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Cracker Barrel

We Know How the Wind Blows

Phil's Products are Back

12/22/2013 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Cracker Barrel execs have cracked after just one day ... lifting their ban on Phil Robertson's merchandise ... and it's the ultimate hypocrisy.

A CB rep now says the company had no choice but to cave after "Duck Dynasty" fans blasted them via email, phone and social media. 

Cracker Barrel decided to pull the products because it was so concerned about "equal treatment of all people" and "mutual respect."  In other words, they felt Phil was loathsome.

But so much for principles when the almighty dollar gets in the way.  Cracker Barrel now says, "You told us we made a mistake and you weren't shy about it ... you flat out told us we were wrong." 

And this is precious ... They say, "We apologize for offending you."

So here's the upshot.  On Saturday Cracker Barrel apparently felt Phil had offended gays and that's why they took a stand.  But 24 hours later they realized a bigger problem than offending gays is offending customers who pay for CB stuff.

So now the CB rep took the position the company should have taken in the first place:  "We respect all individuals' rights to express their beliefs."

How do CB execs move from office to office ... hard to do when you don't have a spine.


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Pretty obvious they realized their clientele catered more to the redneck crowd than the gay crowd. No matter what your view on the issue is I think we can agree the people running Cracker Barrel have no interest in doing what is right (either condemning Phil or supporting him depending on your views) just what makes them money.

305 days ago


Duke you are absolutely right... They want freedom to live how they live an freedom of speech but don't give others the same freedom. Ridiculous...

305 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

Just for that Duck Dynasty should pull the plug on Cracker Barrel

305 days ago


Cracker Barrel; appropriately named!!

305 days ago


This isn't the first time Cracker Barrel has sided against Race or Equality.

305 days ago


I like how this little article has no signature, whos spineless author, dumass.

305 days ago


"...Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences." ~Jay Reed

We can all say what we want to say and feel how we want to feel, but we should not be too surprised when others exercise the same right in opposition. If some of us just take a moment to speak responsibly, we would be doing our part to make the world we live in a better place, instead of filling it with more hate-speak that achieves nothing but stomping on the spirit of another human being. Just because you can say something, does not always mean that you should. Those who do so anyway are the ones who suffer from true entitlement issues.

305 days ago


Good for Cracker Barrel.

305 days ago


Didn't know Harvey was gay for real. Thought y'all were just speculating. That explains why he bashes anyone who remote disagrees with anything gay related.

305 days ago


by the looks of most of the responses here, This will not bode well for Cracker Barrel in the long run. It would appear that most of the Haters and Bigots posting here are Cracker Barell customers. Leaves a sour taste in my mouth!

305 days ago


Cracker Barrel has a long history of being anti-gay -- to this is not surprise. I guess there's still a large enough herd of antediluvians out there willing to eat their sh*t.

305 days ago

Po Dunk    

Looks kind of like as long as professing Christians don't cross the "homosexuality is a sin" line they can possibly be tolerated,overlooked or left alone kinda. He was asked his opinion in an interview right? If you (are?) a Christian you don't have the freedom or privilege to say a sin is not a sin just because you don't like it, understand it or disagree no matter what that sin may be. Just goes to prove how much Christianity & Christians are hated it seems.

305 days ago

R. Arambula    

Cracker Barrel was hypocritical, but then realized they made a colossal mistake in terms of civil rights and corrected it...."Freedom" of expression will always (and should ) trump special, "interest rights"...

305 days ago


Cracker Barrel is a joke...bad food, tacky merchandise, and now horrible ethics. No one has said he doesn't have a right to say whatever he wants. But people and companies with heart should shun such verbal behavior. He is an abomination for what he said.

305 days ago


I like that stat given elsewhere about the homosexuals being less than 2% of our country. This is a democracy and the majority wins. You lose homosexuals, you lose.

305 days ago
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