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'Game of Thrones' Queen

Demands Anti-Texting App for Ex

12/26/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The hot queen on "Game of Thrones" just struck a deal with her ex-husband -- they both must download an app that PROHIBITS them from texting or emailing while driving ... for the sake of their kid.

Lena Headey -- who plays Queen Cersei -- just sealed her divorce settlement with Peter Loughran.  Peter has driving issues -- a very bad accident.  So Lena was concerned about Peter driving their 3-year-old son around, and imposed a requirement that he download a smartphone app that prevents him from sending or receiving text messages while driving.   The app also blocks the Internet.  She agreed to do the same.

The boy is now a very young jet setter ... because Lena is going to take him along for the ride when she shoots the show in exotic locations, such as Ireland, Croatia and other places.  But there's a cost to all of this.  Lena has to pay so Peter can tag along.  He gets airfare -- the least expensive class with a bed --  plus 1K a month in expenses.

It's good to be the Queen -- and Prince Philip.


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J Buferd    

Who is Prince Phillip? Is that the son? And explain why it's good to be him, bc all this article does is explain the financial settlement between the parents when she's shooting the show. Besides, how can you guys consider this kid to be lcuky when he's going through the divorce of his parents??? If he's old and sensible enough (and if he isn't, when he gets to that age), don't you think he'd return whatever he "got" in this divorce to live with both his mother and father in a happy home??

301 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

What, no private jet? What the hell is TMZ doing reporting on celebs without a private jet? I just wasted my precious time reading about veritable nobodies!

301 days ago



301 days ago


does he also get a job to go with that?

301 days ago


I am very disappointed that she has a no nudity clause. There's a certain scene that's a few seasons away that I really want to see.

301 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Wow, it really completed my day to know this newsworthy item

301 days ago

Pete the Geek    

I don't use an app to prevent me from texting and driving I just don't text when I'm driving! Where are people driving that they can stop looking out the window and manipulating the vehicle controls for long enough to compose and send a text?

301 days ago


Where does love go . Does it fade? Does it just finish? Ill never understand divorce

301 days ago


Yet another female who lowered her sights to procreate with a jackazz.

301 days ago


I think the anti-texting app is a great idea, if it works. What is it called?

300 days ago

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