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Taylor Swift

Neighbors Pissed

You're Screwing With Our Coastline!!

12/31/2013 8:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details



Taylor Swift is screwing with the coastline in a small Rhode Island community ... and pissing off neighbors in the process ... but Taylor's people say what she's doing is perfectly legal.

Swift is building a massive perimeter wall around her castle in Westerly, Rhode Island, moving tons of coastline rocks in the process. 

One neighbor tells TMZ, "It was bad enough when she moved in, but to ruin a part of the town for all of us ... this is a whole new level of hate."

Surfers in the area tell TMZ ... the wall under construction around Taylor's 11,000 square foot mansion is messing with the wave break in Westerly. 

And some residents are grousing ... the wall she's building is taking away public access that they have enjoyed for years.

We're getting multiple, conflicting stories from government workers and residents ... but from Taylor's point of view ... her people say government officials actually asked her to move some of the rocks that had drifted into the ocean back to her property line and that's what residents are seeing.  They also claim the wall she's building is in the same spot as the original wall that was constructed decades ago but eroded over time.

It appears the prior owners built a wall closer to the mansion, but it was destroyed  last year during Hurricane Sandy and now Taylor is building where the original wall had been.  Problem is -- the residents are used to having the beach they will no longer enjoy.
Also ... officials say Taylor obtained all necessary permits.



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It is just a little disheartening to those of us who are from Westerly and live here year round. That part of town simply referred to as "The Wall" at East Beach is very sacred to locals and holds many memories. This isn't a pride or jealousy issue nor an inability to accept change. It's just sad for us to see it go.

298 days ago

Moe Greene    

Great non story TMZ.

298 days ago

nipples mugee    

I guess my nheighbors g getting mad at me for putting the trash out early sounds trivial compared to this bullsh!t..

298 days ago


All this work and she's probably not even going to be there most of the time. The rich & famous can be such *******s sometimes...

298 days ago


GET OVER YOUR HATE! She has the legal right to do this with HER property.

Go hate about something else, for those hating will always be miserable and be complaining about someone or something just to feel better about themselves.

Miserable people project hate on to another because they are unhappy inside.

298 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Here - read the REAL ARTICLE that TMZ cherry picked to get their EXCLUSIVE DETAILS.
I think it's fairly obvious from the article why people hate her in this town. I think it also shows why Taylor Swift can't keep a male for more than one or two acts of ******** - she just doesn't care about other human beings.

298 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Sorry, forgot the link:

298 days ago


After the creepers who stalked her and felt entitled to invade her privacy and property, I do not blame her one bit for building a big wall around her home.

There are some major creepers in this world who have no boundaries or self restraint.

298 days ago


Im sure that Taylor has friends that surf. Or should I say Taylor used to have friends that surf. She doesn't deserve to have any friends that love the ocean or the wonderful things associated with the ocean. What a selfish C you Next Tuesday!

298 days ago


Id be ****ing happy if she even lived in my town never mind next to me, its her damn house.

298 days ago


At least she's giving people jobs. Can't complain about that considering the economy is in a slump. If you have the money, it's good to spend it once in a while.

298 days ago


yawn...was there a story here?

298 days ago

Wow ...    

Neighbors are complaining that she is fixing her property? What kind of neighbors complain about that? Sry, but the walk way isn't public if it is on her property.

298 days ago


After finishing, she should have them hang a sign that says "F You“. It's her money. Her land. Period.

298 days ago


Westerly, Rhode Island is a very nice, upscale beach town. Rustic and organic but upscale. When you move into a community you have to take the residents into consideration, if you want to be part of that community.

298 days ago
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