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Phil Robertson

Marry 15-Year-Olds

They Clean Ducks Good

12/31/2013 6:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reinstated "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson thinks guys should marry 15 or 16-year-old girls because when they get any older they become gold diggers.

Another video of Phil's preachin' has surfaced ... and in this one he implores his followers to marry young girls because "They'll pick [clean] your ducks."  He goes on with a cautionary message:  "You wait till they get to be 20 years old ... the only pickin' that's gonna take place is your pocket."

So we gotta ask ...



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You ignorants defend him for being a homophobe and NOW you defend him for promoting CHILD/RAPE MOLESTATION?! I say keep DD on TV so these ignorant hicks will stay glued to their tv's instead of being out in society. Good plan A&E!!

212 days ago


I knew it he's a ****in perv

212 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Haha, all the fools who think Harvey is mad because he "lost" oh, brother. Every time they run a story about this guy Harvey wins because all the pro-Phil's (who will defend any stupid thing he says, apparently) jump on it like flies on shiit.

212 days ago

devil's advocate    

It would see that if you don't want your children getting married at 15 or 16, then the first thing you do is change the law.

212 days ago


Child molester?? 15, 16 a person is old enough to make certain decision.....if they commit murder they will certainly be tried as an adult

212 days ago


Living now in the present day with present laws...make him a pedophile ! How can you seriously tall about homosexuality if your a pedophile....could you imagine if one of there own was gay they would be tortured...No one here is God!...No one knows what God will do, or how HE will judge....just make sure you have a forgiving, excepting, honest, loving heart. Remember GOD is a forgiving God. MORE SO THEN OURSELVES!

212 days ago


fact in most states girls can get married at 16 with a parents consent.he isnt telling anyone to do anything illegal. but of course the liberal minds will spin it as know the same liberals who think a teen girl should be able to take a morning after pill and so on.if phil promoted gays and said this.the liberals would be in love with what he is saying

212 days ago


Well incase you did not hear right he said "you boys need to marry these 15 year old girls" you boys not You men or or guys when I was younger my mother all ways told me since I was 13 you better merry that girl and she was not promoting anything wrong

212 days ago


The age of sexual counsent in most developed countries is 16.....stop acting like a 16 year old is a baby

212 days ago

Ralph Romaine    

TMZ, did you even watch the video? Did commenters actually watch the video before you start spewing nasty rumors? H was JOKING. Notice the laughter from the audience? It was a JOKE. Boy, the media sure is out to get Phil and will try to get people to believe that he is serious about it. You are scraping for anything you can get just to twist it to meet your own disgusting "journalistic" standards. WATCH THE DAMN VIDEO! DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THESE SITES CLAIM AS TRUTH!

212 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Little did we know, when they were saying after we let the gays get married, "what's next? People getting married children? Brothers and sisters getting married?" it wasn't hyperbole, it was wishful thinking.

212 days ago


You ppl must have no life. Yall are just trying to find anything on him to make him look bad whoever's sitting right now in front of a tv with a stack of his OLD videos just watchin and Waiting to find something else on phil need to GET A LIFE. Shame on you TMZ...

212 days ago

Jonas Rimmer    

Thats a low blow, even for GAYMZ. FGLAAD is trying to smear Phil, as a revenge.

212 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

His fans don't care what he says, they are with him no matter what. Same with the Kardashians...they generate millions every year in spite of the enormous ridicule they get. There is no logic to any of it.

212 days ago


Oh my gosh, give it up! You know how many times I've heard jokes like this in the south?! Seriously, grasping at straws here. I really do love TMZ, but this is reaching!

212 days ago
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