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'Duck Dynasty'

Other Networks Circle Like Sharks

If A&E Passes, We're In!

12/22/2013 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Duck Dynasty" will NOT go homeless if A&E decides to pull the plug ... TMZ has learned, at least two other networks are salivating at the chance to pick up the popular reality show.

The owner of the popular Christian-affiliated Hunt Channel -- a guy named Merrill Sport -- tells TMZ, he'd pick up DD in a heart beat ... and would beam the show straight to its most loyal viewers: sportsmen and Christians.

He says, "We believe in the 2nd amendment and freedom of speech ... A&E needs to put on their big boy pants, and if they don't like the programming, they need to either let [DD] go or shut up and pay them."

Sports adds, "A&E is too scripted. [Hunt Channel] would let the personalities flow."

Rusty Faulk, CEO of the outdoorsy Pursuit Channel agrees, telling us Pursuit is 100% interested in grabbing DD if A&E takes a pass. Rusty adds, "We don't censor our personalities."

Even if DD comes to an end on A&E, we're told its contract with the family provides they couldn't do another show for a certain period of time.


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I think we all saw that coming. Right?

284 days ago


CMT and Tom Arnold say thank you!!

284 days ago


Hunt Club TV? Yeaahhh, you guys married "up". Enjoy anonymity fukers!

284 days ago

Double Bubble    

Their fans will wait until they are back on the air no matter how long they have to wait out their contract before going to another network. If they stay with A&E they should all get big pay raises for being treated the way they are..

284 days ago


I've never heard of either of those channels...

284 days ago


A hunt channel???? Only in America *facepalm*

284 days ago


Who and who?

284 days ago


To think that either of these two unheard of channels would secure DD is ABSURD. I'm very glad A & E has a backbone when it comes to filthy old men spewing hatred and showing the world they are HOMOPHOBES. I don't care who this azzhat is. He sickens me.

284 days ago



I stand behind the ducks~!

I know what the man said is very offensive to some but it is genuine. I respect them for being themselves. They are real in a world full of phonies.


284 days ago

Tammy LM    

Those are not big time cable channels. If they were to switch to another network, it should be CMT, TLC, DISCOVERY, or SPIKE.

284 days ago

who cares    

I am a atheist and i watch this show, there little prayer at the end of the night to me is like the waltons saying goodnight. I dont totally share all his views but they are just that. And he has the right to freedom of speech without retribution. It's not like he talked about harming or killing anyone.... Heck the airwaves are full of b rated so called stars that are far worse and not only that most of them have felonies... At least this reality series is wholesome and family oriented. Rather then self centered childish drama over guys and trashy reality stars that dress like hookers.

284 days ago


Guys if you leave A&E please go to whatever network that family with 19 kids is on and hunt them, that would be some must see tv right there.

284 days ago


Everyone can say what they feel an its cool just dont black cuz then its racist.

284 days ago


So Merrill Sport believes in freedom of speech, then tells A&E that they have to "shut up." Way to embrace the double-standard.

I guess he's yet another idiot who doesn't understand that "freedom of speech" doesn't mean "freedom from facing the consequences for the dumb crap you say."

When the government comes in and arrests Phil for what he said, THEN you can start talking about free speech. But that's not happening, BECAUSE HE HAS FREE SPEECH. His first amendment rights are intact. He hasn't lost one bit of his freedom. And neither has A&E.

What has happened is that the "free market" that the right wing loves so much has spoken, and they don't like the outcome so they're trying to make it about something that it is not.

I won't be watching Duck Dynasty no matter what channel it lands on, if it lands anywhere at all. That's my own personal "free speech" statement. They're free to air it, and I'm just as free to refrain from watching it.

284 days ago

BB not bb    

I feel like A&E broke the contract and these guys should be free to leave at wail. A&E does not support them in good faith. They are doing a lot of dirty things to them like censoring out the name Jesus from their prayers. Now they are singling out their father as a bad guy for no reason.

A&E plays very dirty. It is clear that they are biased against the Christian faith and will resort to lies and manipulation to suppress it. A few gay crew members were gong to kill themselves because they heard Phil quote the Bible? Give me a break.

I don't really get A&E shows anyway. They must appeal to a certain psychological trigger. Like with Hoarders, how much of that can you take watching? It seems like the same story over and over. I watched it a few times to scare me into cleaning my house, but now I have no use for it.

284 days ago
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