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AEG to Katherine Jackson


... Move On With Your Life!

12/26/2013 10:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1226-katherine-jackson-aeg-live-tmzKatherine Jackson is not only WASTING HER TIME by appealing the AEG wrongful death case ... she's also making a mockery of the legal system ... so says AEG.

AEG just responded to Katherine's request for a new trial -- after Katherine argued that jurors were bamboozled because the jury instructions blocked them from being able hold AEG responsible for Conrad Murray's actions AFTER he was hired to take care of Michael Jackson.

Katherine had claimed that even if Murray was competent when AEG hired him, they should still be liable because he proved reckless and irresponsible during the months leading up to Jackson's death, and AEG did nothing to stop it.

But AEG claims Katherine is simply grasping at straws ... and her appeal is a pathetic last ditch effort from a desperate woman. 

The entertainment giant also argues that the jury instructions were crystal clear and perfectly fair, taken directly from the California Civil Jury instruction guide book ... so too bad, so sad ... but that's the way the law works.

Ultimately, the judge will decide who's right on January 3rd ... when the case is due back in court.


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Sit down katherine, "YOUR" family supposedly knew MJ was an addict too and did nothing to stop it, so you and your family are to blame too.

303 days ago


Katherine Jackson are you really fighting for Michaels name ? or are you wanting money out of this ? even thoe AEG did kill michael .... its not right wait ill say AEG are the illuminate who had MJ killed, it's true and the illuminate are running this country its not obama but anyways just saying ... Katherine move on i know it sucks but ..... reamber the good times :)

303 days ago


Conrad Murray killed Michael Jackson, not AEG Live. Katherine chose not sue Murray. KJ's attorney Panish wants to get paid for the money he lost during the trial and now using 4 out of 12 jurors who's dispositions are written identially adding the word "negligence" in to their dispositions. Does Panish really think the appeals court won't see through this con? Panish had the opportunity to contest question #2 with the judge while the trial was still ongoing. The judge read to the jury the voting instructions, a written copy of the instructions were given to the jury to take into deliberations, and the jury had the right to send a question to the judge during deliberations for anything they did not understand. The 4 jury members changed their minds AFTER the trial was over. The 4 jury members had their time to speak up and they didn't. The 4 jury members believed Panish's story of "conflict of interest" between Murray and AEG Live. Panish's "conflict of interest" stated Murray was worried about his finances and keeping his job, so he was willing to do anything for MJ. Problem with that is NO ONE is a mindreader as to what Murray was thinking !!!! Mindreading is NOT evidence or proof. No one knows what Murray was thinking except Murray himself.

303 days ago

mj fan forever    

AEG and greedy unnatural mother Katherine both are despicable and without any scruples!!! And Katherine made no scruple to drag Michael Jackson's children in her all for money trial, no matter what of course!!! They both grasped at straws during the trial and they both blamed Michael Jackson for murderer's reckless and negligent actions to win their cases, and so shamefully did the jury, beyond disgusting!!! Not to mention AEG knew Michael Jackson was not at all well under murderer's treatments and did nothing, nay, Randy Phillips even said that he trusted murderer as a doctor even when he saw that his treatments were to say the least suspicious, they are disgusting and without any moral!!!

303 days ago


So sad that this is being dragged on for so long. If anyone is at fault it would be Dr Murray for malpractice. Obviously there is nothing to gain by suing a man who has nothing and never will.

303 days ago


dude this family is pathetic in every sense of the word. Good god, go away already and start healing.

303 days ago


Too bad Jacko's mother didn't live near by so she could check on her son and see how he and the grandkids were doing. If Jacko was doing so poorly and Maury was so incompetent, she could have raised the flag and gotten her son help. Oh wait- she was near by. Shame she never went to check on her son and grandchildren until her cash cow son was dead and the cash cow grandkids kids were orphans.

303 days ago


Sorry Mrs Jackson, but are you for real?

303 days ago

Read My Lips    

Katherine Jackson,

Why do you want more money. It is not like you need to pay some body to man-handle his penis every night, you know!? Neither do you need it to pay off some parents after he man-handled some little boys. He would have to settle that with the hell's angels you know!!!

303 days ago


Jermaine, you POS, can't get your hands on MJs estate $$$, so you put your elderly Mother out there to take the public's fall for this. GET A JOB! Katherine and MJs kids are the only people who can be party to this suit.

303 days ago


I actually feel sorry for Katherine. I think she's being pushed to keep pursuing this by her lazy, entitled kids. Katherine is being paid by Michael's estate to take care of his children. It's more than she actually needs, but Michael was always generous when it came to his mother.

303 days ago


You LOST get over it.

303 days ago

Gerald Truesdale    

If Michael Jackson was (100) years old living in a rest home with care givers assigned to him at that rest home, whats the diffrence between Conrad Murray being Michael Jackson's care giver when Michael was (50) years old?!? Not a thing. The fact of the matter is that AEG doesn't want to come off the money! AEG assinged a doctor to be a care giver that was his assingment. Point

302 days ago


Congrats to her lawyers for churning the case and getting hundreds more billable hours out of her! I think there is enough money in there for a few hundred deposition hours, loads of clerk and research time, lots of prep for court hearings etc. It's like the lawyers won the lottery! Dangling a billion dollars out in front of her nose obviously gets her excited enough to make these guys rich. And after all, it is Hollywood! I say "whatever." And I say "Go for it!"

302 days ago


that woman will stop at NOTHING milk MORE $$$ from her DEAD SON'S CORPSE!!!

302 days ago
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