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Jermaine Dupri

Insane Traffic Stop

Cops Found a Xanax Pill!!!!

12/27/2013 7:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1227-jermain-dupri-instagram-copsJermaine Dupri just learned a hard lesson -- take a chill pill when you're in Miami Beach and cops will swarm you.

Jermaine and his crew were cruising in Miami Beach at 3:24 this morning when cops pulled them over because the tint on their Lincoln was too dark.

According to the police report -- obtained by TMZ -- Miami Beach cops smelled "a strong odor of marijuana" inside the car. 

That's when Jermaine -- who was a passenger -- and the others were patted down.  Cops didn't find pot, but they DID find something that caught their eye ... a single Xanax pill in a plastic container, inside the pocket of one of Jermaine's friends.

Now get this ... Cops then requested K--9 dogs to sniff out contraband.  In all, Jermaine says 5 cops cars arrived on scene, but turned up nada.

But it wasn't over yet.  Cops were suspicious that the guy was in illegal possession of the pill.  He insisted he had a prescription, but cops were suspicious.  That's when someone in Jermaine's posse said he would go to the guy's home to get documentation he had a valid prescription.  Time passed and the guy came back with the proof, and everyone went home.

Right after the incident, Jermaine tweeted, "Somebody please call TMZ.  5 police cars just pulled us over."

We heard you.

12:30 PM PST -- Jermaine tells TMZ ... he is the victim of "rapper profiling."

He believes cops followed him from the nightclub he had just made an appearance at ... and stopped him within minutes because he's a celebrity.

He thinks its ridiculous that cops called out the K9 unit and thinks it is massive overkill.

Miami Beach PD says the stop was legit ... and everything was done in accordance with procedure.


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I am shocked at the poll where 3/4 think it was profiling. This was after 3 am. Which is when cops are looking for duis (alcohol/pills/pot/illegal drugs). The windows were too dark. Oh please what do you expect?!

308 days ago


Really?? Why is everything profiling? I had to remove my tint from my car. Quit putting these people above others.

308 days ago


Lets see, rappers use 4 words incessantly in their music- - b, whore, mf and the n word. They rap about money drugs and sex as the primary subject matter (most of them). They live what the y rap about and so the cops should think they're Sunday school teachers?? They EARNED the rep they have by their words and actions. So stop your Jesse/Sharpton victim card excuses.

308 days ago


I think Jermaine is giving himself WAY too much credit.

308 days ago

Lemon Bar    

Miami Beach had a violent rape that was committed in May (17th street and beach, follow from 14th street). The story was unreported until this week. Police want to scare black people away. Tint is an excuse to pull people over.

308 days ago


Not to aelf FL SUCKS!

308 days ago



308 days ago

Nobody Special    

In Florida the Law is the Drivers and Shotgun windows must have light tint. The rear side windows can have heavier tint. The back window can have heavy tint buy you must have a backup camera and 2 working side mirrors.

When they stop the driver all he needs to say is, I have a back camera and side mirrors and it will show the cop the driver knows the law.

My Florida Limo has a IC Realtime 8 camera DVR CCTV System. It acts as a Black Box for accidents and a security cam system. It ownz.

308 days ago

Eye roll     

If the windows were so darkly tinted how did the cops know they were black? Profiling my buttocks.

308 days ago


What happened to Max????

308 days ago


Come on, people... I'm a Caucasian Republican and this kind of bullsh*t makes me embarrassed to be white. You know if it were 3 white boys in their dad's car it would've been "Drive Safely!" Or a Fix-It Ticket & sent home. It's profiling and it still happens.

308 days ago


Does he know Jermajesty ?

308 days ago

wow seriously     


308 days ago


Harassment of blacks by police is nothing new. They are the pawns of the white supremacy

308 days ago

Nobody Special    

Nothing Good ever happens after Midnight on the Streets in South Beach.

Cops are Full of Hate
Cause People Move'in Weight ,
Busted before you Made it to the Lectric,
Gate at Da Crib Estate.

Uh Oh, 911
No, K-9 ... Were Done.

Sniff Sniff, Sneeze Sneeze,
Why Dat Shepard Drop to his Knees?

We Gotta 10-50 How to Proceed,
Call 5 Cars and Look for Speed,

It's a Rapper, He Must Be Guilty,
Put him wit OJ, He Looks Filthy.

308 days ago
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