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Jesse Jackson

Phil Robertson Is Worse

Than Rosa Parks' Bus Driver

12/26/2013 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1225-jesse-jackson-phil-robertsonPhil Robertson's homophobic comments to GQ were MORE OFFENSIVE than the words uttered by bus driver who tried to force Rosa Parks to sit on the back of his bus in 1955 ... so says civil rights leader Jesse Jackson.

Jackson came out firing against the "Duck Dynasty" star this week ... explaining, "These statements uttered by Robertson are more offensive than the bus driver in Montgomery, Alabama, more than 59 years ago."

"At least the bus driver, who ordered Rosa Parks to surrender her seat to a white person, was following state law. Robertson’s statements were uttered freely and openly without cover of the law, within a context of what he seemed to believe was 'white privilege.'"

Jackson is demanding a meeting with A&E and Cracker Barrel execs ... and even issued a Friday deadline ... urging the network to uphold Robertson’s suspension from the reality show.

Unclear if the network plans to honor Jackson's demand.


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Who cares next!!!!

269 days ago


What ever happened to freedom of speech? This honestly is a joke... It's okay for a president to be against gays but Phil can't voice his own opinion. Apparently Phil isn't the only one with this opinion or gays would be allowed to get married in ALL States.

269 days ago


Honor his request? Why? Maybe he should check into inner city gang violence among the black youth and the "knockout games" before trying to denying a man his right to free speech and a company's decision in what it sells. Liberals. Perpetrating hate while making the money they claim to hate off the type of people they truly hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. And TMZ has no trouble helping them out.

269 days ago


And your son is a liar & thief..JEsse. Clean up your own house Jackson.

269 days ago


Jesse Jackson must be so excited to jump on an issue that has had so much publicity. He lost credibility a long time ago.

269 days ago

e triple    

nice reporting TMZ!!! you guys are so ****ing stupid.

"Phil Robertson's homophobic comments to GQ were MORE OFFENSIVE than the words uttered by bus driver who tried to force Rosa Parks to sit on the back of his bus in 1955 ... so says civil rights leader Jesse Jackson. "

really? he is up in arms about the homophobic comments? because then you give his statement of

"Robertson’s statements were uttered freely and openly without cover of the law, within a context of what he seemed to believe was 'white privilege."

clearly he is alluding to the portion of Phil's comments that focused on "happy slaves"

journalism, especially of the online blog style, is just as much to blame as the ****ed up people doing the ****ed up things to get the ****ed up media to do the ****ed up storys that perpetuate the ****ed up **** that is going on.

Phil Robertson said some **** that he believes in.............. who ****ing cares? That is his opinion. Since when did it become a crime to have an opinion? We all do not have to agree on ****.

My great grandmother called blacks ******s! its how she was raised! All we can do is move on and quit perpetuating these things.

269 days ago


The constitution guarantees all the right to free expression, how is that "white privilege".??

He has the right to believe what he believes. It's not like A&E didn't know his stance to begin with.

As I recall, the constitution says "Freedom OF religion", not "freedom FROM religion.

And further more, why is that the only part of what he said being talked about? He also said he respects others rights to do their thing and loves everyone. All this attention paid to a small portion of what he said overall is getting OLD.

It's a double standard here to have zero tolerance for someone because of their religious beliefs, while still trying to protect your rights and violating his at the same time.

269 days ago


All of this excitement is making the commercial advertising agencies moist. They're doing their demographic computations, fixing rates and getting ready for the big return of this quack to the duck farm! There hasn't been this much excitement since Kim Kardashian's sex tape! As for A&E, they're off my cable bill. So America can have these nut cases all to themselves!

269 days ago

OlllllllO shan    

JJ is a hate monger....and an idiot. Every bandwagon he tries to jump on is strictly for his own ulterior motive. He's only about helping "Jesse".

269 days ago

In Depth News    

Dictator Hugo Chavez supporter , Jesse Jackson, is guilty of defamation of character against Phil Robertson . Phil Robertson was Never talking about civil rights-jim crow .....

Many people agree that Phil Robertson has a Defamation of Character claim against certain media or controversial activist group(s) ?

Some media & activist groups have moved on from the controversial gay comments Phil Robertson made and are now demonizing Phil based on what they say he said about pre civil rights . When GQ made a reference about life in the possible pre civil rights era (note: GQ does Not quote their question , just Phil's answer' ) Phil indicated he did not see hostility in the differenent races and when talking about his black co workers he suggested they got along great & they were great christians ("They were godly" said Phil ) . Phil Robertson was probably too young to aknowledge attitudes in the pre civil rights era , but Phil Robertson said in his answer that this was "pre-welfare, you say" but some have taken that out of context as pre civil rights when he was clearly taking about pre welfare ..

Does Phil Robertson have a Defamation of Character claim against those that say Phil said certain minorities were better off pre-civil rights, even when Phil made no such claim ?
The answer is : Yes

269 days ago


Another race issue for Je$$e Jack$on to sink his claws into. Great timing too - I heard he wants to build a new addition to his house and that don't come cheap.

269 days ago


We're not going away, bigots!

269 days ago



269 days ago

Lord dizzle     

Mr. Jackson needs to stay out of this he is a nobody and a racist . Why doesn't he comment on Oprah 's racial comments .

269 days ago


This coming from the guy with a son in prison, soon to be daughter in-law in the big house, the guy who called New York Hymie-town and a father to a few mystery jacksons.Who does he speak for???How did his kid get a Budweiser distributorship,all good reading on this ash clown .

269 days ago
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