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Robin Roberts

No Secret She Was Gay

12/30/2013 6:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Robin Roberts
-- who came out yesterday -- has been open about her sexuality for years ... she just didn't feel the need to go public until now.

Sources close to Robin tell TMZ ... everyone in her life -- both personally and professionally -- knew she was gay and in a 10-year relationship with Amber Laign.  The 2 of them met in San Francisco through mutual friends.

Amber is a massage therapist who specializes in helping people with injuries.

As for their relationship ... our sources say Amber was utterly devoted to Robin when she went through both of her illnesses -- breast cancer in 2007 and Myelodysplastic Syndrome in 2012.  Robin was extremely ill and we're told Amber was her rock.

As for why Robin came out yesterday ... we're told she never felt the need to tell the world, but at the end of such a difficult year she wanted to acknowledge what Amber did for her.

We're told the illnesses strengthened an already strong bond.


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sexual preference doesn't mean a thing to me. The only thing I care about is whether you're a good person. Treat others the way that you want to be treated. I would like like to be treated fairly and with respect. If Robin is happy thats all that matters. She is a beautiful person!

267 days ago


And for the record, I have NO PROBLEM with Roberts mentioning her girlfriend. She has just as much right to do that as Phil Robertson has to mention his bible or his attraction to vagina. What I DO have a problem with is sh!t-stirrers like TMZ and GLAAD constantly jumping on the bandwagon and trying to make one person's private relationship a "call to action" for all of America to stand and cheer in unison. Sit your diminutive ass down Harvey and get off your gay soap box (although I can see how you would need it to see over the heads of normal-sized men).

267 days ago


How about EVERYONER FROM BOTH sides of this debate CEASE and DESIST from the crude, rude, ugly,, moronic stupid nasty comments, since you give points to the side you oppose wheny ou acts like a horses rear end. Its like a cesspool in this thread., control your mouths already.

267 days ago


I am pleased to see she has a partner helping her through her daily struggles --- hats off to her!!!
Robin is the best of all the rest!!!!

267 days ago


She has overcome so many odds in life, yet she is so upbeat, inspirational, and refreshing. We can all learn a lot about the human spirit from Robin. She has faced racism, sexism, life or death health matters, and now the anti gay crowd...... Who on this planet could find one negative thing to say and this woman???? Happy New Year Robin and Amber!!!!!!!

267 days ago


Why does anyone care about the personal lives of sexual deviants..!?

267 days ago


Robin, all the best to you and Amber !

267 days ago


Truthfully I don't care, not because she's gay but I can't care anymore about this than I would if it were anyone else's relationship. I feel like TMZ and the media put homosexual relationships on a pedestal higher than others BECAUSE of the persecution the LGBT community has suffered and continues to suffer. I'm not saying they shouldn't report on it, but they definitely don't have to keep hunting for the words "Gay" "Lesbian" "Partner" "Buttsex" and then making headlines out of them.

267 days ago


Oh joy what a great day. Another Gay person comes out of the basement. I'm so happy I could shank a baby seal.

267 days ago



267 days ago


gay celebs always coming out.wanting that pat on the back telling them that the wrong they do is fine and dandy.if you have to force approval then maybe what you doing isnt in the right.

267 days ago

Phil Mcl    

WOW !! I notice in this picture they did not sit Robin next to girlfriend. They put girlfriend on the end and Robin's sister in between them. Why would Robin not be in the middle. Answer because numbers will go down now. They were hiding girl friend.

267 days ago


Guess I never noticed because I don't look at people according to who they want as companions. All the hate is pretty sick, though... why waste energy hating people you don't know, makes no sense

267 days ago


Did you ever consider that maybe it was the partner that did not want to be out there? It is all and good to think that she should have come out sooner but it is so much complicated then that. You may be excepting but network and people are fickle and it is a very personal thing. If I show you my house I do not have to show you every room in my house. You never know what the conversations were with her partner.

267 days ago


Another black who prefers white meat. And who didn't know she's gay, it's quite obvious, she's manly and dykey. I've never liked her on the news show and have only caught her on it while clicking around, but it's obvious she's a dyke.

267 days ago
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