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Dwyane & Gabrielle --

Evidence They Were NOT on Break

When Baby Was Conceived

12/31/2013 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Exactly 9 months before Dwyane Wade's son was born (by a woman who's NOT his fiancee) ... Wade and Gabrielle Union were still acting like they were very much a couple ... and TMZ has the proof.

We broke the story ... Wade's baby mama Aja Metoyer gave birth to Dwyane's son Xavier on Nov. 10. Wade claims the two were on a "break" at the time.

But on February 5th (9 months before the birth), Gabrielle was Instagramming about Wade ... posting a photo of the NBA star cuddled up with her dog Sasha along with caption, "Sasha don't play when it comes to her man... 'Down to ride 'til the very end, it's me and my boyfriend.'"

d-wade-feb5-instagramA couple of days before that (on Feb. 1), Gabrielle posted a romantic photo of the couple together from a photo shoot for a "Flashback Friday."

Doesn't seem like a couple on a break ...

There's more ... on February 19th, Gabby posted another pic of Dwyane holding one of her scripts ... with the caption, "It takes a village to help an actress learn her lines... @dwyanewade takin a break from his Gatorade commercial to give me a line reading. Thanks coach :)"

d-wade-feb19-instagramThe patter continues until April ... when Gabby stopped posting pics of Dwyane and started posting a bunch of sad cryptic quotes. One reads, "We cannot start over, but we can begin now, and make a new ending."

d-wade-apr26-instagramAnother says, "Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been, to stand up taller than you ever were."

But on May 16, Wade returns to the picture ... with Union posting a photo of the couple, along with the caption, "I like this dude."

d-wade-may16-instagramOne would assume it was right around this time that Union decided to take him back.

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No Avatar

Detective. LaToya    

YES SPILL IT TMZ! I bet in April is when he came clean that his sidechick was pregnant. LMAOOOOOOOOOOO

265 days ago


Gabrielle is gonna have his daughter.....and gabruelle did not break up his marriage...she did not hijack him with a gun to his head...he is a grown man capable of making his own decisions

265 days ago


Whores all whores

265 days ago


This situation remind anyone of an Usher song? Sounds like Wade had some MAJOR CONFESSIONS! Can't believe she'd take his ass back after he had unprotected sex with at least one other woman while with her!

265 days ago


Pregnancy is actually 40 weeks which is 10 months not 9 so TMZ your math may be off a little. No clue if that means they were or weren't on a break? People just think its 9 months because they are usually already a month in when they find out, but its 10 months!

265 days ago


First and foremost, it's her business. She is not the only woman on the planet that a man has cheated on. They worked it out and that's their relationship. STOP being grimy TMZ! When you deal with an athlete it's almost guaranteed just as much as a regular dude. Ask Khloe!

265 days ago


umm what goes around comes right back!!!! he left his 1st family for ms union, is she surprised he cheated ???? lol

265 days ago


So basically he did the same thing Kobe did? Cheated and this is an "I'm sorry" proposal?! Let's turn the tables a bit, had she (Gabby) gotten pregnant with another man's child on this "break", do you think Wade would have took her back?.....don't worry I'll wait!

265 days ago


Everyone is assuming that gabby didn't sleep with someone during that break for all you know she did women sleep around just as much and women cheat just as much don't let them fool you see the problem with you females is you never see what you've done to someone only what that someone has done to you and a lot of the times they did what they did because of what you did and that's why a lot of your relationships fail

265 days ago


You know, I could have made it through the day just fine not knowing this. On the other hand, the humiliation TMZ just 'dished' out, will be a long lasting wound for these people. I have never seen a trashier TV show or website. I hope these people who were 'dished' know that most people who read these things don't really care and don't really think much.

265 days ago

david 183    

All about the Benjamin's.

265 days ago


Well Gabby, he was a cheater when you got with him, he turned around and had a baby with another woman while he was "on a bread" from you. You go ahead and marry him and see how that works out for you!

265 days ago


TMZ does it again! Wade's team tried to put the "Olivia Pope" spin on this in advance by creating a "break" in the couple's relationship that would coincide with the conception of the child. However, someone forgot to tell Gabrielle to delete the trail of Tweets, Instagram's etc. that show that Wade and Union were still a couple when Wade had the affair with Ms. Metroyer, his longtime "friend". Last week's engagement announcement was simply a smoke screen, designed to soften the news of the new baby. Wade needs to "wrap it up" and Ms. Union needs to find a man who will be faithful to her.

265 days ago


Gabrielle was crying at first. Then she had a beer with Gisele Bundchen and got over it.

265 days ago


No TMZ, MEDIA TAKE OUT broke the story! But anyways, I hate it when a woman is so desperate to secure a man that she puts herself in humiliating positions. Just goes to show that this engagement was done to quiet the drama! Go baby mama make that money!

265 days ago
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