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Paris Jackson

Vacations With Mom

... in Treatment For Years

12/30/2013 8:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson looked healthy and happy vacationing with her mom in Hawaii  ... but MJ's daughter still has a long road ahead of her -- we're told the treatment will last years.

Debbie Rowe and Paris mugged for the camera during the trip ... as you know, Rowe lost contact with Paris after she divorced Michael Jackson, but the 2 reconnected a little over a year ago and are now extremely tight.  Rowe speaks constantly with Paris -- who is at a boarding school in Utah.

As for Paris' treatment ... our sources say she's riddled with so many problems she's almost certainly spending several years at the facility ... where she is getting intensive counseling.



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boo boo    

Glad she's finding a sort of peace, but one has to ask, why did Debbie Rowe accept cash in exchange for abandoning her kids and is she remorseful for her role in their mental dysfunction?

264 days ago


Michael was not a good father. He was an enabler and spoiled these kids rotten. Priveledged life is far different than spoiled life. Michael spoiled these children. He knew nothing about fatherhood other than providing cash. No wonder she is so screwed up. No discipline, no structure, no parenting. He was a cash machine, not a father. Book it.

264 days ago

boo boo    

The Jacksons, along with Debbie Rowe and Arnie Klein are gluttonous and should be ashamed of the lifestyle they brandish.

264 days ago


When this girl turns 18 she is going to be super banging HOT!!!

264 days ago


Paris looks fantastic, thank God Debbie is in her life, it's what she really needs right now, someone who is out for what is best for her and not out for money. Granny just wants lawsuit after lawsuit which was too much for the child to bear.

264 days ago


Paris looks so good!! I'm so glad she seems to be doing well, she has been thru and survived more than most adults could handle. Good for her!!!!!

264 days ago


Selfish little spoiled brat

264 days ago

mj fan forever    

No doubt this other money-grabber now speaks constantly with Paris, she saw another chance to get more money!!! Paris only seems to be well but it's not, not by chance they sent her to a boarding school to discharge the problem on the others. Of course it will never end for Michael Jackson's children and staying with people who only think how to grab and steal money from them doesn't help for sure. They need love and protection not being exploited to get more money!!! And obviously she hurried to post this pic on facebook to get publicity as now it's convenient to her to play the role of the good mother when she turned around the other side when Paris kept cutting herself!!! If Paris sought a relationship with her it's just because she is so alone amongst the Jacksons-leeches, they couldn't care less about her and her siblings, only think about the money they can grab from them of course!!! And was she herself who chose to stay away from Prince and Paris and stated many times that she was not interested in being a mother, she was only interested in the money and asked for more money when she wanted more!! They are in the clutches of these bunch of leeches now that Michael Jackson can't be here to love and protect his children, he raised them with nothing but love in the best way, it's only unfair and heartbreaking!!!

264 days ago


Hard to believe the boys got through it unscathed. Hope they are getting help, too.

264 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

You're looking great and turning out to be a wonderful young lady. Now you believe in yourself and stop letting people have control of your mind. Ask questions, find answers, look for details. If things don't look right or feel right, somethings wrong.

Now believe in yourself.

Your treatment won't take years unless you act like a baby. you're not a baby anymore. You can start thinking more grown up and on your own.

All the things you said and that are written about you could be wrong because you were trying to figure out what was going on.

You don't have to let anyone trick you. And you don't have to be taking medication all the time.

And don't be giving them too much of your art and writing. Save it for yourself. You can copyright it so no one can use it or publish it with your permission just like your daddy had to do with his music.

Glad to see you and mama spending time.

People will say hurtful things. So what. You'll be okay. and you better not be acting out and hurting yourself for attention either.

You'll be okay. It's very normal for a young girl to be emotional.

Toughen up a little and stop letting people play with your heart and emotions.

You're not really sick, you're just in need of a lot of attention, so ask for it. Don't be ashamed. You be good.

264 days ago


She'll stay in Treatment until the $$$$ runs out

264 days ago


Wow! She looks,healthy and happy. Hope all goes well, for you Paris,and your Little brothers too. Za vas!

264 days ago


Best advice, get as far away as you can from Hollywood, move to another country if you have to and live your life.

264 days ago

oh really     

She never seemed riddled with problems to me ..Seems all her troubles came from external situations regarding civil trials about her beloved fathers untimelydeath, her grandmother disappearing for days, and no doubt, her getting a whole lot of grief for tweeting about it.
I think she felt pretty alienated with the people around her concentrating on court cases ..
I wish her nothing but happiness, but probably best for her to stay at boarding school, away from all the drama, and tabloid baloney..

264 days ago


I'm very happy for her.

264 days ago
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