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Duckhorn Sues Duck Commander


12/24/2013 8:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Duck Commander is being sued by a high-end Napa winery with a simple premise ... if it walks like a duck ... then we own it.

Duckhorn Wine Company claims in a lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- its expensive, ultra-premium wine brand -- which goes to nearly $100 a bottle --  is being diluted by Duck Commander's cheap, Walmart line of vino -- which goes for $9.99.

Check out the two labels.  Duckhorn claims customers are getting confused by the 2 and buying the cheap stuff at its expense.  What's worse for Duckhorn ... the company claims when you search online for duck and wine, all you see is Duck Commander. 

And here's what really pissed off Duckhorn, which sold its wine years before Duck Commander.  The D.C. blends cheapen the brand, with names like Triple Threat Red Blend, Wood Duck Chardonnay and Miss Priss Pink Moscato!

And to add insult to injury, Duckhorn grouses when Duck Commander launched its brand, it threw a drunken, redneck party in hoity-toity Napa ... a stone's throw from Duckhorn's vineyard.

Duck Commander scoffs at the lawsuit ... claiming that Duckhorn has no monopoly on the word "duck."  They cite other duck trademarks, such as Long Duck, Duck Shack, Ugly Duckling, and Duck Duck Goose.  But our favorites ... Orthoducks and Ducklebery Grunt!

A judge has yet to rule.


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Duke Steele    

So Duckhorn is saying to Duck Commandeer,"Our customers are too stupid to know the difference between the words on our label and the ones on yours"

272 days ago


there goes the AFLAC DUCK and DONALD DUCK and the hockey team the DUCKS get real duckhorn no one owns the word duck, typical of someone butting in at the expense of someone else, economy hurting the wine business ,? welcome to the club others are hurting also

272 days ago



272 days ago

kevin marsh    

boo hoo im from mendocino county or was to heck with napa and it's over rated wine and use of ileagals i wouldnt pay a penny for duckhorn

272 days ago

Duke Steele    

So, Duckhorn is saying to Duck Commander," Our customers are too stupid to know the difference between the words on our bottle and the ones on yours."

272 days ago


Duckhorn must have the dumbest customers in the world if they are confusing these bottles!! Anything to get in the news..

272 days ago


Regardless of how I feel about the gay lifestyle, what does this article have to do about being gay?

272 days ago


This lawsuit has ZERO chance of getting anywhere....hopefully the Duck Commander Clan can countersue this wine company for damages....

272 days ago


They going to sue anything whith Duck in the name?

272 days ago


Are they going to sue anything with duck in the name?

272 days ago


I just did a search for duck and wine and the only story that popped up was this one. Duck Commander never appeared and neither did yours.

272 days ago

The Metis Cabin    

People / companies are jealous and pissed off because SO MUCH of America identifies with the Robertson Family and their values and this is their chance to pile on. Just the fact that they called the brand debut a "drunken REDNECK party should have all of us blue collar redneck folk up in arms demanding that the profiling stop, but we keep our heads down and keep working and ignore the *******s, because there is just so damn many of them.
Onward Duck Commander and the Robertson's , we rednecks love you and the fact that you are in a position to no longer put up with **** from the uppity class in our country.

271 days ago


I love the Duck family. They ate loving, they are tight and they love being together. NO DRAMA. I'd take their down home love and intelligence against my experience of tense dicussions about who isn't Ivy League or who is too poor to live in a certain neighborhood ANY DAY OF THE YEAR!!

271 days ago


Are you kidding me? If anyone confuses DUCK Commander wine w/ that overpriced Duckhorn crap, they'd have to be some of the dumbest rich folks wasting money!! The two look NOTHING alike.

271 days ago


Duck Horn is amazing wine. Duck Commander in-bred Dynasty dip****s should loose out of principal. Any fan of that show is automatically a stupid person.

271 days ago
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