked after just one day ... lifting their ban on Phil Robertson's merchandise ... and it's the ultimate hypocrisy.

A CB rep now says the company had no choice but to cave after "Duck Dynasty" fans blasted them via email, phone and social media. 

Cracker Barrel decided to pull the products because it was so concerned about "equal treatment of all people" and "mutual respect."  In other words, they felt Phil was loathsome.

But so much for principles when the almighty dollar gets in the way.  Cracker Barrel now says, "You told us we made a mistake and you weren't shy about it ... you flat out told us we were wrong." 

And this is precious ... They say, "We apologize for offending you."

So here's the upshot.  On Saturday Cracker Barrel apparently felt Phil had offended gays and that's why they took a stand.  But 24 hours later they realized a bigger problem than offending gays is offending customers who pay for CB stuff.

So now the CB rep took the position the company should have taken in the first place:  "We respect all individuals' rights to express their beliefs."

How do CB execs move from office to office ... hard to do when you don't have a spine.


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Glaad is having its man ass handed to it

306 days ago


One only has to look at the hate in these comments to know why organizations like GLAAD exist. The comments are also the reason we will always swiftly go after bigots and expose them to the world.

306 days ago


See folks it works both ways. GLAAD feels it can bully people into sharing their views but it doesnt work that way. What they didnt realize is they woke up millions of sleeping giants. GLAAD is free to have its Hetrophobic and Christophobic views but they are not free to bully businesses around. Cracker Barrel was a litmus test, no longer will companies fear GLAAD they will go with what they know is right and in this case it is right to stand up for someones religious views, regardless if they agree or disagree.

306 days ago

Comment king     

He did not say anything that Offended me really. I am a ***got myself. I am only speaking for myself. This year I am buying a Duck Call to blow in the New Year. At a gay night club of course.

306 days ago


They listened to their customers. Seems okay to me.

306 days ago


guess they figured out this is a PR stunt to sell more items. Made $400 million with this stunt..both companies...SMH how many people bought into this.

306 days ago


This is what happens when you react before thinking.A good lesson to be learned by all.With the knee jerk reaction that has become commonplace these days..society has gone down the tubes.Social media has caused a lot of problems.People no longer have filters....they type before they think.Cracker Barrel at least had the courage to admit they were wrong...even though it is not for the reason we wish it was.THINK BEFORE YOU COMMENT it just takes a minute.

306 days ago


It's funny because the CB in Michigan, years ago, were protested for not"knowingly" hiring gay & lesbian workers. HYPOCRITES!

306 days ago


What is funny cb seemed to want to be politically correct by pulling Duck Dynasty products, but continued to carry Duck Commander products. Phil gets paid 100% for Duck Commander merchandise and only partial for Duck Dynasty stuff. So the only one they were really hurting by pulling the products was a&e which works for me.

306 days ago


These comments on tmz, really makes me more aware of all the evil hateful people in this world. It's really sad.

306 days ago

True American    

Dear TMZ staff - you are completely deluded here, as are all who think this way. If you were not in such denial yourself and a little more spiritually and intellectually honest, you would recognize that the exact same reason and exact same accusation you have leveled here to suit your own preference and your own agenda is why it normally tends to go the other way to begin with and why the whole trend in general has been going more that way for a while now, not because of noble devotion to principle, virtue, or higher motives. (Have you already forgotten how different things used to be here at home, already forgotten how advertisers were quite happy to blackball someone like Martina Navrotilova, for example, because of what was most popular at the time? Sure, some may have had a genuine degree of change of heart, but you are kidding yourself if you think it's that much so as to have changed the basic equation here as to how things work and why businesses act this way or that.) For any who do realize this, though, that also represents pure hypocrisy if they still persist in the kind of statement you have published here...Think about it. I suspect some of you are likely to get it whether you admit it or not, including your great leader whom I've seen on your show a few times. Once in a fairly rare while I catch a few minutes or more of your show, nothing against any of you personally but this whole subject has been bad and a bad sign of the times.

306 days ago

Duke Steele    

Funny how when blacks or gays have something negative to say about white people or straight people that theres no controversy because its freedom of speech. But, if a white person says something about either, even just a matter of fact statement, its hate speech, racist and they should be shot. Just saying.

306 days ago


Really?! How many of the old farts in your restaurant and store are sincerely complaining?! because you know how old people love wasting money on reality tv merchandising.

306 days ago


"...Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences." ~Jay Reed

We can all say what we want to say and feel how we want to feel, but we should not be too surprised when others exercise the same right in opposition. If some of us just take a moment to speak responsibly, we would be doing our part to make the world we live in a better place, instead of filling it with more hate-speak that achieves nothing but stomping on the spirit of another human being. Just because you can say something, does not always mean that you should. Those who do so anyway, really are the ones who suffer from true entitlement issues.

306 days ago


Oh my goodness people. A vegetarian can have lunch with a meatlover stuffing their face with a bacon double cheeseburger right??? Yes! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As long as you treat the people whose beliefs and ways are different than yours the same way you would treat a friend, with respect and kindness, there's no problem. The world is full of very different people and thank God it is or we would all live very boring dull lives. No one can say a damn thing these days without someone saying they offended this or that person or group or religion. If you respect someone they will respect your opinion and beliefs.

306 days ago
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