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Charlie Sheen

to Denise Richards:

You're a Heartless, Ugly Hag

12/23/2013 7:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Denise just responded to the story via Twitter ...

Charlie Sheen
has declared nuclear war on his ex-wife Denise Richards ... blasting her as a "heartless" and "ugly" hag who's holding their children hostage.

Sheen just blasted Richards ... again ... this time, he's furious that Denise won't let their children visit him to exchange Christmas gifts.

Charlie expressed his anger in a series of texts ... saying, "lemme see if I got this straight; you won't even spring the girls for 30 mins, from the 10 mil house I gave you, (100 yds away) to come down and open the gifts their dad bought them before they leave??"

"I hope your stocking is  bronze-age coal stuffed along with an assortment of 8x10's of yours so you can see how despicable and heartlessly ugly you and your fermented soul continue to be."

He added, "hash tag. hag shag."

Charlie also says despite the fact Denise won't let him see the kids, she had the "audacity" to ask him to borrow his private jet to go on the big family trip that she banned him from.

Charlie says he went to Denise's home to plead with her to change her mind and to deliver gifts to the kids, but was not allowed to see them.

Charlie concludes, "This is the worst Xmas I've ever had."



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Charlie doesn't need a fruitcake for Christmas. He is one!

307 days ago


The Crazyland Express has left the station
With stops along the way at Meth and Crak Villes and Pornotown

307 days ago


She is either angry he is drugged up again and wants to keep the kids away from that or she doesn't want her kids around his porno girlfriend who he probably insists on being around when the kids are there.

307 days ago


Dear Charlie,

You are a bitter old man, who is not aging well and you act like an ass. Go buy yourself some decent teeth and act like a grown up. Douche.

307 days ago


Does anyone really give a rat's dupa about anything Chuckles Sheen says? I'd like to nominate him for putz of the year ... no, make that putz of the decade!

307 days ago


Heard there's gonna be a remake of THE SHINING...

307 days ago


That porn thing he goes with is most likely as dumb as a stick but she does know how to suck in the old man for money, hes' an idiot,Deniseis far too good for him looks and class wise

307 days ago


Charlie concludes, "This is the worst Xmas I've ever had."

Oh, now, can it be the worst Xmas (and did he really say Xmas?) you've ever had, when you get to make a guest Dad appearance with your sons?

Perhaps after you make that guest appearance, thou shalt check thy self into a year-long rehab stint.

Thanks, Denise--thank God someone's watching out for her children with Mr. Bat**** Crazy.

307 days ago


He's the best & always makes me smile....:) Everyone knows this is all BS & for publicity ..... They're doing a good job as we're reading about his latest stunt & posting accordingly....... Love this guy!!!!! :)

307 days ago


Get baby his rattle.

307 days ago


What a whiny, narcissistic bitch.

307 days ago


Well lets see, I'm broke, I have 4 kids and my van got flooded by the rain the other night so now I have no transportation for myself or my kids. But hey Charlie your right, your having the worst Christmas ever. >:(

307 days ago


Typical. He's the one with all the problems & he's name calling. & of all the names to call Denise Richards, ugly? Mmmay, that's why you married her right? 'Coz she's ugly.? I've never been a hater where C.S. is concerned, tune him in, laugh ... that's what he's therefore. But even he has to know how silly he sounds calling Richards heartless & ugly. It's the old, when you're unhappy blame everyone, blame anyone, but don't blame yourself. Your problems are never your own fault right?? - insert eye roll here :P

307 days ago


Dude, you are drugged out. I wouldn't let you near those kids either. #teamdenise

307 days ago


Maybe he's bi-polar. If she is denying him like he says she is there is probably a valid reason considering how well they have been getting along last couple of years or so. She doesn't seem to be talking but I wouldn't be surprised if she found out he was doing something extremely stupid and won't let their daughters around him because of it.

307 days ago
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