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Phil Robertson

Churchgoer Sues A&E

They're Screwing With My Right to Hate!

12/23/2013 2:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


A self-proclaimed member of Phil Robertson's church is literally making a federal case over Phil's suspension ... he's suing A&E and others because he feels the network is chilling his right to hate homosexuals.

Chris Sevier, who claims to be a lawyer, has previously sued pretty much everyone under the sun, including Bill O'Reilly, CBS, Facebook and Apple. 

This time around, Sevier has put together 91 pages of law and religious propaganda, quoting scriptures about the evils of homosexuality.  Sevier claims the fact that A&E has indefinitely suspended Phil is going to have a chilling effect on other churchgoers -- himself included -- when it comes to preaching what he believes is the word of God.

As for what that word is ... Sevier thinks it's rooted in sin.  He says, if gay marriage is allowed, "citizens in that state should be able to marry their pets" -- he sees no difference.

In addition to suing A&E ... Sevier is suing President Obama, claiming the Prez is in cahoots with A&E to further the pro-gay agenda. 

At one point in the rambling lawsuit, which Sevier says will be filed today, he says, "We live in a Christian nation 'Jack.'"

One final thing ... take a look at some of the pictures Sevier sprinkled in the suit.  We don't know the rhetorical point he's making, but they're hilarious.



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en Todo Momento!!    

seriously. it's like it's time that the government steps in and demands that this channel abide by the law and the government. what on earth. how can you fire someone for making use of the 1st amendment. why hasn't the legal department of the white house spoken up or contacted A&E and told them they are in violation of the law, and that the will face a fine for this? maybe washington is already out on christmas vacation..

301 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

and also: he is right about the immediate 'legally sanctioned allowance of copulation with pets and animals' once gay marriage is legalized. because: as soon as the 'reproductive function' of 'marriage purposes' are eliminated, meaning: 'biologically 'unnormal' forms of sex and sexual penetration' are leagally approved of and 'allowed' sanctioned by the government, this will automatically mean that sex with dogs, cats, animals, children, is all legally allowed and legally sanctioned, because: if the government allows and tolerates 'one form of 'unbiological sexual copulation' as 'normal' then it will have to 'allow and tolerate all other forms as well'. because: what would the premise of allowing male to male anal penetration be? because 'these two people cannot control who they love', so they 'practice form of love that is beyond the functions of procreation', and only intended to produce a bond or relationship. this automatically allows all other 'non biologically intended forms of copulation and sexual penetration'. including prostitution and pretty much everything. sure, this may sound like some silly slippery slope, but really, on paper, in law, it is not. it opens a whole new area of the law. sooooo... good luck with trying to sue your neighbors for having sex with their dogs...

301 days ago


People need to think and read before the comment on things. This was not Phil saying this or doing this. It is some guy wanting to get money. This guy can not be a member of Phil's church he lives in Nashville Tennessee. That would be more then a 470 mile drive. Phil would never say things as hateful as this guy is saying. So now reread or read it for the first time and go to this guys Facebook and send him your comments. I have included it to make it easier for some of y'all. ( )

301 days ago


Aw the money leaches comming out now....

301 days ago


Just a hunch I have about this story: No one, including A&E, is arguing with all of this because it's free publicity. There's a good chance that very few people who are offended by the comments watch the show so A&E isn't going to lose many viewers. Sponsors who leave will probably come back. Putting too much emphasis on this guy's beliefs is less relevant than how much attention people are paying. This is all going to work out perfectly for everyone involved who generate ratings and money.

301 days ago



301 days ago


What in heck does Gandalf have to do with this?

301 days ago

Patch Eye Punk    

Phil just came out and said that he wants to mend all of this no sense with the Gays. He said and I quote (Suck my Duck). The gays were upset that he had the U in duck instead of an I.

301 days ago


tmz u guys are pathetic evil lying hateful and need god....may God have mercy on you all

301 days ago


Suing the president is laughable.. Good luck with that one. See now these loonies come out and make the gay loonies seem normal. Wether gay or straight, stop turning stupid issues into huge ones

301 days ago


Wow...he's out of his mind.

301 days ago


One thing is having the right to your opinion and freedom to say anything than aggressibly going on to the gay community! Phil never said he hated the gay community he just said that according to his beliefs anal intercourse between two man was a sin... OMG lunatics trying to make money from this horrible misunderstanding!!! Lunatics always trying to take advantage of everything

301 days ago


Seems like someone is trying to make some money from this situation ... Phil come out and send this man to mental institution where he belong ...

301 days ago


They're doing wonderful things in mental institutions these days.

301 days ago

Randy laird    

Those kids committing suicide is natural selection. Culling the weak.

301 days ago
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