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Robin Roberts

Coming Out Controversy

12/30/2013 8:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


"GMA" star Robin Roberts praised for unceremoniously coming out -- until an unexpected controversy emerges ... why would someone who's been so open about her life hide a 10-year relationship?

Plus, was rap mogul Jermaine Dupri a victim of rapper profiling during a crazy run-in with cops? DJ Mr. Mauricio -- who was with Jermaine -- joins us to give an inside look at the incident.

And, Britney Spears finally kicked off her Vegas concerts -- we had a few staffers in the audience who know things no one else does ... including why Katy Perry wasn't impressed.



(0:00) Robin Roberts praised for coming out to no fanfare -- until one person brings up a controversial points about it ... why be so open about everything else ... except her partner.
(10:00) Britney Spears concert -- we'll tell you information no one else knows about her big Las Vegas debut.
(13:00) Jermaine Dupri's run-in with cops -- we're joined by Mr Mauricio ... who tell us how it all went down ... and if they were victims of "rapper profiling."
(18:00) James Holmes apartment is back up for rent -- totally wrong ... or does the owner have every right to put it back on the market?
(24:00) Justin Bieber is back in the pet business -- should he be allowed to get another animal after he gave up his hamster and ditched his monkey?
(32:00) A&E bring back Phil Robertson -- but fails to be honest when explaining WHY.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Arnold Schwarzenegger and Anne Hathaway both get interesting new cars ... but only one of them is getting hated on.

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sex jeans!! ;)) I'm drooling coz looking down on u looks so yummylish. Luv u Harvey doll =)

296 days ago


Everybody DOES have a right to their own opinion, Harvey! That's how a free country works!

296 days ago


OMG that is such a bad neighborhood! You wouldn't want to live there anyway. 80010 is the worst zip code in Colorado!!!

296 days ago


have to agree with Harvey on both robin coming out and how A&e screwed up handling phils expressing his opinion. when all they needed to say was we don't agree with you . for after all a&e was not going to lose the duck dynasty money plus phil was just expressing though homophobic his opinion. as for Robin who cares about her coming out its no big deal. bieber. the poor dog once he grows up will sadly wind up being sent to a new home since justin will grow tire of it plus not really have time to take care of it and have some one else do the job.

296 days ago



295 days ago


Gaydar needles pegged. She's gay. No surprise. No controversy.

295 days ago

Terrence West    

How can you guys say what the guy of duck dynasty when you talk so rudely about vagina, ass and the sort, if you want to set example of clean tv... start with your self.

295 days ago

Mike in NYC    

Has it occurred to the haters that maybe it wasn't Robin Roberts who wanted her relationship kept quiet? Isn't it possible that her girl friend didn't want the publicity. TWO people, TWO families are involved! Not just ONE celebrity!!

295 days ago


What's the Controversy???

295 days ago


I feel this thing about Robin smoothing telling about her being gay is not anybody business...those who are around her all the time know of you love and sex like...and it was kept quiet after repect...bravo for Robin..its none of anybody chill out...

295 days ago


Who cares. Coming out of the closet using media to make a statement is old hat and makes that person look like a dumbass seeking 15 mins.

294 days ago


Why do gay people have to come out to anyone!! I am sick and tired of hearing someone say oh by the way, I am gay.....who cares. You do not hear someone say oh by the way, I am heterosexual so why the need to announce something you do in your own privacy. Please let us get back to times when your sexuality or preference is a private matter and not for public consumption. Enough already!!!

294 days ago


Harvey Shame on you.. I do not even watch Duck Dynasty, but you are trying to incite blacks by saying the word slaves. I rewound and listened again. Never, ever did Phil say “slave”. You also misquoted him in the age comment. He did not say old people should marry 15-16 year old, he said boys were waiting until they were twenty to get married. Now I wonder if this is the character of the show. I expect better from you than to play a clip and then insert your words to represent what the person said. My last time to watch TMZ.

294 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

since when is "lack of f*cks given" considered controversy?

293 days ago


Robin came out ages ago. It was all the talk when she had her second operation. No story and anyhow...who cares?

293 days ago

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