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Phil Robertson

Marry 15-Year-Olds

They Clean Ducks Good

12/31/2013 6:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reinstated "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson thinks guys should marry 15 or 16-year-old girls because when they get any older they become gold diggers.

Another video of Phil's preachin' has surfaced ... and in this one he implores his followers to marry young girls because "They'll pick [clean] your ducks."  He goes on with a cautionary message:  "You wait till they get to be 20 years old ... the only pickin' that's gonna take place is your pocket."

So we gotta ask ...



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This footage is old. At any rate, I personally may disagree with his beliefs , his ways etc, but he is not running for president. The man is a reality star, just like the kardashians , and hundreds of other reality t.v stars that we the people made rich & famous. Everyone is entitled to there options of words, choices and opinion. He can say and feel whatever he wants , it is his right as a American.

275 days ago


Face it people:
Phil and his family of inbreeds are nothing more than fanatics who abuse the name of God and the teaching of the Bible to conceal their ignorance, intolerance and hate.

The history is full of those bastards who claim to preach the word of God but in reality trample all over everything God is teaching. This Phil guy is preaching his version of the Bible which is blasphemy at it's most blatant.

We have a place, where we put those preachers of evil:

Guantanamo Bay !

275 days ago


give it up already GLAAD. you lost

275 days ago


Then maybe guys should find woman and stop marrying girls who are. Gold diggers...guys cant blame anyone else but yourself....well they can but it would be redundant.

275 days ago


O M G ..... let it go already!! enough is enough

275 days ago

Jenny Ryan    

If his message really is to preserve innocence and to shelter your family from Sodom (no pun intended), then he shouldn't be putting his life into modern social media and on the internet, which could arguably be modern Sodom.

He's about making money, not about the Christian bible. If he's still claiming to have Christian values then he's sold out Christians.

Phil found Sodom and spun around like a ballerina because he found a way to make a buck.

275 days ago


What do you call 32 Southerner's in one room? Answer: A full set of teeth.

275 days ago


Still digging up all the shyt and muck you can find to sling at the man ...Just like a good ant stirrer does....or a dung beetle....Your gay boys just hate to lose out on destroying someone who does been over to kiss your ass's at your beck and call....Nobody has to like you it isn't a law just like everybody doesn't have to like you or me....or anybody..who is not of a as you are.....get over it....Your not any more special then anybody else...if anybody is homophobic its the gays themselves against everybody who it not......Grow up people .....Nobody is better then anybody else NO ONE>>>

275 days ago


Um that is sick. I wish some boy or man. Ask permissions for my granddaughter that's a teen to marry her. He'll get something more then he is looking for. Sick Papers would read." Dame did u see what she did?" Hahaha

275 days ago

Christine Ramirez    

For you jackasses that keep trashing Phil Robertson, listen up. I don't why people are calling him a stupid red neck who is a pedophile. The man is almost 70 years old from the back woods of Louisiana. When he was coming up people married young. If you actually watch the video , he says you have to get permission from the parents. he never said nothing about grown men having sex with little girls. You idiots never listen to the whole story. Secondly, This man is far from stupid. He has a Masters degree in English , got a scholarship for football, was drafted to the NFL ahead of Terry Bradshaw. Leave this man alone.

275 days ago


His comments on gays, that is his opinion, but to promote pedophilia... That is wrong, there are laws against that.

275 days ago


They can't go away soon enough for me

275 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....don't care a thing about what they all say or do....just hate when a thread goes up about them because they are so darn grotesque too look at....yuck

275 days ago


This is getting SOOOOOOO old now! Phil won the battle. Accept that and move on. Stop trying.

275 days ago


Way to go TMZ ! What a headline! You obviously did not watch the whole video or you just want to stir crap up that is not there!

275 days ago
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