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Justin Bieber and Co.

Limo Driver Attacked During Ride

12/30/2013 3:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Justin Bieber's legal skirmishes have gone international ... ANOTHER member of his entourage is being criminally investigated for roughing up a limo driver ... and it's the 2nd alleged attack in 2 days.

Toronto cops say the limo guy was hired to drive Justin and his crew around town.  Details are sketchy, but the driver claims he was attacked.  Cops are currently investigating. 

We're told Justin was in the limo at the time of the incident.

Just this weekend ... 2 of JB's bodyguards were arrested after allegedly attacking a cop at a fan event in Florida.  Bieber gets a pass for this one ... he was in Canada where he snowmobiled on Saturday and attended a Toronto Maple Leafs game last night ... and was in a limo where the driver claims he was attacked. 



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Someone should explain to Bieber that his fan base of 11 yr olds don't attend Hockey games because it's all about young pretty boys. Best thing about this, Hockey games are so freakin' loud with true fans, especially in Toronto's arena that all the yelling in the world from his position wouldn't get him noticed, matter of fact, I'll bet the three rows below him were yelling at him to STFU, BWUAHAHAHA.

110 days ago


He surrounds himself with thugs because it makes him look a little less like a powder puff, and more like their b*tch.

110 days ago


Is he SWEATING from all the exertion of running from trouble?

110 days ago


Justin became famous for two reasons he is talented and he makes people show their truth selves. If u wish harm or anything negative to happen to a person u don't even know that just goes to show your true character. Justin's recent behavior isn't any different then what's going on every day to normal people. He is just famous so people make a big deal out of it. All the harassment and bullying he has gone through is ridiculious but today in society people will hurt anyone to get a like or a laugh or just to fit in and it's truly sad. Jealously and insecurity play in the part of the hostility to. Justin's handsome, a musician, and rich he is a triple threat and intimidates most guys so course they lash out on his appearance trying to make themselves feel better. There is consequences for Justin's actions and he knows it. Half of the stuff that's on the web saying what he has done is 100% lies and there's evidence to prove it but ignorant people don't care. The gay insults are disturbing if he was gay what's the big deal? He wouldn't go after to you so chill, and it isn't cute to call someone gay when it's obvious they aren't. Society is doomed because barely anyone thinks for themselves anymore. Justin deserves his money and fans he earned it. He isn't retiring by the way read his tweets he is on a break. Justin has made history he is a legend and broke so many records it's ridiculious. While you hate on him for nothing he'll remain successful.

110 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

His fame only lasted 3 years, his bio film tanked, his music sales are down, and now the legal cases are stating to mount up. Oh well, bring on the next pop act. Hopefully they're taller and have talent!

110 days ago

Double Bubble    

His next cry for attention will be going to rehab for some type of problem that no one will care about either..He needs to retire and then pop back up when his balls have dropped and he's become a man..or less of a girl...either or..

110 days ago


You know what the pathetic thing is? By 2015, when he's long gone, his music career over, there's still gonna be girls who are trying to support him by calling him the best pop artist ever. Then there's gonna be someone else, and they'll be like "Oh, I was never a Belieber. What a stupid word that is."

110 days ago


Only a matter of time before his thugs really hurt someone. Why is it that so many male "singers" or rappers act like thugs or are thugs?

109 days ago


Oh Lord Jeuse please help this boy but beside this point he should sit his ratchet self down before somebody do some thing to him I ain't tryin to say someone gonna do something to him but it could happen the way his but is acting expect the unexpected preparing for the u already know it's not a not know process it's right there

109 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

What's up with those 24 disgusting pubic hairs on his upper lip? Gross.

109 days ago


Must be rough to be washed up when your only 20. When he was a kid he was talented, now he won't transition to manhood, and acts a fool almost daily. Reminds me of Bobby Brown after New Edition, he had the songs, he had the moves, he had the money, he had the girls, and he had the abs! Bobby and LL Cool J were the first shirtless, singer/ dancers... Justin fails in comparison to these guys! But like these guys, LL used his head to do other stuff, Bobby not so much, but I always enjoy when he makes music. We all see what happened to Bobby Brown, Justin Bieber is and will be WAY worse than that... And that's a fact!

109 days ago


Does anyone else think he looks pasty, and like he's strung out on cocaine? Not just weed a problem here!

109 days ago


He looks permanently stoned.

109 days ago

Suzanne Smith     

Here we go again TMZ.....anything on Justin Bieber makes headlines with you. So what did this ***** limo driver do, file a police report. Your reporting is weak, need to give details. Anyone who does anything for Bieber is automatically looking for a payout. What did they do to the little *****, make him do a u turn & hit on the ****ing head!!!! Ur office is nothing but douchebags Harvey! You need to clean house. I never watch your show after Max left. No eye candy, just those two old bitches in front and that young blonde bitch who sounds and acts like she graduated from "University for Blondes". I won't any touch on Mike and the other fat guy. Send them to The Biggest Loser! Guess 2014 is no different. Let's bash Bitcher because the rednecks in American love it!

109 days ago

Your Stupid    

This little girl need to grow up or some one needs to give him a manly beat down!'

109 days ago
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