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James Holmes

Victims Families Outraged

Apt. On the Market

12/30/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1228-james-holmes-aurora-getty Victims of James Holmes' murderous rampage are anguished and angry that the apartment he turned into a death trap is being rented again.

We spoke with a number of families after breaking the story that the apartment -- which Holmes booby trapped with 30 grenades and 10 gallons of gasoline with the intent of killing cops -- is on the market, and they feel victimized again and disrespected.

Bill Hoover -- whose grandson A.J. Boik was gunned down by the Aurora shooter -- says, "The place should be burned down or bulldozed."

The landlord is asking $850 a month, boasting the 650 square foot 1 bedroom/1 bathroom unit is completely renovated and furnished.  There's no mention about the previous tenant.

Hoover adds, "He [Holmes] is the epitome of evil and what went on in that building was horrendous ... I don't think anyone would want to stay there if they knew the evil acts that were done."

A member of another victim's family says, "There needs to be a sign saying a worthless killer lived here."

Still, we gotta ask ...



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Matt m    

The landlord had nothing to do with it if the family's want to get together and pay the rent or buy the building then they can do what they want with it. The landlord has did without rent long enough

266 days ago

blah blah blah    

It hurts my noggin to see that nearly 50% of the poll believes a landlord should become a financial victim after all the tragedy. It's good to be compassionate & have respect, but then there's a line where you're being illogical and impractical about it.

266 days ago


In now way am I condoning the pyscho how killed 12 people but as far as I know, no people were killed at the house...did they rip down the movie theater where said carnage happened???

266 days ago


What did the family's expect. If I owned the property. I would have rented out again too. Especially after having to pay to fix it up. I doubt the owner is using it as a selling point. If they were and trying to make extra money. I could understand, but if tmz didn't post it. I wouldn't have even know. I agree with another poster. The families should get money together and rent it. I would go further & offer it to someone needy to help them get on their feet. This way something good may come of it.

266 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

Easy solution to make everyone happy; have the landlord move into the killer's old apt. The landlord's old place can be rented out as a even pricier unit. Tmz, its cold here in London, lets see some more breasts!!

266 days ago


The general consensus seems to ask the logical question...why punish the landlord? The landlord is a victim too and now they want to punish the landlord a second time? Ridiculous! This is just stupid.

266 days ago


I too am sad for the loss of these families at the hands of Holmes. However to suggest that the owner of this apartment building should because he had the misfortune to rent an apartment to a mentally ill tenant in any way take a financial loss is insane. To the victims families… go start a charitable foundation, raise some money, pay the owner of this building fair market value and plant daisies there if thats what you want to do. Otherwise, the use of this property is none of your business.

266 days ago


That's just irrational. Speaking of irrational, why was Sandy Hook Elementary bulldozed completely, the people who did the demolishing were made to sign confidentiality agreements, then the debris melted down.

266 days ago


The shooting did not occur in the apartment. No lives were lost there. A crazy murderer booby-trapped the home but nothing "horrendous" happened there.

Did you hear about the guy in Canada who stabbed another guy with an ice pick, dismembered the body, videoed the killing and uploaded it online, then sent body parts to two of the federal political parties?

That home was rented less than a year after the murder.

266 days ago


So they think it would be better if the building was destroyed and the families that already live there be homeless? Nice.

266 days ago


The families of the victims are out of line. The owner of the apartment shouldn't be punished because of who previously lived there. He has a right to his property and a right to earn a living by renting his property out. He isn't advertising it as the apartment of a killer or anything like that. The victims families have suffered, but they are WAY OUT OF LINE and should GET REAL.

266 days ago


So they want families to be displaced by loss of housing, a man to lose his business and a building to be razed only to have another put in its place. Really?

266 days ago


he's been eating good!

266 days ago


What are tey supposed to do? Tear the whole building down? There are other people living too! Plus, looking at how often these horrible things have happenend in the past, should half of America be torn down?

266 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Every apartment that every killer has lived in has been rented again.

266 days ago
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