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Paris Jackson

Vacations With Mom

... in Treatment For Years

12/30/2013 8:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson looked healthy and happy vacationing with her mom in Hawaii  ... but MJ's daughter still has a long road ahead of her -- we're told the treatment will last years.

Debbie Rowe and Paris mugged for the camera during the trip ... as you know, Rowe lost contact with Paris after she divorced Michael Jackson, but the 2 reconnected a little over a year ago and are now extremely tight.  Rowe speaks constantly with Paris -- who is at a boarding school in Utah.

As for Paris' treatment ... our sources say she's riddled with so many problems she's almost certainly spending several years at the facility ... where she is getting intensive counseling.



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It is great to see this girl with her mom!! She looks so happy for once in her life!!

305 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

A lot of children lose a parent through death and do not end up as screwed up as this girl. MJ made the selfish decision to buy children when he was so screwed up in every way possible and livid in a fantasy world beneath a dark cloud of suspicion.

305 days ago


Deborah Rowe should stop leaking photos to the press. She should be focused in using their time together to bond so her agenda of having Paris on her side can work. Right now Paris needs privacy so she can see things from a healthier perspective. She doesn't need all this hoopla palooka exposure.

305 days ago


What people don't realize is that a lot of states don't give the power of seeking therapeutically or psychotherapy for their child if he is over the age of 13. Which is totally insane sine legally you are responsible for their behavior until 18. Utah allows parents more control in parenting their child. It is an expensive way to go and I have meet parents that sacrifice their standard of living to give their children the help that they need. Like I posted further down the parents are the one's that go through parenting classes an therapy because that is where the problem originated. You can't send a troubled child back to the same environment and expect anything to change.

305 days ago


This is what you get when you buy some white kids and try to pass them off as black. Is it any wonder she has all these problems? She is living a lie. Seems like she will be the perpetual victim just like Michael Jackson was. Never took responsibility for the situations he put himself in, it was always everyone else's fault. Paris is doing the same thing. Blaming everyone for "bullying" her when she brought it on herself. She is not Michael's daughter, and lying about it is not the way to go. He started the lie, but she continued it. She is old enough to know better. I really have no sympathy for this entitled princess.

305 days ago


She's really pretty

305 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Problems . . . you mean like sleaze bag gossip sites paying the janitor at her facility for "news" and hounding her into another break down?
I can see her committing suicide over what you people are doing to her.

305 days ago


Michael Jackson was selfish to have these children the way he did. He bought them, tried to pass them off as his own, and had them living a freak show existence. The children are not even the same race he is, how pathetic can someone be?

He did not prepare them for the real world, putting them in masks, not allowing them to go to school, living like nomads, getting himself in debt, so much that he couldn't afford his rent, strung out on drugs and anesthesia.

He never allowed them to have a mother in their lives and now they're paying for it. The freak should have had those children taken away from him a long time ago. His family hates those children. They are not Jacksons and they are getting all the money. What a slap in the face.

305 days ago


First, if she had wanted to kill herself, she would have succeeded. What she did was a cry for help. Based on what is publicly known about what she and her brothers life was like with Michael, one of these kids was bound to come out with issues after he died. I think this is the best place for her to be. Anything but with that family.

305 days ago

bs corrector    

Goodluck Paris...not all. Grown ups are kid bashers and racists...continued success

305 days ago


Of all times to get judgmental behind your computers. Sometimes a young girl just needs her mother...the only parent she knew passed away and I can completely understand her need to have a mother in her life. I'm glad Debbie Rowe was there for her and I hope they have a wonderful relationship moving forward.

305 days ago


Paris looks so young, sweet, and fresh!

305 days ago


She looks great.

305 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Debbie Rowe didn't "lose contact" with her kids, she sold them. No wonder Paris is such a mess.

305 days ago

boo boo    

Glad she's finding a sort of peace, but one has to ask, why did Debbie Rowe accept cash in exchange for abandoning her kids and is she remorseful for her role in their mental dysfunction?

305 days ago
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