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You Be the Judge

12/28/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Duck Dynasty" mess blew up in A&E's face, and didn't do much for spineless Cracker Barrel either.  Lot's happened this week, so we gotta ask ...


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It's a mofo when someone speaks an opinion that runs contrary to PC orthodoxy take a midol because there will be more to come.

302 days ago


Could you please add the vote to each one..."who gives a rat's butt"? I think you would be surprised. But thanks for keeping me up on what doesn't matter!

302 days ago


To all English speaking people...stating an opinion or belief is not the same as IMPOSING YOUR BELIEF OR OPINION ON OTHERS.......u are free to respectfully agree or one is forcing u to agree with my belief that homosexual act is a dirty filfy nasy act and it is a sin......the rectum was not designed for the thrusting of the tears is filled with poopoo,the anus is an exit for poopoo and that is it only purpose...the vagina is designed for the thrusting of a penis...the thick vaginal walls was designed to take a pounding from a penis

302 days ago


If any one is imposing their lifestyke and belief on others it is the gay community....they want to punish individuals and coorporations for stating their belief....they want to ruin the life of other who do not accept their lifestyle.....they have already changed the definition of marriage to suit how about changing the defination of marriage to suit those who want to marry their pet or their car..or those men and women who want to get married to twenty patners......

302 days ago


They asked the wrong question about A&E. Should have been something along the lines of:

"How well did A&E handle the controversy?"

__ Okay
__ Blew it

302 days ago


If anyone is going to complain about the length of Obama's vacation I hope they are also complaining about congress getting just as long of a vacation.

302 days ago


1. when asking about whose side are you on... Lindsay or Paris... that's like asking, which disease would you rather have - Cancer or Aids.

2. I wouldn't begrudge Obama's 17 day vacation, if he WASN'T FREAKIN ALWAYS ON VACATION. Hawaii numerous times, Africa to a tune of a few mil (And yes that was a vacation contrary to what people try to say. When the taxpayers pay for his wife, kids, mother-in-law and dog to go with him... it's a vacay)

3. while I would LOVE for beiber to be serious... I'm pretty sure he is just being a douche as always.

302 days ago


Too on the promotion of the Gay agenda plus this Phil person is not even the real deal on a fake show about nothing. I keep telling you that this was all a publicity stunt.

301 days ago


Yeah all the religious people supporting Phil just don't know the real Phil. He also advocates that young girls 15 & 16 should be married because by the time they're 20 they're over the hill. This is a wonderful role model for the religious rights.

301 days ago


Oh we all know they're not gonna stop complaining about Cracker Barrel until they release a statement saying they've fired all their gay employees.

301 days ago


A&E made a play for a publicity stunt. They did it by playing games with the First Amendment. I can't support that. I have to support a "man's" right to an opinion, even if I disagree with it. I don't support putting a scarlet letter on people you disagree with in the form of ruining careers. We've seen it with Tracy Morgan in a comedy routine. We see it with radio show hosts who are comically making jokes which end up costing them jobs. We have to stand up for speech at EVERY turn because it is the ONLY thing not owned by a corporation or the government. Let me give you an example of the importance of such a right and protection.

300 days ago

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