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James Holmes

Victims Families Outraged

Apt. On the Market

12/30/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1228-james-holmes-aurora-getty Victims of James Holmes' murderous rampage are anguished and angry that the apartment he turned into a death trap is being rented again.

We spoke with a number of families after breaking the story that the apartment -- which Holmes booby trapped with 30 grenades and 10 gallons of gasoline with the intent of killing cops -- is on the market, and they feel victimized again and disrespected.

Bill Hoover -- whose grandson A.J. Boik was gunned down by the Aurora shooter -- says, "The place should be burned down or bulldozed."

The landlord is asking $850 a month, boasting the 650 square foot 1 bedroom/1 bathroom unit is completely renovated and furnished.  There's no mention about the previous tenant.

Hoover adds, "He [Holmes] is the epitome of evil and what went on in that building was horrendous ... I don't think anyone would want to stay there if they knew the evil acts that were done."

A member of another victim's family says, "There needs to be a sign saying a worthless killer lived here."

Still, we gotta ask ...



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That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. The victims weren't killed in the apartment so why does it matter? The landlord should just cut his losses and bulldoze it, seriously? Did you ever think that's how he makes a living? They didn't tear down the movie theater where the shooting actually occurred so why is it so offensive that they're renting out the apartment? I understand these families suffered a tragedy, but some people take things way too personally. The apartment being rented has nothing to do with you, your family or the loss you suffered so maybe you should concentrate on important things, like therapy.

265 days ago


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265 days ago


It should not matter now, the guy is locked up so all the tenants need to leave well enough alone. If the landlord wants to rent the apart I say go for it. In the end business is business.😃

265 days ago


why do people want to punish a landlord because of something a tenant did?

265 days ago


What's the point of having it freeze dried? There's no reason someone shouldn't be able to live in the unit.

265 days ago


this is an apartment. There are other tenants, it was owned by a completely innocent person... why punish him and make the other tenants homeless by forcing them to be evicted? It's a place where a horrible person lived... it's not where he killed anyone. No one died there. That's like saying the theater should be bulldozed because that's where the murder happened. While I feel for their pain... they have to be a little rational if they want to heal.

265 days ago

Lynn M    

Fine, but only if they buy it and tear it down on their own dime.

265 days ago


Geez, how anal can you people be?? It's not like he killed the kids in the apt, but if he did I hope they would "Burn that Mutha f*u*c*k*er DOWN, and throw James in there too!!!

265 days ago


So this lunatic can claim dozens of other victims by having them evicted from their homes to tear down the building???????????

265 days ago


Its not dalmer or gaseys house which actually kept bodies and parts. I understand tearing those homes down. The guy just lived there. And 850 for a one bedroom in that part of aurora is a rip off.!!

265 days ago


It's a building which house's other families. It's not fair to them to demolish their home cause some douche lived there!

265 days ago


The landlord is not at fault because some psycho path lived there. Hey if they are on a roll that would mean half of the buildings in the nation would be demolished because of so many psychos in jail.

265 days ago


What "evil acts' were committed inside the apartment? Was anyone hurt there?

265 days ago


It's unfortunate...
Is anyone prepared to buy the landlord's apartment at full fair market value? ( be torn down afterward)
Landlord cannot be another victim of this mass murderer by taking a $100,000+ loss.

265 days ago


Geez, it's not like the kids were killed in the apartment, if they were, the they should BURN THAT MuTHa f*u*c*k*e*r DOWN!!!

265 days ago
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