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Phil Robertson

Marry 15-Year-Olds

They Clean Ducks Good

12/31/2013 6:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reinstated "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson thinks guys should marry 15 or 16-year-old girls because when they get any older they become gold diggers.

Another video of Phil's preachin' has surfaced ... and in this one he implores his followers to marry young girls because "They'll pick [clean] your ducks."  He goes on with a cautionary message:  "You wait till they get to be 20 years old ... the only pickin' that's gonna take place is your pocket."

So we gotta ask ...



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Well this isn't news. He's said it 3 or 4 times on duck dynasty. You are trying to make out he said it to a group of 50 year olds to marry a 15 year old. He was talking to his teenage grandson who was 17. GLADD grasping here

191 days ago

michelle hofmann    

this is in his book. this is taken out of context completely. by the way ,i found the love of my life at 14. you people are just grasping for straws. i am so glad i have never fell for these tricks. never ever believe everything you read. you know tmz is to blame with all this who booty do you like? which one would you sleep with? tmz is only worried about who's ass they can photograph today. stands for nothing but sex and nudity and showing who got the sex tape out this week. you at tmz are immoral. i will not follow you to slaughter . i have my own opinions.

191 days ago


Why don't atent you worried about the pervert transexuals showering with your teenage girls in California in school now? Now that's a story

191 days ago


I think people are missing the point of the message. Marry someone that will pick your ducks,not interested in picking your wallet. Find someone that loves you enough to do things for you to make you happy, even the gross stuff, and you have found a good partner. I see his point that young girls are more willing to please their partners. With that said, Phil is very lucky that his relationship has lasted as long as it did since he married his wife so young. Many of them don't when they get married at an early age. They have no clue what they are doing or what they sign up for.. He was lucky to find his soulmate the first time. If you follow what he says without the age thrown in there, it's good advice. Find someone that is willing to do for their partners; men go out and hunt and bring home the food for the family and the wife prepares the feast. Or visa versa. Let's face it, we want our partners to cook well too. Wow, TMZ is saying people should not take offense or take them so literal on a rape headline they meant as a joke, but they slaughter Phil for his OPINIONS...
I don't agree with people getting married at 15, but that is not the point AND it was an ANALOGY to get a message to the parish, he may even believe the theory, but he has a right to believe what he wants, just like everyone else.

191 days ago


Also. its in his book. he also says now that's a joke..

191 days ago


Typical TMZ reporting what they want and not the whole story

191 days ago


Ppl really need to get their minds out of the gutter! Back in his day men and women married at a young age. He's not talking about being a 60 year old man marring a 15 year girl. Women and men had different or may I say better values back then. Men and women did their part in the marriage. Now a days men are just out for sex and women are out their just for your wallet.

191 days ago

who cares    


191 days ago

who cares    

I guess if your name Paul Walker it is ok to date 15 tear olds eh TMZ???????? Besides TMZ cut the part out were phil goes on to say GET THE PARENTS PERMISSION FIRST OF COURSE

191 days ago


Will people just continue to excuse his behavior just because they like his show. I was a big fan of his show but I have the intelligence to see when someone is a bigot and encourages marrying young girls so you control them. Some are trying to say he's just joking but actions speak louder than words. He married his wife when she was just 16. He was 18 and dating a 14 year old. I guess he should find a husband for his 15 year old granddaughter before she becomes a gold digger. Did his sons marry their wives before they were 17..I guess all their wives are gold diggers. I guess people here saying he was joking think statutory rape is funny. He can argue that gays are against the bible. But his comments about woman and blacks prove that he's an ignorant back woods bigot.

191 days ago


He's a pig

191 days ago


How hard is it to hunt a duck? Exactly..

191 days ago


For all the parents of 15/16 year old girls...would you let a man over 18 bonk your daughters. If you wouldn't let someone do that to your child, why do you excuse Phil's behavior..not just words..look at his past. Any parent who supports Phil but wouldn't want his daughter treated that way is a hypocrite who will look the other way just because they like a show.

191 days ago


TMZ. I follow you all the time and watch your show. NOW YOUR JUST STARTING ****. Harvey you yourself said that Phil's prior comment was not homophobic. So why you starting crap

191 days ago


Its funny... the lead story here is Dwayne Wade fathering a kid when he was with this woman, then he buys her a big ring and she forgives all and says yes. TMZ pointing out he cheated while with her and is lying about it and shes looking the other way for the sake of his $$. The story isn't complimentary because TMZ makes sure we see he's a lying jerk with their CAREFUL searching out of the facts and dates and details, like some private eyes. Very accurate reporting. But wait,-THEN it runs this story about Phil telling preaching to marry young to avoid the similar problems like you see Wade having- cheating and gold digging,- but TMZ misrepresents it, pulls his words out of context and manufactures a misleading headline to make him look like Warren Jeffs. Yesterday it was two congratulatory stories about Robin Roberts gay relationship, even though she hid her partner and being gay away for 10 years from the viewing public, and TMZ says, however, it was no secret, cause denying your partners existence and using decoys when in public to make it look like you aren't together, for 10 years, is..... so nice??? OK. If we weren't clear about your agenda before now TMZ we sure are now. Accuracy in reporting is applied if it suits your values and goes out the window if it doesn't.

191 days ago
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