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Paris Jackson

Vacations With Mom

... in Treatment For Years

12/30/2013 8:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson looked healthy and happy vacationing with her mom in Hawaii  ... but MJ's daughter still has a long road ahead of her -- we're told the treatment will last years.

Debbie Rowe and Paris mugged for the camera during the trip ... as you know, Rowe lost contact with Paris after she divorced Michael Jackson, but the 2 reconnected a little over a year ago and are now extremely tight.  Rowe speaks constantly with Paris -- who is at a boarding school in Utah.

As for Paris' treatment ... our sources say she's riddled with so many problems she's almost certainly spending several years at the facility ... where she is getting intensive counseling.



No Avatar

Hope everything turns out OK for her...she loved her father very matter what the the rest of the world thinks..only wish her the best...

296 days ago


I wish them nothing but the best. Those children are ALL going to need years of therapy. Thank goodness they still have their biological mom. Love conquers all. May you all heal and love each other for years to come!

296 days ago

Miss Paula    


296 days ago


Beautiful pic of mom & daughter!

296 days ago


Of course she's messed up, she's realizing she was raised by a perverted, sicko, drug addicted freak and needs to find out who her biological dad is, it would be very healing for her.

296 days ago

Mick from uk    

Good to see you looking well Paris.

296 days ago

BB not bb    

She looks so happy when she is with her mom. I think it is great that they spend time together.

296 days ago


The only way the MJ kids will ever have a chance at being ok is if they completely cut the cords with the whole Jackson family but im sure the mooches will never allow it. It's sad these kids are constantly going to be used and exploited for money by their own family just how their dad was until they reach their breaking point just like their dad which point the Jacksonians will try to point the blame elsewhere and sue someone. Sad.

296 days ago

Scott Levy    

The poor girl needs to be left alone by the paparazzi.

296 days ago


Hope Paris is doing OK. She felt so betrayed by Wade Robson suing her late dad's estate last summer that she lost hope in humanity and attempted suicide. Wade was like a big brother to her. And now he's the enemy. That was too tough for her to handle.

296 days ago


Good parents do not raise kids that need years of therapy.

296 days ago

kemil Casey    

ok first of all everyone who doesn't like or hate michael jackson putting it on here is all gonna help?.. whos it gonna help?.. o yeah NO ONE except yourself, probably because it makes you feel better , or something i don't know but probably because you people don't have a Heart for Rebbie, Jackie , Tito , Jermaine , La Toya, Marlon, Brandon, MICHAEL , Steven, Janet, or even Prince, Paris, Blanket .
and for the people who say OH Debbie sold her Children and lost contact with them, and now saying " well why is she caring for them now?.. for money? " i have the answer for that, she one,.. READ THIS CAREFULLY ! she never left them!! she said with her own mouth that she will always be there for them . and also that she did NOT again NOT sell her children to Michael, she said it WAS A GIFT TO HIM!! people people people come one now and just leave Paris ALONE everyone has some problems in their family and when i say everyone i mean EVERYONE . THE thing is that Paris is an Amazing person from a Loving family and loving Father that she can NEVER get that Exact loving Feeling from Again and sure she can feel love from different people in her family but not her dad and the reason she's getting all of this negative comments and Crapola is,... lets all be honest now its because of the MEDIA!!

but yes so she Michael's Daughter and thats great! but she probably wouldn't get all these bad comments behind her back to her if the Media wasn't involved . and back to the "every family has problems" thing ... k so im pretty sure that there's other girls that cut themselves, or are right now and they're not getting any attention from it !! SO yes i know just because she's his daughter means the Media is gonna let it all out to the world so we can know what's happening .. Even though , Even though Paris wants to have a normal life, she really does she wants to be a normal teen and she is a normal teen but its kinda the Media's Fault in it too and it's tough for her ... Maybe thats why Michael jackson wanted to protect his Children ever thought of that !! ya dummies !! Michael did say one time to Debbie you don't know what "THEY" can do to you and the "THEY" is the Media and people with power they can make you or break you apart just like they have been to Michael .

she is a really smart Girl Really smart and has Michael's Heart in her she's so SMART she knows when people are talking about her behind her back and one is because they dont think she can hear them ? .. at school she knows They are just being fake too her... oh she knows who's being fake and just says to herself "OH K ! whatever" and moves on because thats their problem not hers, and she HATED !! I MEAN HATED private school because of those Mean BITCHES at school because every time she got knocked down in her heart she got right back up !! and every time they counted her out she just came right back in or stayed in her rightful spot and SHE NEVER STOPPED !! SHE NEVER STOPPED . ill just say this she is the MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL ON THE PLANET earth more beautiful than any Girl and has a positive attitude and has the Best Heart There is and she is refusing to let people to set her boundaries and she wants to do what her daddy did , to open up the whole world..just like michael making us Love each other.. and to make a better place, make a better world for us AND YES HER HEART IS BROKEN and nothing will fill her HEARTS LOSS but i hope that the love PEOPLE SHOW FOR HER will know that her father did live in VAin and for all THE DI@$'s out their PARIS <3 THERE Was nothing strange about you daddy, it was STRANGE about what your daddy had to deal with, But she is dealing with it .

Keep what you're Doing PARIS, I LOVE YOU <3

296 days ago


They both look really good! Years of treatment doesn't necessarily mean away at the boarding school, probably she will stay there until she graduates HS . GO TO COLLEGE PARIS, education will be your saving grace.

296 days ago


Glad she is doing well but leave her alone TMZ

296 days ago


I think i saw Debbie in a movie called "Fiight Of The Bushpigs"..

296 days ago
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