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Phil Robertson

Marry 15-Year-Olds

They Clean Ducks Good

12/31/2013 6:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reinstated "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson thinks guys should marry 15 or 16-year-old girls because when they get any older they become gold diggers.

Another video of Phil's preachin' has surfaced ... and in this one he implores his followers to marry young girls because "They'll pick [clean] your ducks."  He goes on with a cautionary message:  "You wait till they get to be 20 years old ... the only pickin' that's gonna take place is your pocket."

So we gotta ask ...



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Tammy LM    

Wow ...Personal vendetta much Harvey? You're being a sore loser and now trying to create a smear campagne on Phil Robertson. Don't do it. You'll just wind up getting the same heat directed at TMZ that A&E got, that wound up scaring them off . Let it go Harvey. Not everyone likes Gays, or agrees with homosexuality. You just need to get that.

Everyone already knew how Phil felt before he even made those remarks and people we fans of the show anyway. What does that tell you? it should tell you that personal attacks on Phil in an attempt to turn people against him....wont work.

275 days ago


who cares it is his beliefs, so we are to take pitchforks to this guy for saying marry young and we make a celebrity out of that fake blond teen who married that old guy when she was 16. smh

275 days ago


Time for him to shut it.

275 days ago


Harvey,are you STILL butt hurt that the ducks defeated your beloved GLAAD heroes?

Move on,you lost.

275 days ago


I saw the video and he's talking about young men and young woman with parents permission. No inkling of pedophilia or anything like that. That's when my parents got married in 1955. I sure a lot of people will read negative into it and cry, but once again TMZ is perpetuating falsehoods.

275 days ago

Bossy Potato    

Ugh what pig.

275 days ago


Enough already, witch hunt much?

275 days ago


Just stop all the none sense, these are white trash people that the public made famous by watching their stupid, classless show.....anything that they could say is shocking....shocking is that they became famous....

275 days ago


Wait, TMZ. You glorify Coutney Stodden in your website. Apparently TMZ has no problem when a 'celebrity' is ACTUALLY MARRYING a child.

275 days ago


So a 15 year old girl can have sex and get the morning after pill, but talk about marriage and everyone freaks out. Actually Phil married his wife when she was 16, so he's speaking from experience.

275 days ago


Just another hillbilly

275 days ago


The salacious headline in no way matches the content of the video, but we know what the people at TMZ want you to think about him. Talk about taking a mans word out of context. The story is about advice he's giving to a young man and his girlfriend. It end with him saying council with their parents before tying the knot. The underlying theme is know the person you plan to spend eternity with before you pull the trigger. TMZ Leave this man alone.

275 days ago

devil's advocate    

Stop homophobia and support gay rights buy shopping at the TMZ store here~~> ya know you want to ;0)

275 days ago


I see TMZ learned nothing from their recent ass-kicking.

275 days ago


Shouldn't this guy be locked up in his compound,
having a fiery stand-off with the ATF ?

275 days ago
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